Wednesday, August 29, 2012

My In Flight Essentials

2012 is the year I have decided to be a smarter traveler. Smarter meaning lighter, just the essentials. Counter to the airport junk hoarder I was last year.

The first step I conquered in terms of packing this year was my in flight essentials.
Small but important.

I always use this clear bag for airport security. So long as the bag you use is clear and a quart size or smaller, the security staff will accept what you use. I find this much sturdier than a Zip lock, and am recycling the bag I received in the Laura Mercier Flawless face kit.

Avéne Eau Thermale: Planes can be extremely dehydrating. You may not feel the effects on the actual flight but usually once you reach the hotel and look in the mirror you may look a bit duller, and if you are anything like me, ANY change in environment means spot city!
This spray will keep my face hydrated. I usually spray this on every 2 to 3 hours just to give my skin a bit of a perk.
The mist spray could be a bit more fine, but for convenience, this is quite nice, and I do believe this brand's water does have extra benefits in comparisons to other water sprays such as Evian.

Moisturizer: Here I have Clinique. Enough for a round trip.
After spraying on the Avéne thermal water I usually wait for it to absorb into my skin and apply moisturizer right after to really keep my skin hydrated and plump.
*Drinking water during the flight also helps! Coconut water if you can, also assists!*

Hand Cream: I get quite chapped hands easily so I will be apply this religiously.

Garnier eye roll on: I don't wear make up on the plane. I also always just wear glasses on flights because the cabin air can dry out my eyes. Once I get off the plane, I usually look a bit worse for wear
( I am one of those people that just CANNOT sleep on the plane no matter the duration)
I usually look quite tired, and the glasses casting a shadow on my eyes don't add to the case. A quick swipe of this, can help neutralize the effects of the plane ride.

Anti bacterial gel: Just a habit when you through an airport and a plane where so many people have passed through. *Ugh* Using this far too often can dry out my hands so I thankfully have my hand cream!

Mini Perfume Samples: You may not notice this on the flight but once you are off you do. You probably smell. It's not your fault. It's just being encased in the cabin for so long with so many other people creates an odor that can be passable...
Now is the time to use up all those mini perfume samples we all have lying around!

Moisture for the Eye Area: The skin around my eyes seem to get dry incredibly easily for some reason. To counteract this and to add moisturize to my eye area along with removing slight puffiness I may obtain, I am bringing a mini Clinique moisturizing eye roller. Sample again. Trips are great for trying and using up all those little samples!

Lip balm: I seem to have lips that are easily chapped. I swear by Blistex in the blue tub. Forever.

Spot Treatment: The time difference, the jet lag, the lousy uncomfortable coach seats, combated with cold recycled cabin air usually leads my skin to get into a spot catching frenzy. This is my attempt to nip it in the bud before the spot ruins all my vacation photos!!!

Hydration Mask: I don't always use this on the flight. I usually do carry a clear moisture mask for longer flights. My flight this time is only about 7 hours so I may skip this on the plane. If I have shorter flights, I would use this the first night at the hotel as my PM moisturizer to just counter balance and re hydrate my skin to a state of balance.

Not shown in photos but also in the bag: Spare set of contacts and mini contact solution.

What are some of your in flight travel essentials?


  1. This is exactly what I carry in my everyday makeup bag! I find deluxe samples to be so worth it for this kind of reason =]

  2. Great picks! I love packing for travel and airplane rides but the dry recycled air always wrecks havoc on my already acne prone skin. Those eye roller products seem really good for traveling. I wear glasses and go makeup-less when I'm on planes as well. I thought aerosol cans weren't allowed on planes but I guess I was wrong!

  3. Super helpful posts. I'll be flying next month for a little vacation and I always like to see what other people bring on flights. It makes me think of things I always forget (hello mini contact solution and dry eyes) and some new ideas of things to incorporate (eye gel).

  4. I love your in flight essentials. 'Essential' is something that needs to be more frequent in my vocabulary. I always bring too much make up and products when I'm travelling and end up not using most of it. Especially on a flight, I just forget I have things with me or I can't be bothered! I think the hydration mask is a brilliant idea, I never thought to do anything like that. Especially if you're on a plane for a long time, or even to save you the time of using it when you get to your destination and you can have beautiful skin when you arrive, I love it, thanks for the suggestion. Is the Garnier BB eye roll on any good or does it sit in any cracks? Great post!

  5. Hi J, you have a mini Avene! I want one too, but I'm not sure how often I'd use it for travel. I also have a clear zip bag that's not a ziploc. I think it's so much more convenient and better looking too.

  6. AHHH thats what I do too.. I bring spot treatment regardless lol. I pack waaay too much!

  7. I can't sleep on planes either. Good selection of products to bring.


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