Sunday, July 8, 2012

The Sunday Post

I should really change the title to "My Friday Night!"

I honestly don't recall much from the week outside a declared heat wave, drinking mega tons of water, and watching a boatload of tennis...

What I do remember is leaving work on Friday night to celebrate my 7 year anniversary with my boyfriend ( I wrote 8 on Twitter! typo!)

So I don't have pictures from the week really that I deem worth digging up and uploading so be prepared for food pictures my fellow foodies!!

For our anniversary, my boyfriend told me to pick the place...
So off the help of Yelp and Menu Pages I discovered L'Artusi
I told him of my pick, and he said
"Italian food?? You hate Italian food! Pick something else"
Right he is...but I decided, "This is where we are going, ok???"
I had faith in online reviewers!

I picked a place in a part of town we never go to, far from trains, expensive parking, and needed walking towards in a heat wave (sounds like me...)
Also it was just this little place in the wall...BUT inside was far better.
Downstairs is comfortable and cozy while the upstairs has a canopy for bright sunshine

Home made ricotta cheese was the special cheese of the day off their cheese menu, and he chose fluke ceviche as an appetizer
( This man hated fish, after 7 years of dating a seafood lover he can now eat fish in the raw!)

The pasta's are home made and made to order so there is a slight wait (cocktails time!)

Our main courses of pasta looked deceptively small but you get quite full after the waiting, and slow enjoyment. The wine menu was huge, and the sides are a lot bigger than the dishes. The crispy potatoes were more of rounded baked baby potatoes cooked with herbs and sage?
The American girl in me would have preferred ketchup to eat with them, but I ate what the chef prepared which reminded me of French onion dip. I passed on that, but the potatoes were quite divine.

The house specialty dessert was olive oil cake which everyone seems to rave about but it tasted like yellow cake to me but enhanced?
The meal was splendid, and the only thing I would change next time is the dessert
Mini restaurant review on my dinner date!

Are anyone you guys Yelpers?


  1. Ah, I love foodie posts and date night posts as well :D The atmosphere looks perfect! Adding this place to my never ending list of eateries to check out! I think my boyfriend and I prefer brunch/lunch dates because we looks somewhat out of place in fancy schmancy dinners (darn the Asian genes always making us look 13 years old!). I thought the potatoes were chicken from the photos! The herbs make it look scrumptious :) I use Yelp profusely but I'm mostly a silent lurker with only one review haha. I prefer to keep it short and simple on the blog instead XD

  2. thanks!!! i think you would like this place! it is a bit fancy but comfortable and inviting
    OMG i know what u mean about looking young. i think my bf is ok bc he is tall...but i look quite a bit younger, and gt carded all the time! that's one of the reasons i just stopped drinking...

  3. Happy anniversary, this looks amazing! Love Italian food :) I've never tried olive oil cake but I kind of want to make it now!

  4. Happy anniversary! It looks absolutely delish :) seems like you picked a winner.

    ♥ Jessica

  5. Haha, that's definitely going to be me in the future! I always feel awkward when the servers are asking if I want to order alcohol (probably just trying to be nice just in case I am over 21). I'm always like... no thanks, just water!

  6. yum! ill have to tell my sister to chck it out! we love italian :D heck we love all food lol

  7. if u do, i want to see a picture!!!!!

  8. thanks so much dear, i loved hearing your anniversary was lovely as well!

  9. ur sister should call me up!! lol

  10. the pudding looked mighty good! it's sweet that you converted your man to eating fish hehe.. happy anniversary to you guys!


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