Saturday, September 8, 2012

Barcelona and Toledo Travel Diaries

My post cards from Barcelona and Toledo Spain!

All the photos in my travel posts (one more coming!) were taken with my iphone using the app Camera Plus
I had brought along a normal camera which housed about 400 pictures which I have yet to extract, but since my iphone had nearly 1000 I figured I would have enough material!

Missing Barcelona already!!


  1. The sights look amazing!
    (if you didn't say these were from your iPhone I would have thought these came from your DSLR :P)
    Now I really want to get out of the US xD

  2. especially today with the tornado in town!!

  3. Your photos look amazing! I definitely need to go there myself one day! I'm really surprised that you used your iPhone for these! The quality is great and I need to look into that app :)

  4. It looks absolutely beautiful there! I've always wanted to visit Spain (or rather, Europe in general) -- so much history there! :)

  5. These photos look amazing for iPhone quality! I mean that app must be pretty good! Love Spanish architecture, you captured so much too xx

  6. all with your iphone?! amazing! the weather and architecture look spectacular.

  7. Barcelona is just stunning! I really need to go! great pictures with your phone!


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