Friday, September 21, 2012

Current Favorite Lip Combination

In a previous post I was showed my excitement to finally open some brand new lippies from my collection.
I picked out all the shades I couldn't wait to swatch and use daily.
Well, it did not really work out that way...

I only opened one, the Clarins Lip Perfector and have only use it a hand ful of times. I leave it at home. Why?
Why aren't I playing with my lovely new goodies?

Because I felt guilty...

How can I open and use all of these, when I have so many already opened items??
So I put the caps back on ( notice I did not swatch anything) put them back in their boxes, back in the drawer, and stared at my desk to see what I could use next.

Items I previously adored that moved to the waist side.

I "Shopped my Stash" and arose to a combination I am utterly in love with.

Tarte Cheekstain in Flush and Ample Pink Plushglass

Tarte's Flush is a very nice blue based red stain, but on me it can be a bit too blue toned and almost have a streak of fuscia if I am too heavy handed, yikes!

I decided to to it as a lip stain.
It was a bit strong for daytime, but a lovely sheer red. I added Ample Pink (one of the best products I ever purchased from MAC, and highly recommend ) to tone down the color

I was left with this very romantic and girly pink lip, perfect for everyday!

I have been wearing this combination non stop.
Though I am excited to finally break open some of my new items one of these days, I am enjoying using what I have and finding new ways to love old products.

Do you go back and try to form relationships anew with forgotten products?


  1. You have SO much willpower! but I totally get what you mean about feeling bad when you already have a bunch of lip products to use up. I don't have nearly as many as some people do but that's no excuse since I know I'm never going to use up my modest stash. It's really satisfying when you dig around your collection and rediscover some old loves or find new amazing combinations. The Tarte cheekstain sounds lovely on the lips even though I swatched it in Sephora and didn't think I'd like it on my skin. Also, love that you're posting really frequently now!

  2. Very pretty combo! Flush is very nice :) It's hard to shop your stash when there's so many new things floating around =P

  3. thank you!!! i don't know if it's will power i think i recall it being very similar to guilt! lolunfort my humble stash exploded and im trying to make amends!
    Thank you!!! i have been trying to post more, usually shorter posts but more frequently
    Let's see if I can keep this up! lol

  4. Oh that looks really pretty! Glad you found a good combo :)

  5. Hi J, yay for discovering a new combo! I try to remember oldies once in a while, but make sure to give new products a lot of love before they become old. I figure as long as I really loved a product at one point, it's fine if it doesn't get much attention later.

  6. such a perfect natural pink!! It's funny with blue based lippies. I notice they look super blue outside under the blue sky o_O

  7. This is a super pretty combination. I told myself recently that I'm not allowed to buy any more lip products till I've used some up. Getting a bit silly haha. I'll have to see if I can stick to that promise! Xo

  8. REALLY??? i actually do not carry a mirror out with me, but next time I will double check!

  9. nice way of thinking of it!!! whatever i open i know i eventually love for the most part!

  10. thanks!!!! un edited photo so its super cute!

  11. That looks like a great combo! I never would have pared a sheer red with pink gloss but you made it look lovely! Loving how often you've been posting too :) xx

  12. thanks so much!!! it's always great to find a new combo, and I think you can't go wrong with Ample pink on your side!
    Thank you!!! if you enjoy new posts, click refresh ;) just popped up a new one!

  13. that is a super pretty combo! I have been off gloss lately though...


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