Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Back to Reality Blues OOTD

My outfit for my first day back to work was described by several colleagues of mine as
Lol oops!

Yes, glasses, braided hair, and casual clothes for my return.
I was just not ready to get back into those pencil skirts
( which I wore the following day to show everyone I had not lost my mind)

Blouse: Korea, Pants: Theory, Belt: J Crew, Shoes: Dolce Vita, Bag: Mulberry, Necklace: Etsy, Watch: Michael Khors

My loose clothing felt so airy and wonderful until I realized NY had some kind of strange cold front that day!

The blouse looks tucked in the photos, but it is only in the front. I left the back loose for an asymmetrical design but tucked it all in for my meetings and changed my shoes.

These pants are in so many of my OOTD's! (Thank you sample sale!)
My Dolce Vita shoes, I love the grey neutral color that goes with everything but the peek of hot pink just adds some brightness.
My Mulberry bag and gold jewelry are staples for when I wear blue because I love the color contrast.

Nails are Le Metier de Beaute. A Sample I received.
The brush was SO TINY it took so long to do my nails!
I am not a fan of chrome nail polishes but the shade looked so incredible in the bottle I had to give it a spin.
Shade: High "Something" of course the label broke exactly where the shade name is!

Back to the grind ladies!
So tell me, what do you wear on your lazy days?


  1. I love light grey shoes! They're very everyday; I have a pair of ballet flats, but I think I'll need a new pair soon...

  2. Love the trousers, love the shoes, love the shirt.

    My lazy day outfits are cords, chinos or dark jeans with a cotton top, sweatshirt/jumper and ballet flats- presentable in case of seeing a patient but still comfortable for lab work.

  3. Lazy days would mean pyjamas all day, enjoying a cuppa and watching Big Bang Theory. Your nails look lovely! Pity it takes forever to paint. Looks similar to Chanel Paradoxal.

  4. you always sound like you dress so smartly!! it's great! even when you are casual :)

  5. all my ballet flats have holes, I know about needing new shoes too lol but so slow to re purchase!


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