Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Short Beauty Tip # 2

For years throughout my teens I wore pencil eyeliner on my lower waterline and it either went away by the end of the day, or completely smudged.
Thus started my hunt for the perfect pencil liner
(still looking by the way... recommendations welcome!)

But here is a trick I learned to make you look like less of a raccoon to the rest of the world while the liner hunt continues

If you are out during the day and notice your liner has smudged, instead of wiping at it with your fingers ( which can causes wrinkles!) use a mini hand cream and a cotton bud to remove the smudges as a make up remover for on the go!

Try to pick a mini hand/body cream that is non scented and has minimal ingredients as some people may have sensitive skin around the eyes.
( I just had the one in the photo as it was lying around.
It does not bother my eyes)

Grab a cotton bud and add a bit of the lotion to the tip. Rub the lotion into the tip with clean finders and saturate it.
You are then able to use the cotton bud to remove the smudged liner.
The lotions are emollient enough to remove the residual make up and leave a clean and hydrated surface!
A con is it can remove some of your under eye concealer, so I try to keep it very close to the lash line when I do this trick.

If you are not a person to carry around cotton buds ( I do not in general) I usually can use my clean fingers if I enter a bathroom.
Also if your work offers hand lotion in the restrooms, it can lead to easy touch ups!


  1. Great idea. I also have another tip for under eye clean up. I carry a small sample tube of foundation ( the ones they give you at department store counters) and saturate a cotton bud with it. Wipe excess on tissue and clean my under eye with it. It cleans well and the foundation gives extra coverage.

  2. I've never met an eyeliner that doesn't smudge lol. The one trick that I've learned over the years is to set the liner with a shadow and you're good-to-go! Also, use a brown pencil instead of black. If smudging occurs the effect is less noticeable than black. Hope it helps! :)

  3. Great tip!

    Have you tried the Nars Larger than life pencil? I love the formulation, lasting power and colours. Wasn't impressed with the Body Shop eye definer, the colour migrated to below my eyes. The Jemma Kidd eye liner pencils I find a very hard formulation which drags at my skin.

  4. Have you tried the Milani Lique'fy Eyeliner? I heard those are great for the waterline!

  5. That is a great suggestion, I never thought about that. I tend to avoid eye liner in the water line because I know in an hour it will be every where but my water line. So far the one that has me surprised is the a drug store brand. Physicians formula glimmer stick is actually pretty good. It stays in place even after I rub my eyes. Another drug store brand that has me surprised is Marcelle. But I have yet to try a black eye liner from them.

  6. ahh the continual search for the perfect truely smudge proof eyeliner ... i find that wiping my water line and excess oil away with a dry cotton bud before applying e/l helps ... so the natural oils don't mix with the e/l. will let you know if i ever find "the one" =)


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