Thursday, September 20, 2012

Short Beauty Tip # 4

The Clarasonic is a skin care staple to many who have heard of it's claims of zapping and decreasing pore size. Some (like myself) purchased it in aims to help my sensitive acne prone skin gain some sort of clarity.

While the device did little to help with my stubborn spots I had recently seen a video by the talented Nurberxo on how to capitalize on it's pore concentration abilities to decrease the size of those impossible buggers!

By simply dissecting the brush head you can push out the center of the Clarasonic brush and re attach it to the main handle portion of the device. By doing this you gain more control on the areas around the nose, chin, forehead, or any area where pores are a problem for you.

The pieces snap back in as easily as they snap out.

Here is a the actual video for further details.

Big win on the fight against those "Pore Devils!"


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