Wednesday, August 22, 2012

My Everyday Summer Base

In an effort to use up my current collection of products, and stopping myself from buying new items which I don’t need until this current mountain is somewhat dwindled, I came up with a new base for my everyday routine that I have been loving.

Origins Vitazing:

One upon a time I bought the full size of this, when it was most incredibly hyped in the blogging world. Tried it on to see myself looking like a hot oily mess in a few hours. I returned it and never looked back.

Fast forward a few months with this mini as a GWP and my growing affection.

This is a moisturizer with a tint release. Some people use it as a moisturizer and apply foundation on top.

I’m quite a fan of the SHEER base and aim for a very natural light base for summer, so I usually wore this alone with concealer.

With summer sun I noticed two things.

1. I was getting oily very fast with this product

2. It only had an spf of 15, and I did not like the effect of this with sunscreen over the top.

(Loses some radiance)

My solution?

La Roche Posay Sunscreen for combination oily sensitive skin.

This sunscreen helps mattify the complexion of those suffering from a bit too much shine and has a higher spf which I feel more comfortable with wearing daily.

This seems to counter balance the richness Vitazing can often create on my skin.

Squirt 1 dollop of vitazing, and pour on the sunscreen on top.

Mix the two together to create a *glowy* tint release base with a high spf that has coverage!

Vitazing is a bit darker than my skin (even with my so called tan) the sunscreen seems to help mellow out the color tint to bring it down a slight notch which is perfect! It's still a bit darker than my real skin, but looks more like a genuine tan.

I don’t tend to powder my skin with this combination but if I do see some shine a blotting paper can easily fix the issue at lunch. If I have a long day I do pat a bit of Mineral Veil on my T zone alone.

Add on a concealer and bronzer, and the summer base is complete~!!

I am currently nearing the end of both these products and will be trying LRP’s new mineral tinted sunscreen next!

Let’s hope it’s love!


  1. I always wanted to try Vitazing, but if it is too tan for you, I think it will be much too dark for me. Thanks for sharing.

  2. part of me wants to try vitazing and another part is saying no way. i have oily skin and i need much more coverage than the thin veil it offers due to my scarring. wish i could do your combo, sounds like a breathable mix!

  3. ohhhh i really want to try the la roche posay's sunscreen or just anything in general from them. :) haha thanks for the tip!

  4. LRP sunscreens are amazing, so lightweight and great for sensitive/acne prone skin (aka mine...!) I love mixing them with foundations. I was hesitant to try Vitazing last year when it was mega hyped, maybe it'd be better on its own in winter? Will check it out xx Thanks for sharing your base!

  5. Unfortunately, LRP does chemical sunscreens, which irritates the crap out of my skin. I am definitely going to check out LRP if their physical sunscreen is good.

  6. I have *the hardest* time with SPF moisturizers. I'm currently using the mattifying one from The Body Shop and I think it's clogging my pores. Plus, all SPF moisturizers make me oily. Maybe the LRP would actually work. I'm definitely going to look into it because I refuse to go without sun protection.

  7. Would love to hear your thoughts on the LRP tinted sunscreen! They sell the BB formula in Japan.. wonder if it's the same thing?? I was put off from buying it because it looked a bit ashy :S Lovely to hear how you've dealt with the summer heat.. I am fan of "less is more" too lol.

  8. Excited to hear your thoughts on the mineral sunscreen when you try it! My current base has actually just been my Clinique dramatically different gel (second tube!!) with a bit of spf mixed in. I love not wearing foundation these days! My pores have been breathing a collective sigh of relief. :)

  9. I wish the LRP sunscreen worked as well to mattify my skin...but alas, it made me SUPER oily in a few short hours :/

  10. Loving your tip with using mineral veil instead of powder with your tinted moisturiser! I have never used mine & its sitting to waste. THANKS! :)

  11. It's good to read your blog and the comments and see that I am not alone in struggling with SPF and moisturizers during the summer. I've been using Kiehl's new mattifying SPF 50 which I like a lot, but gives me a bit of a white/grey cast to the skin. Seems like I just can never find the perfect combo....


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