Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Clarins Gentle Foaming Cleanser Review

Previously I had briefly mentioned and highly recommended a cleanser from Clarins.

Clarins is not a brand I hear many people speaking about in much regard outside their lip perfectos and random creams here and there, but I think I found something that I will be quite loyal to for quite some time to come.

The Clarins Gentle Foaming Cleanser with Cottonseed

I admit tingly purchased this during their GWP purchase season and tossed it into my bag.
A Cleanser designed for normal to combination skin types.

It was approaching winter and my skin was quite normal at the time so I thought "Why not?"

This cleanser costs $21 dollars in the US but lasted me nearly  9 months, so I do believe it is not very expensive considering how long it lasted me.
It comes out a white thick cream. You only need about a big pea size for your whole face.
The lather is great, and when you start applying it to the skin, you can really feel it cleaning.
It’s not super intense, as in squeaky clean, but you can feel it’s getting the dirt out.
I will note I only use this cleanser in the morning.
Having sensitive –ish skin I felt no harshness nor had any adverse reactions to this product.
It works beautifully with the Clarasonic if you prefer that method.
The reason why I regarded this so highly was because though I purchased this in the winter when my skin was normal, and used it in spring when my skin remained normal, and finished it off during summer while my skin REMAINED normal and I realized, I hadn't use powder for about  6 months. I didn’t need it anymore.
With toner and adjusting moisturizers throughout the year, this cleanser really seemed to assist in normalizing my skin and keeping it balanced.
The cleansers abilities I believe does work because I’ve had far less acne this year, most likely due to lack of oil production as a direct result from this product.
I would repurchase this as I am just  about out of it, but when I originally purchased this cleanser (unknowing that it would last 9 months) I also purchased the oily skin version which has micro beads.
I may use that next, though fall is approaching to see which I prefer, but if you are new to Clarins, I believe this may be an outstanding first product to try.

I also recommend for those who have this product to cut open the tube when you feel the product is done. 
I was able to scrape out enough product for an additional month! 


  1. 9 months is a long time!! And I'm glad to see you made good on the tube-cutting too!

  2. argh i wish i'd held back on repurchasing my simple refreshing face wash gel 2 days ago! now i wish i'd gotten this clarins one instead! ah well... next time :)

  3. i know! usually i whiz through skin care but i could not let this go and hacked away at the tube! lol

  4. oh wow, an extra month! that's good to know. I sort of wanted the clarins one step wash, so i'll have to check it out next time! Also, have you seen their latest bronzer? It has a pretty design and has gotten some good reviews!

  5. i have tried the 1 step cleanser but unfort purchased the one for oily skin and it is way too strong for me! i may have to put that in the blog sale box :( product is not bad, i just purchased the wrong one bc i wanted to use it in the summer and i nv became oily
    I have seen the new bronzer, its very cute!

  6. Oh i didn't realize they had two different types! i wouldn't want the one for oily skin either. Are you able to return it? so many places have lengthy and nice return policies now. I kind of want that bronzer...!

  7. i purchased it a while ago and i couldnt return it bc it was part of my total for GWP so it's ok.
    i havent seen the bronzer in store yet, only online.

  8. That is a stellar review! I might have a sample of this somewhere. May spend all night tearing the house apart to find it!

  9. thank you!! i think it may be worth the search! ;)

  10. hmm, do let me know if you see it and what you think! i didn't even think to look for it last time i was at the mall!

  11. great review - i love reading about 'special' finds, especially skin care finds that bloggers don't really talk about. my g/f works at clairns and at first when she use to tell us the skin care range, especially the cleansers, were really amazing we use to think she was just saying it but after try a sample or two .. we've definitely made a few re-purchases =) i really light the beauty flash balm as well .. just pat a little under the eye before makeup just to 'perk' it up.

  12. Wow...9 months? And not needing powder? I'm sold!

  13. Yep, this product is fab, I love the feel of it on my skin. Grab any sample tubes you can for travelling. Clarins ladies are the best for skincare advice and giving sample tubes.

  14. It reminds me that I have a deluxe sample of this! Thanks for sharing :D

  15. is this product suitable for 20 years old girl?? thank you :)


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