Friday, August 17, 2012

Fitness Friday – My Summer Diet

I've noticed something that happens to me a bit every summer. A bit of weight loss. It's not 100 percent intentional, but hey I don't deny a few pounds coming off during bathing suit season!

I thought I would share my typical summer diet

**Please note this is not a diet I follow to intentionally lose mass amounts of weight, just toning, lifestyle, and bloat removal!**

I am a creature of habit in terms of breakfast. I eat the same thing everyday for months, and then one day change everything!
I believe in a good breakfast, something that feels substantial and I usually eat carbs for breakfast in the morning for energy I can burn.

Breakfast: 7:15AM
A Protein Green Smoothie
Ingredients: Handful of spinach, 1 frozen banana, cinnamon, xanthium gum (for thickness), soy or almond milk, and if I am NOT going to the gym that day, 1 scoop of protein powder.
If I AM going to the gym, I skip the protein powder because I have it later on in the day.

Along side that I have a mini opened faced sandwich. I tried eating the sandwich alone or the smoothie alone but I end up starving after my commute, so the combination seems to keep me full for a better period.

My daily sandwich includes wheat, flat, or pita bread, 1 egg white, tomato slices, jack cheese (only a tiny bit) and hot sauce. I love hot sauce any time of the day!

(We ran out of tomatoes so this has jam instead. Cheese, jam, and egg is so good! maybe not the healthiest though!! I never eat the crust :/)

I get to work about 8:45 and have a decaf coffee with 1 sugar and milk to help my curb further cravings.
I always order a small, and never finish it. I usually drink about half. Mainly because I drink it slowly and it get's cold half way through.

From 10:30AM to 9:30PM I try to drink about 2 to 3 quarts of water a day.
I just keep refilling a BPA free bottle with a straw attachment.
I think the straw really helps you drink more water throughout the day, and I carry the bottle all day with me in the office.
If water is too bland, try adding lemon slices, or natural pomegranate or cranberry juice for flavor.

I also try to drink a few cups of de caf green tea, usually with my snacks rather than my meals
I typically do not drink during my meals but have water before eating.
I lean more towards the three quarts if it's a gym day.
I try to avoid drinking alot of water before bed to decrease bloating.

I eat lunch 12:00 on the dot every day. By 11:45 I already left my desk to buy something, my body just knows it's chow time! And I can usually feel the rumbling at 11:40.

If you eat the same time everyday, your body develops a schedule for regular meal times.

Lunch Monday to Friday I try to eat salad.
I used to HATE salad, but one of my resolutions for 2012 was to eat more of it. Well now I'm definitely making up for lost time! I don't have it every single day, but during the work week I'll try to have it about 4x a week for lunch.
I actually hate poultry (outside fried chicken hehe) so my salad proteins are usually falafel, salmon, tuna, shrimp or veggie.
If I don't have salad, Ill have an open faced vegetarian sandwich, or subways veggie de lite, or sushi.
I don't really like soups.
I eat at my desk everyday while I work, but after I try to take a 15 minute walk to help digestion

Not food ideals but real life!

By 2:15 I'm a bit peckish and will usually eat a snack. This is my fruit time. I try to eat a few different fruits a week. Watermelon, cantaloupe, strawberries, and plums were this weeks offerings. I will usually have a tub of fruit or 2 plums, a huge orange, etc.

By 4:45 again, I need a bit of a snack. I try to attend the gym a few times a week and I head there about 6pm. At 4:45 is when I eat a carb.
Carbs are fuels you can burn at the gym.
I will usually eat some kind of fiber bar, or some crackers. Maybe a banana? but not lately as I have them in the morning.

It's not always perfect sometimes office birthday's and celebrations lead to these as my pre gym snack. Just keep yourself in check.

And think about them as your work out!!

7 :00 to 8:00 PM I finish the gym varying on the day.
Immediately after finishing the gym (within 20 min) I drink a protein shake.
It's just protein powder and water. It's not glamorous or delicious really, but it helps with recovery, and feeling less pain the next day.
(But don't forget to stretch!)

8:00 to 9:30 PM
Yes, I eat dinner late. After the gym the commute home is an hour so it takes a while.
For dinner it varies, but I try to keep it light on the carbs and heavy on the veggies.
I try to eat small salmon fillets, or maybe a few slices of steak with vegetables.
When I eat vegetables I do mean quite a bit of them. Maybe a tub of roasted brussel sprouts, or half a head of broccoli or cauliflower, mixed with some egg whites.
I also try to use minimal salt products at night to minimize bloat.

If I am hungry after dinner maybe 10 PM? I will have a piece of fruit or a fruit Popsicle which are usually only 70 to 80 calories each so I don't mind having them. Especially in summer!
I try to avoid this though as I will sleep semi soon!

My diet is not perfect.
I eat late. I sometimes don't have enough protein, and the weekend usually takes a down turn, but this is my current summer daily diet.

I believe with a good variety of colorful items in your daily diet along with water intake, physical movement (walking counts!) and sleep
( this I need to work on)
The bikini should fit just fine ;)


  1. Wow you totally read my mind or something because I was going to ask you to do a food post like this! The past few days I've been really obsessed with thinking about what I'm going to eat when school starts again and I've been meaning to really eat healthier. I like how detailed you were and how you're actually showing us a full day's worth of food without the glitz and glam. Also, I was beginning to think I was the only one who's starving around 12pm! I swear everyone else can wait until 1 or 2pm for lunch but I'm almost immediately hungry as soon as I get off the train in the morning.

    I'm definitely getting more into salads and I just realized I really like the taste of raw spinach which was surprising. My former boss used to snack on spinach leaves and I thought that was crazy but they actually taste good! Do you eat rice for dinner or some kind of noodle? I love white rice so I'm probably going to keep eating that but maybe eat less of it and more veggies.

    What's your routine at the gym like? I honestly feel so out of place at the gym and usually just go for the elliptical and maybe a few really light arm workout. I think I need a more rigorous routine haha. Btw, you look SO in shape! :)

  2. Wow! U have an amazing yet healthy diet! Thanks for sharing...

  3. Ive always been curious about those green smoothies. I would love to find a way to get more vegetables and nutrition in my diet!

  4. if you add the frozen bananna along with the cinnamon, milk product, and maybe peanut butter, you don't taste the spinach! also spinach is also quite a swt leaf!

  5. raw spinach alone as a snack? hmm i think i would be quite hungry but i can still try it lol
    i LOVE white rice, i used to eat it like 3x a day! then down to just dinner, then down to half a bowl, now i can eat a third of a bowl and just try to eat more of the other stuff. I usually eat more rice on the weekends when im more lax and walk around more. I just try to eat less rice on the week days bc i sit for 9 hours and that 1 or 2 hours of the gym i think is not enough for me to eat much of it at night but i still do of course! LOVE it.
    Im not really a noodle or pasta fa, never been, only fried noodles i like lol, i like any fried food LOL
    I even had some fried rice for dinner last night but only half since it was a Friday! but i do try to fill up on mostly vegetables bc i LOVE vegetables.

    My gym routine is actually not that varied. I have been told by other gym members of my life ( most ppl i know try to attend) that i can do more and vary more and am in a current rut.
    I try to run about 30 miles a week, I try to attend 2 spinning classes a week, and only weight train once a week.
    I used to be crazy about the gym and go 7x a week and do much more, but now im more tired after work and dont have the same amt of time to spare.

    Thank you! those pictures are from last yr though...I changed gyms and the one i attend now has alot more ppl traffic so i don't take photos of myself but i think i look relatively the same lol

  6. Yea, she used to munch on the spinach leaves like they were chips or something! I think I'll be eating them in salads with other ingredients. I never understood how people could cut white rice out of their diets but I think I'll try to eat less of it. I'm not a big noodle person either as I prefer rice. But agreed, I love fried foods (bad!) and I also like rice cakes which I think are more like noodles than rice.

    Your routine sounds pretty good. I really suck at running, especially on treadmills. I'm not sure why but I think it's because I get bored so I tire really quickly haha.

  7. Loved this post! :)

  8. love your health kick! I miss all my sporty activities in Japan haha

  9. whoaaa!! the foot looks so good!! <3


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