Friday, August 31, 2012

My Travel Make up Bag Part II - Lessons Learned, and the Editing Practice

Last year, I showed in this post what I brought with me on my previous holiday.
I used most of it, but not all of it.
I thought I wanted a few options.

This year when I booked my tickets for my vacation I thought
"I can buy a new make up bag!"
Logical. I also thought "Post on my travel make up bag!" (bloggers...)

The make up bag I purchased again was from Muji.
You can watch this video for a better description on the bag itself
( which is where I found out about it) and she is a lovely YouTuber as well.

So I spent a few days deciding, picking, choosing, editing and
my bag to come to this:

Yikes! at the last photo! Just as much as last year! No no no!

This year I want change.
This year I want essentials.
This year I add in the edit process.

If I am honest with myself I know, I haven't worn blush in two months...I also have not been wearing foundation, so why is a primer there?
All the items in the last photo have been removed.

If you actually look at what's there, it's a whole face routine!
It's a 10 day trip, I will survive with 1 face :P

On holiday's I'm actually not very fussy. Lightening the load was not as hard as I had presumed and I now have something far more manageable!

Why so many concealers?
Because my base for everyday will be Vitazing mixed with sunscreen. More info here.
The concealers will fix all the remaining trouble spots.
The Maybelline Age Rewind concealer I use in conjunction with my Dior Lifting Sculpting concealer for under my eyes.
For my face I mix MUFE waterproof concealer with L'Oreal true match concealer in a darker shade to adjust to my tan.

Speed brow to just keep my eyebrows looking groomed.

Lip tint with lip balm on top.
Just those lip products. They are the only ones I have been using all summer so I doubt I will change now.

Maybelline waterproof mascara ( because the temperature is apparently 34C!), felt tip eye liner because it smudges less in heat, Anastasia Brow Duality as a brow bone and inner corner highlight in one, and an Anastasia brown pencil with built in spooly for less tools to carry around.

Gueraliain bronzer which I have been putting all over the contours of my face and into my cheeks as a blush replacement.
Benefits RSVP cream shadow because I don't want to bring eye brushes on this trip.
Jemma Kidd highlighter in Rose Gold to bring my cheeks to life as I now have a more subtle color there by adding in only bronzer.

Mineral Veil and blotting papers to combat shine.
*Not shown is a mini sample of Benefit's eye primer in stay don't stray*

Pared down
That's more like it.

I must admit I am sadly extremely pleased with myself.
I was able to bring down my beauty items to the things I actually have been using daily for months and they all fit in this tiny make up bag.
For reference I added in anti bacterial gel, but you can see behind the bag is my In Flight Essentials Bag which is bigger

Sorry for such a long and dragged post, but we all like to look at pictures of make up at least, no? :)


  1. Oh, I was eyeing that SAME Muji travel bag for the last few weeks (even though I'm not going anywhere for the time being...)! Great job at sticking with the essentials. I think you brought a reasonable amount and while it's nice to have "options" when traveling, realistically I usually stick to the same products if I decide to wear makeup at all. What makeup brushes did you bring and how do you pack those?

  2. Fun post :)I think I'm the opposite and forgo the concealer instead. That said, my collection is pretty thin on concealers, so perhaps I would use them if if I had more? I always travel with foundation and probably will until my skin gets a hold of itself! I didn't know muji made a travel bag; it looks nicely sized and convenient with all those pockets!

  3. I have to admit that I'm an over packer, always thinking what if I need that or what if that happens I need backups. Last time I went on a 4 day road trip to another city 6 hours away I packed everything but the kitchen sink. Props to you being able to pare down. My next trip I will attempt to pare down as well. Enjoy your vacation.

  4. i totally overpack makeup nearly every time haha. especially when i go anywhere with my parents I never even use makeup but I typically bring a good amount with me. LOL. I think that is a much deeper problem of thinking i need a number of products even though I rarely use any haha

  5. I love posts about travel makeup! I travel often and always like to see how other people tackle their makeup packing. I too always bring more than I wear, though I'm getting better at editing! And for me it's a definite must to bring some palettes along!

  6. That is pretty pared down. I was so impressed with myself that I managed to pack very little for my holiday. I took like 8 products! There were still (!) things I didn't use though. I need to learn that I won't use eyeshadow when I go hot places and that I should just take a couple of eyeliner pencils in bright colours instead... xo

  7. Don't you just love the process of going through your makeup collection and picking out the products for you travel bag? That's my favourite part!

  8. Wow! This makeup bag seems so handy and fits so many things...think I just might go grab it soon..thanks for sharing this!

  9. I just love posts like these--so nosy :P Love your picks though!

  10. I do love to look at pictures of makeup!!!I've just come across your lovely blog, shall we follow each other?let me know, love Coco

  11. You are so organised! I have discovered recently I can actully pack light, tp my surprise LOL.

  12. thanks so much!! i was just trying to not be much of a hoarder!! lol hope u post one soon too!

  13. thanks so much girl! i love looking at ppl's travel m/u bags too! shh lol

  14. yes i used just about everything i brought everyday outside the blotting sheets!! *pat on the back*

  15. 8 things?! wow! KUDOS!!! i would need more haha

  16. palettes are great for long trips!!!! which is your favorite of the moment?

  17. hahaha we have ALL been there! kitchen sink and all!

  18. muji is full of great surprises!!!
    i could live w/o foundation but NEVER without concealer!!! lol

  19. thanks so much for your kind words!!! as mentioned bf just a bronzer brush! i surprised myself in the brush dept!


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