Friday, October 26, 2012

Bobbi Brown Desert Twighlight Palette

2008 and 2009 were the years I should have been a Bobbi Brown fan.
Those were the two years she released palettes I still am lemming for to this day.
(Bring back the Shimmering N*des Palette please!)
Since then, every collection, every holiday, every new season I look at the Bobbi Brown palette offerings thinking maybe THIS year will be the year I like it.

This year I purchased my first Bobbi Brown Palette, Desert Twighlight.

Many people may have initially complained about the size (it's quite small) especially stacked against it's price. I loved the size. I wanted something I can carry in my bag everyday, and never think about. A palette I can always have with me and always delivers.

I passed this palette numerous times post release and swatched some of the colors and remember thinking "gritty" 
I played with the palette one day and created a look on my eyes that numerous people in the store inquired about and ended up buying it because it seemed complimentary.

Insprired by the Arizona sunsets Bobbi Brown inputted a palette of rosy browns, soft pinks, and beautiful plummy liner shade which I loved. 

Shades included in this palette are:
 Navajo (creamy pinkish white), Cement (grey beige), Chocolate Mauve (black chocolate plum)

Twilight Pink (pale n*de pink), Twilight (pink bronze), Pink Dust (pink bronze mauve)

 Sparkle Eye Shadow in Dusk (silver heather pink), Water Color Pink (silver baby pink)

I am quite new to Bobbi Brown shadows but have come to like some of her formula's and found a least favorite. Sparkle.
In this palette I fell in love with the shade Twilight, if she had sold this as a single, and I asked she does not, I would have snatched it up! A perfect rosy brown in my opinion. I also loved Pink Dust, lined with Chocolate Mauve, which was also not sold in single form! Grrrr, I was in love.
Ok Navajo is just a highlighter which is standard. I know this is one of her best selling shades, and quite creamy. Cement I have never loved and I see it in many of her palettes...because to me it is a bit too cool toned, but what I did not really like about this palette, the Sparkle shades. Remember that word I used? Gritty.
I believe they are designed to be layered on top of other shadows for a sparkle effect, I really do think she would have been fine adding in only 1 of these types of shades since they lack color payoff, so one shade could have easily layered over this mauve and rosy shades but two were added.
I bought the palette knowing I was not in love with the two sparkle shades or Cement.

Top Row

Bottom Row

Full line up 

In the end, I returned the palette. I was in love with it's size, it forms, many of it's shades but for me, having three shades in there I would never use was not enough to make this fitting to be my go to Bobbi Palette.
I also realized I owned Mystic Eyes by Chanel which also has a simmiliar purple brown liner shade, and rosy shades along with a sandy brown. 

I have since, gone to Bobbi Brown to attempt to make my own palette of her permanent shades, I really do not like her normal palette layout, the 4 pan set up is huge, but this is not her fault, her actual product adapatability is great, but her seasonal palettes really are the best sizes.
If Twighlight and Chocolate Mauve become singles, those will defintly be added to my personal collection. 

I am still waiting faithfully for that perfect or at least near perfect Bobbi palette like she used to make but for now, I am still waiting. 


  1. I actually don't mind the grittiness- I like how it shows up on my lids without using a primer ^.^
    But yeah, Bobbi Brown is one of my favorites at the moment<3
    Love the concealers too~


  2. I love the look of BB palettes but she makes terrible sparkles and shimmers. Apparently the holiday Caviar palette is quite good, but the shades are nothing like this. And I agree - the regular size pans are HUGE! So hard to empty. lol

  3. I really like Bobbi Brown eyeshadows. The palette above looks like a great one to have! I currently have the two palettes from the Tortoise Collection. The shadows last forever! Love them as much as my UD Naked and Naked2 palettes. :)

  4. I really wanted to get this palette but found most of the lovely shimmery shades not very pigmented... So instead i went ahead and got a tom ford palette instead :p

  5. i think you made the right choice!!!

  6. Ahh the Tortoise ones were really nice!!!! the above shadows look gorg but truly the payoff was just not there for me :(

  7. ahhh i saw her new caviar and various holiday palettes but i want more boring neutrals HAHA
    I tried to make my own palette but when i saw the 6 and 4 pan palette i was like WHO IS GOING TO CARRY THAT AROUND??? the 3 pan is not enough LOL

  8. ahh the concealers i have heard are sooo good!

  9. Did you see the Bellini lip & eye palette? Neutrals galore!

  10. i did!!! theyre a bit pinky for me and i dont want the lip portion i only read a few reviews bc its so new but i heard the pigmentation is poor :(

  11. i don't like the sparkle formula either :/ i had shimmering nudes but swapped it on mua last year!

  12. Do you specifically want a Bobbi Brown palette or any palette with similar shades and easily transportable? I picked up one of the chocolate palettes from Shu Umeura (raspberry and mocha). When I read your post this palette popped into my mind. I have yet to use it or swatch it: I find its too pretty to use, but I need to bring myself and just play with it before the holidays. Shu's eyeshadows are super creamy and soft, but I have never used BB so I can't really compare.


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