Monday, September 17, 2012

Finished Products of July and August 2012

I was saving this post for when I finished more make up products but the skin care was brimming out of the bag I keep these products in to a level where I realized, I needed to throw out some empty containers...

Mostly skin care, yet again!
I'm working on the make up products, promise!

Alba Body Cream in Kukui Nut: In my slow effort to include more organic products in my life I have come to try Alba’s Body cream and I love this!

I don’t really like body lotions, I love body butters and creams which are more hydrating

(I hate parched skin)

This scent is so warm and great for winter. I would repurchase and recommend this.

Lancome High Resolution Collaser X: I received this with a GWP and had no idea what it was for. Face? I ended up just using it on my hands at night, to prevent my hands from looking too old.

Good way to use up these kinds of products...

Laura Mercier hand cream: The last of a Christmas set I purchased for myself. No regrets. All are so indulgent and a beautiful nightly treatment for a bit of pampering. The moisturizing benefits are lovely and if I see another hand cream set from the brand, I would not hesitate!

Bath and Body Works Lotion: Nothing special but pretty good if you get it on sale. I would not recommend it at full price.

Neutrogena Acne Wash: Staple.

Lush Tea Tree Toner: A summer staple. Light and fresh and does seem to help keep my skin less spotty in the summer when the temperature flies and perspiration with make up on is plentiful!

Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel and Lotion: There are lovers and haters, but everyone has tried these!

While they are not my HG, if I don’t have any moisturizers to use I know I can fall back on these which are not horrendously priced due to the incredibly large size of these bottles and know my skin won’t go nuts.

I will probably repurchase this on and off for years.

Nuetrogena Acne Wash for Stress: I think I have tried MOST of Nuetrogena’s skin care lines. I have not tried their new ones because I’ve pretty much had enough. This wash is probably the most sensitive I have tried from the brand. This actually quite reminds me of the Avene cleanser for acne.

Simmilar lather, scent, and effect! It’s cheaper than Avene but has more chemicals unlike Avene which is more natural and paraben free. Also, the Avene cleanser lasted about 3x longer than Neutrogena’s so the price may be reflected in this.

The Neutrogena item has a nice pump and is readily available.

To be honest between the two I would probably keep repurchasing the Neutrogena because it just seems slightly better at controlling acne to Avene but the results are quite similar though Avene is more natural to those who are more attracted to that aspect.

Shu Uemura Cleansing Oil: Another relic from my collection. I was all set to order boatloads of Bioderma but saw this in my collection (this JUMBO sized container) and decided to finish it up.

This product has a large following of fans but I don’t really prefer oils to cleanse.

Usually I am paranoid and cleanse with an extremely mild cleanser after to just remove any remnants. This 1 extra step is the reason why I prefer Bioderma and other removers of it’s kind to oils.

Burts Bees Acne Moisturizer: My skin seems to like this when it is more tolerant, when my skin is sensitive I don't use this. It is moisturizing enough for combo to oily skin but for normal skin, you may crave more hydration.

Acne prevention: minimal, but better when used in conjunction with an acne focused routine.

Boscia Black Mask: I think this is one of Boscia’s best selling products. You can read my review here, but I can state now that I saw very little effect and would not recommend this to anyone.

Clarins Gentle Foaming Cleanser with Cottonseed: I believe this may be one of the best cleansers I have tried to date. Full review will come in the future, but until then, I highly recommend this!

Boscia Blotting Sheets: HG! The best! Have repurchased countless times.

Boots Eye Make Up Remover: Target ran out of my preferred Sonia Kashuk remover. I don’t mind this but this leaves more of an oily residue around my eyes after use. I still prefer SK for the same price as this product.

Boots Rose Water Toner: I’ve become quite a fan of rose water as a toner! Though most seem to feel like water and are simple, I never realized much of a difference between brands.


This is different. This was probably the weakest, most water-ed down rose water I have tried and would not recommend it.

Rose water is relatively not expensive, and this product’s price point is similar to those with better performance in terms of hydration, brightness, and soothing.

L'Occitaine Lotion: These hand creams are among my favorite for my hand bag. I love all the varying scents. These are hydrating while not being greasy. The only con is, the packages are quite small.

Biotherm Gel Moisturizer: A gift from my mother when in Duty Free. This is hydrating and light but only for summer and those again with combo to oily skin. It sinks in, but is very heavily perfumed and ran out quickly. I do not think I would buy this on my own but I do love these jars. I used Biotherm for a period in HS and use the jars to hold my stud earrings.

Anti Bacertial Gel: I have a mountain of these and go just go through them like peanuts.

Bare Study Paint Pot: At laaaasssst *cue in the music*

I thought this would NEVER finish. I think I’ve had this for 2.5 years? With semi consistent use. I would skip it for maybe 2 months but would come back and use it non stop for 5 and it never seemed to waiver.

I own other Paint pots outside this, but this is the only one anywhere near a dent and completed. I’m sure the others have fully dried out by now.

This is a slightly shimmery beige cream product that some people use as a primer. Though it creased on me, in the winter this as a primer worked just fine. The texture is smooth but does get more dry over time. Storing them upside down with tightly closed lids helps with longevity.

I will probably never purchase another PP again.

They’re not bad products but they’re not that great to me.

The texture is a bit dry over time so I feel as if I am tugging my eyes to apply this.

Also when I am too tanned, a sheer wash of this looks stark white on my lids.

It had dried out a few times on me where it was just not blending, period, so I would have to scrape out the most exterior product to expose a creamy consistency again which wastes products.

I noticed my Benefit Creaseless creams never dry out and remain creamy far longer than PP’s.

I know many people are a fan of these but I told myself years ago, this was my one and only.

Anastasia Brow Pencil in Ash Blonde: Quite a nice pencil with a convenient spooly which is actually a decent one. Anastasia’s formula seems more waxy than other brands I have tried so for this reason I feel less need for brow gel or wax products. A good product in my opinion.

Estee Lauder Lip Gloss: I’m pretty sure this shade was LE but it was just a coral pink with gold shimmer. Not very unique. Not too sticky, and had a pleasant scent. I prefer doe foot applicators to brush which is what this has, but overall Estee Lauder glosses seem quite nice.

Majorlica Majorca Lash Primer: One of the best lash primers I have tried!!! Too bad it is not readily available to me here in the states. If this was available this would be a repurchase as it held my curl and added noticeable length, very slight volume.

Have you finished anything recently? Some winners to recommend?


  1. wow good job! I am so impressed with everything that you've finished! I was just thinking about buying that Neutrogena body wash too - glad to hear you like it!

  2. Your empties posts never fail to impress :) I also was not a huge fan of the Boscia Black Mask; it was okay but nothing life changing. I have never heard anything about the Clarins cleanser so now it's on my radar! I also liked the Lush Tea Tree Toner a lot but I'm on my third bottle of Thayer's Witch Hazel and still going strong. I also bought the Boots Eye Makeup Remover because I couldn't find the Target Up&Up one. I think the oiliness is due to the two liquids not mixing well together. Congrats on finish a Mac paint pot! I use my cream eyeshadows pretty often but they seriously last AGES! I think drugstore brands are doing really well on the cream shadow front so no more lemmings for high end cream shadows for me :)

  3. i love the body wash for after the gym i must have used up 10 bottles! really helps! and smells fresh

  4. thank you! i repurchased the Thayers also! haha i think it is my favorite of the yr!
    I stocked up on some Maybelline ones including Barley Beige as my new Bare Study!
    I never heard of the cleanser either, but now i see i stumbled upon something!

  5. Wow I can't believe you finished a paint pot and that it lasted that long! Mine dry out way before I can use it all. The only one I really like is Painterly-I don't care for the shiny ones like Bare Study though. I find they crease way easier.
    Nice empties!

  6. really?? the shimmery ones dry out first darn, i never got a matte one. I owned 3 shimmery ones.
    You can't believe it, I CANT blv it! i hit pan on that thing in 2011!!!! LOL when it was one I was happy then ran out and got the Maybelline Barley Beige as a replacement

    Keeping your paint pots stored upside down seem to help the longevity :)

  7. *rubs eyes* ... i've never seen an empty MAC paint pot before!! very impressed!! ^_^
    i agree - i don't think i would ever love a PP enough to repurchase one.
    great products for the month of july and august - can't wait to read the clairns cleanser review.

  8. FWIW, Bare Study creased terribly on me, too, as did any other paint pot I tried with shimmer. The matte ones (like painterly and soft ochre) never creased on me, though!

  9. I have the exact same relationship with my bare study paint pot!
    It looked so awful with a slight tan on :/

  10. woo good work! i love all the skincare break downs. i bought the clarins cleanser! so far really liking it a lot. a little goes a long way! i agree with paint pots, i initially loved them when i had them when they were newer but now as they get older and older they dry out too fast. ill have to look at the benefit or laura mercier options...

  11. the Benefit items ive had for years also and show zero sign of age
    Glad you got and are enjoying the cleanser!!

  12. such a shame as it is so pretty and seems like a perfect summer product :(

  13. wow, good to know!! thank you!!! i would not have thought they would make a diff

  14. the review is coming soon, and I can't blv that PP is gone either!!!! still in disbelief!! lol

  15. When a PP start to dry out, I just use a small spatula to stir it, maybe mix it with a little bit of a transparent silicone primer, and there you go, good as new! I also tried that with the benefit creaseless cream eyeshadows and worked just fine too

  16. amazing! thanks for the great tip!! transparent silicone primer, as in the one for your base make up?

  17. The Neutrogena body wash was my favourite shower gel for years and then they stopped selling it in the UK. I am still bitter thinking about this.


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