Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Chanel Emerveillé

Long wish listed, and finally mine is Chanel's Illusion D'Ombre shadow in 82 Emerveillé.

This was my replacement to my past stand by Bare Study Paint Pot.
I have worn it a few times and will state the few and simple facts.
1. It's pretty 
2. It's one of those shadows you smudge on with your finger, blend out with another finger and add mascara
3. Stays on pretty well without a primer, it still creases a bit for me but alone, truley quite good lasting power
4. It's not too unique

I think most make up brands create a cream shadow that looks like this, especially a shade like this because it's going to sell.

This is a beautiful light wash on the eyes but on my light medium skin I really don't see how it looks different from Benefits RSVP which I am also using.

Benefit's is a bit smoother, but Chanel is no where near the word "grit"
Though I enjoy using this and will find it useful for pretty much all days since this is the type of shade I would gravitate towards, I find the shade to be useful but "meh". 
Once sheered out I don't see a large difference between this and other cheaper brands 
( Don't hate me Chanel!)
I am still happy I was able to try this (and will use it!) but if you have a few neutral cream shadows in your collection, once this is sheered out, unless you are pale where it will look more peachy, this just seems to blend into the skin, and many other brands can offer the very same effect for a lower cost.
The next time I spend so much on a cream shadow, I think I will go for a more unique shade. 

I will be hosting a blog sale this coming Sunday October 7th beginning at 6 PM Eastern Time
Please do come have a look if anything interests you.


  1. Pretty and you can always count on Chanel for their packaging<3


  2. Love this shade and these little pots of goodness.

  3. Though Emerveille might not be 'special color' it sounds like this workhorse will still get some good use :)

  4. Yay! I've been wanting this forever and it's so refreshing to read a review that admits it's dupeable. Thank you, thank you <3

  5. that really rmeinds me of RVSP.. or flatter me some sort of Benefit Creaseless shadow shade! It's pretty :)


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