Saturday, September 22, 2012

Golden Eye

Recently I have been semi obsessed with a fashion blogger.
She is Swiss, has incredible style, astounding photos, and is ridiculously beautiful.
She was even in the Miss Switzerland pageant. 
What I could not stop staring at though, was her signature make up.
Amber shadow rings around her eyes showcasing and highlighting how blue they are with a kitten flick.
I wish I knew the shade, it looks to be in the family of Woodwinked or even Amber lights sometimes.
Drawing from inspiration, I rounded up some of my favorite shadows that I use frequently for this effect.
A soft golden smoke of shadow ringing around the eyes.
Though I cannot pull off woodwinked all over ( as much as I would LOVE that and have futilely tried)
The colors that seem to work with my skin tone and coloring are quite golden bronze shades that are far from cool but no where near the family orange.

Some of my favorites:

Armani Gold Blitz: Reserved for special occasions because it’s fool proof, the color is incredibly complimentary, and the Armani name makes it feel more lux. I always line this with Power Surge eye kohl from MAC which is wonderful for brown eyes to add slight definition without the harshness.

Smashbox Bark: From the Photo Op Palette for Brown eyes. It’s quite possibly the last color I touched in this palette because it looks like a gold green with a touch of mustard…described as a deep bronze 
( I beg to differ…)
This is my favorite shade from the palette and I use it every time I wear glasses.
When wearing glasses you can get away with a bit more eye make up, I shade this in all around my eyes and it really helps highlight my skin color along with complimenting the brown frames I have.


Urban Decay Smog: Chrissstttiiiiine told me about this shade. She said it was her favorite from the N*ked Palette. I admit tingly use the N*ked palette more along the lines of ... never, but if I do, this is the only shade I touch.
Great brown bronze.

Ochre from La Metier de Beaute: I did not swatch this. I returned this palette for a reason I can explain soon, but this shade brought out my brown eyes in a way very few shadows can.  I purchased a kaleidoscope based on this one shade alone.
It’s a real shame they do not sell this shade as a single. I would snatch it up!
Now on the my least favorite by far

Patina by MAC.
This is where I learned cool toned golds just don’t work for me.
On pale skin women I have seen this shade transform their eyes, but on my light medium skin, "wow" this is just awful. It really does go on “muddy” which is a nice way of saying dirt.

You can see in the swatches how Patina looks almost grey on my skin. I don’t know what happened to the gold, and I wished this worked for me, but this will be parting ways from my collection.

Swatches from R to L:
Patina, Bark, Gold Blitz, Powersurge

So there is my round up! 
My favorite all over shades for brown eyes!
For those doe eyed ladies, do you have any “all around” favorites?

And of course
Some photos that caused the inspiration.



Link to her site here!


  1. Wow, she's gorgeous! And I agree, her signature eye makeup look is just flawless. Love the shades you picked out! Especially the Armani one, soooo pretty. :D

  2. I have brown eyes too, so this post was very interesting! Patina is one of my favorite MAC shadows, funnily enough! Woodwinked is hard for me to pull off, but Patina gives me the soft gold that looks great just brushed all over the lid. I wish I could afford those Armani shades, the one you included looks amazingggg

  3. thanks!!! her blog has been my obsession lately!! lol

  4. oh Patina works for you? ack *jealous*!!!! it looks so beautiful in the pan but on my skin, not for me....
    That Armani shade was totally worth the $ in my opinion. Holiday season gift to oneself ;)

  5. Hi J, love the title of this post! I've actually been intrigued and inspired by her makeup recently too. When I look, I notice some red tones. I've used some neutral browns with red (as opposed to gold) to get a similar-ish effect on me :)

  6. ohhhh what have been your go to shades for such a look?

  7. NARS Lola! I almost think I bought it for this reason...

  8. OHHH i will try it when i am brave enough!! lol but I love that shade as an eye liner!! it's beautiful for that!

  9. Oh! I used to love her blog. Now I'm just obsessing over beauty blogs too much! LOL. She actually has a makeup video (a few i think) that show what she uses and how she applies it. (I think the video i'm thinking of shows this style of smoky eye she always does?) Anyways, One time I made a smoky look kind of like this with browns and purple (cooler toned), so that may be a thing to try if red based browns don't work for you!

  10. ahh i have seen that video but i think it is old she used a very diff brown from Estee Lauder
    Cool toned browns and purple hmm which shades did you enjoy?

  11. goldblitz looks ahhhmazing - exactly like the colour in the last pic =)

  12. I can't remember the exact purple shade :( but i think it was from a lancome palette. I had success using the naked/naked 2 - there are shades that have the proper tinge (for me at least lol). Do you have either palette? I can't remember.

  13. Woa she is beautiful ! her signature eye make is indeed very beautiful !

  14. She is so stunning! Definitely going to be checking out her website. Love the shades you chose. I definitely need to check out powersurge, it looks really nice and I can't do black kohl eyeliner.

  15. Wow, she's definitely beauty-pageant gorgeous. I just love warm eyeshadows with blue eyes :)

  16. I have had the same thing happen to me often. This is where creating similar shades with appropriate undertones for various skintones comes into play. I often find many of the highlighter shades, or lighter eyeshadow shades that look great on fair, blonde women look grey, or "muddy" on me, particularly when I have a tan. It takes more effort looking for similar shades that have the same effect because they are often not highlighted in makeup editorials since the models are often naturally blonde and fair.

  17. I dont think patina ever worked for me? it's gorgeous ont hat blogger though!


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