Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Current Make Up Bag Staple for the Working Girl – Clarins Natural Light Lip Perfector

The Clarins Natural Light Lip Perfector
A product of modern fan dom.

I don't exactly have an extensive relationship with Clarins. In the past their skin care and make up offerings seemed a bit of a *yawn* to be honest, but recently they have been producing a few things worth noticing.

One of their most known products has to be their Clarins Natural Lip Perfector. Available in three shades, pink, peach, and a n*de these offer hydration, a shiny finish, and just make your lips look more perfected!

These offer no real pigmentation, there is a pink hue that comes out of the sponge tip (which is not an applicator I am in love with) but it is very light, and when I swatched the peach shade it looked nearly invisible.

The n*de shade is usually unavailable at my local counter, but I have heard it's more beautiful than the shade it's packaged within.

With a sweet caramel like scent finish, these are quite nice for a quick swipe for natural prettiness really.
Never over done for work and more professional environments. No disco ball high shine here.

I will admit a few cons. Yes, that's right, cons.
1. These are not as hydrating on me as I have heard, as my lips still do seem to peel with these
2. The scent is quite sweet. Sometimes it makes me a bit sick and head achy but the overall effect is something too pretty to quit ;)


  1. I've been wanting one of these for SO LONG. Well before everyone starting jumping on the bandwagon and raving about them! But I really cannot buy any more makeup!! I'm surprised you found cons with this! I hate lip products that make my lips peel :(

  2. hahahaha i actually bought this a LONG time ago but never used it. alot of products seems to peel my lips outside blistex in the blue tub!

  3. I completely agree, this makes my lips peel too but I just use an exfoliator and continue to use because I love it so much.

  4. The caramel sounds nice, the peeling does not! Clarins is a brand I have yet to do research on!

  5. I have just bought this shade as well, and agree that the scent is super sweet. I love sweet lip products so it is perfect for me! I do wish it had a little more pigmentation though.

  6. I'd love to get this but I'm afraid the scent will make me feel allergic.

    and bad that it'snot hydrating!
    thanks for the honest review!

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  7. LOVE this stuff so much! I have the pink but have been meaning to try peach too as I love all things peachy. I guess while I'm at it, I should probably grab nude too...:P

  8. Xcuse my dorkiness, which of the three shades you got there? I really want to try out the pink one!

  9. it does makes out lips peel, but we keep using it!!!! it's just too pretty to give it up!

  10. this is a super popular product and not many ppl mentioned the peeling, maybe my lips are sensitive?

  11. a tiny bit more color would be IDEAL

  12. pink!!!! dorky u are not! i did not mention it!

  13. I have the peach one, & I loooove it! They smell just like a MAC lipstick :)

  14. This sounds awesome.. I may just have to look into it.. if my pocket lets me lol!

  15. it's simple. sheer, easy, and pretty!! if u like sweets, this is for you!

  16. i love how sweet this tastes!! gives a truely my lips but better glow =)


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