Thursday, July 26, 2012

No Sheer Contest

This may be a silly obsession to some, but I think most of the readers of this blog will nod their heads in understanding.

The perfect "My natural nail color" hunt. IS ON.

That perfect sheer but shiny, slight slight pink cast on the nails given with a perfect polish with a an excellent formula that will be a repeat winner.

I have tried many of the most famous shades claiming this title and will show you my personal favorite.

Essie's Sugar Daddy
("ugh" at the name, I wish this was the one called Mademoiselle!)

The first and last photo are the most true to life color swatches.
The third item looks more opaque due to the angle.

This, is my perfect "My Nails but Better"
No bubbles in the formula, super natural in 1 coat, perfectly natural and clean in two coats. High shine and gloss finish, no top coat needed. With these kinds of colors I don't really care about top coat. After two coats you can see that faint pink whisper of a cast, that just makes it look more like a natural and fuss free french manicure without the maintenance.
Some may try this, see no color, and think "what's the point?"
No, a polish like this, is needed in a woman's collection.
Clean hands, that even after a bit of chipping due to hectic lifestyle, that still makes your hands look great, is a search worth delving into.

Other Polishes that fall into this category but just did not make the cut:

OPI's Bubble Bath: Very nice OPI shade, and I found myself adding three coats, because I think this one actually looks better a bit more opaque. If you prefer OPI over Essie, this would be my choice, and 2nd favorite for this family.
Essie's Ballet Slippers: Nice, but streaky. Add a shade such as Mademoiselle on top and be prepared for some salvation!
Essie's Mademoiselle: Very sheer, and had more of a pink white cast than that sheer pink.
(Time to split hairs)
OPI's Sweetheart: Pretty, perfect pastel pink, but too opaque for this category
Bourjois Rose Lounge: Pretty! but very very thick formula! You make quite a dent in your bottle with each use.
Essie's Allure: Too sheer white than pink, also very thin

There goes a brief history of my current status on searching for my perfect natural nail colors.
Do you have any favorites to recommend?

On a last note, a photo I posted on Instagram.
Chanel's Frenzy. Hmm still debating if I like this. It may not be a "me" shade but it's quite a nice one for fall, and I see it as an excellent item for their Fall Collection.
I did roll the bottle between my hands instead of shaking it, to stop air bubbles, but I got so many air bubbles with this...
Maybe I should go back to shaking?

Yay or Nay ladies?

And a big thanks to all the ladies who commented on this photo on Instagram for their votes! I read them all! lol


  1. I agree, a sheer barely there pink polish is amazing! I have a super light one from a LE Sephora set which is my go-to. Lately I've been doing a lot of bright, flashy NOTDs though since it's summer and all. I'm gonna be honest and say (er, write?) I'm not too crazy about Frenzy. I like how it looks in the bottom left photo but it's a bit too gray for my liking. I've never tried a Chanel polish (wayyy too pricey) but I've heard the formula chips really easily and isn't great in general :/

  2. I've never been one to wear such sheer, natural-looking colors on my nails (for me, the brighter the better!), but your pics make Sugar Daddy look so lovely! I also love the look of Frenzy--but I generally don't buy high-end polish as a rule. I did get Essie's new Yogaga yesterday, so hopefully that will fulfill my Frenzy-craving

  3. i usually get air bubbles when it's hot. no matter what nail polish is it. when the temp. is less than 30 C, everything goes well. when it's hot - here they are air bubbles.
    is it hot at you now? maybe that's the point?

  4. oh really? maybe thats why?? We have been in the 90's F daily!!

  5. i saw that collection, i loved all the names!

  6. i have one other polish, i agree the formula is not superb i just enjoy the shades they create

  7. I think I have sugar daddy at home and didn't think much of it but now I definitely need to check again! I think frenzy is an edgy neutral shade that also looks nice on you :) BUT if you are hesitant you may as well return it bc that probably means you'll never reach for it! (at least that's true for me lol)

  8. Hey Lil' Lady, do you have a favourite nude nail polish? The kind that give you mannequin hands (but of course, prettier)? I think we have similar skin colouring. Thanks for the heads up on Sugar Daddy.

  9. I love Topless and Barefoot by Essie, Samoan Sand for a true nude from OPI, and my favorite is Barre my soul but it's quite sheer but nude by OPI

  10. I had a feeling Samoan Sand would be my colour. I'm more confident now after your recommendation. I'm a bit confused -- is OPI Barre My Soul your favourite nude of the bunch?

  11. Barre my soul is my favorite nude but it's not opaque. Topless and Barefoot is also my favorite hahaha but its got like a pink taupe shade. Samoan sand is my least favorite of the three but it is the BEST match to my skin tone and is opaque.


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