Monday, August 27, 2012

Traveling Tip: The Emergency Kit

When I say "Emergency" I don't mean anything serious nor dire.
Just a little travel bag to bring with you everyday to resolve the small problems that can occur in daily life.

I wrote a post once about what to wear when traveling here.
My next tip on traveling is to carry around a mini SOS kit. I carry one of the in my everyday life, but my traveling edition has a few more add ins.

My personal kit includes:
Anti bacterial gels, anti bacterial large wipes ( for public tables and chairs), mini anti bacterial wipes for small surfaces, tissues, advil, tide to go, nail clippers with built in file, bobby pins, hair tie, mints, gum, panty liner, Q tips, sewing kit, spf lip balm, band aids, tweezers, eye drops, and hand cream.

Do you have a daily SOS kit?


  1. Oh this is so smart and cute! I love your pouch. I think I will make an SOS kit now that I've seen your handy!

  2. Wow - so you carry this every day with you? Does your bag get kind of heavy or are you a light packer when it comes to daily work?

  3. Unfortunately, my purse is already clogged up enough as it is--so no daily emergency kit for me. But I do carry a lot of emergency items in my makeup bag.

  4. wow you are so prepared! I tend not to carry anything with me, or if I do have a purse i usually fill it with water and snacks. lol, i guess that is my SOS kit, cause i'm so hungry all the time! Lol

  5. I don't have a daily SOS kit but by the look and sound of it I should definitely have one. From reading this post I'm convinced that I need my own so thanks for the tip :)


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