Sunday, August 19, 2012

Beach Day!

No Sunday posts for a while, but yesterday for the first time all summer I went to the beach!
I got so excited (wonk lol) and wanted to share some of the snapshots I took of the day.

In the morning, it was I think everyone who was at the beach that day, like us, did not plan it as it got but it became sunnier as the afternoon crept on...

Every single time I've gone to the beach in the last year it has been unplanned so I never have a bathing suit, and always a bag that's not beach suitable.

We bought a towel, had a chair, purchased an overpriced water, and soaked up some much needed sun in our summer clothes.

The clouds show as evidence the rain we had earlier in the day, but it was still so sunny that all these photos were taken pretty much blind!
All I saw was black on my iphone screen as I shot these pictures and hoped for the best!
but I do love a few cloud shots :)

I finally got to wear Essie's Mint Candy Apple this summer! ( a fave of mine!)

Hope everyone had a great weekend!


  1. Gorgeous shots! Looks like it was a fabulous day to go to the beach!

  2. That looks like such a romantic date spot! You went to Jones Beach, right? I see the pointy building in some of the pictures; I always call it the "toothpick building"! Mint Candy Apple looks so pretty but I can never find it anywhere.... So frustrating!

  3. yup J beach! i didnt know that building had a name lol
    Mint Candy Apple, I love it! I did not know it was hard to find...I bought it a long time ago but usually see it in stores near me :( but usually smaller retailers or Harmons or bed bath and beyond, never in chain drugstores

  4. These pictures are so beautiful! I fee relaxed just looking at them :) This makes me want to go out and soak up some sun before summer ends (all too soon!) Oh, and Mint Candy Apple is a classic!!

  5. beautiful beach pics! haven't even been to one since the summer came..


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