Monday, October 22, 2012

Chanel Eyeshadow Duo in 37 Sable Emouvant

I know I am a little late to the Chanel duo party, but it's still a nice time to highlight this lovely piece.

Part of Chanel's Summer 2012 collection which I was not going to review, but since my MACY's counter still had this in stock, and other regions of the world receive collections a bit late, I though it would be ok, after receiving confirmation from my lovely followers :)
The Chanel Duo in 37 Sable Emouvant. 
When I first saw this duo, I saw it as a complete yawn and didn't even swatch it. 
I know, those colors state neutral love! but I assumed I would have numerous dupes of each shade and didn't even give it a second glance.

When it began to show up on beauty blogs I still was not interested, but after some time, I decided to give the item a swatch and an actual examination.

The duo is comprised of two lovely shades that can easily be worn for everyday.
The lighter beige side is a lovely neutral that does not lean warm nor cool on my skin, but have seen pick up a peachy reflection on other skin tones.
Depending on your coloring, I have heard a few people use this as a highlight which I also utilize. It has a fine micro sheen that just brightens up the brow area without it looking obvious.
It applies smoothly to the skin, and blends with ease.

The darker shadow of the duo reminds me of MAC's discontinued pencil in Raven 
(which I don't own but would assume) A rich dark brown that has a hint of red flecks in it to add interest. 
The texture is very well done, and the embedded crimson tone just adds interest.

I have learned over the years if you swatch Chanel powder they look pretty "Meh" in the store.  I blame department store lighting.
If you actually walk out in the sun with the swatches still in hand, you can then see the incredible micro shimmer Chanel had embedded into their products that so many people become entranced to and fork over the bill for the effect.

I agree these are not the most original colors the brand could have came up with, but they seem to have taken two shadows who within themselves were beautiful enough, but the combination came to be a duo really worth having in part of their summer line.

This is not a must have, but something I see numerous people gaining a ton of use out of.
An enhancement to the everyday neutral eye with slight twists with red, and incredible technology to create the gorgeous micro shimmers seen in the sun. Sub due indoors, breath taking out. 


  1. That is pretty!! I have something similar to that... I'm obsessed with that kind of colour right now!

  2. Gorgeous palette! You take pretty amazing photos. :)

  3. Thank you so much! Huge compliment!

  4. these are the kinds of colors you can wear everyday and never get tired of!

  5. It looks really nice! I hear everyone say similar things to you, that the palette isn't a must-have but you'll definitely get your money's worth just based on how wearable it is. I like it!

  6. great review, pics and swatches - i am super impressed how pigmented that chocolate brown is.

  7. Pretty duo, thanks for swatches x

  8. Very pretty<3 I love my rusty reddish-browns for fall~

  9. Love your blog, you always make everything so irresistible…thanks!

  10. These look like colours I would actually wear on a daily basis. Neutral shades for me anytime!


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