Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Closet Tip for Scarf Organization

Since Sandy has hit town, I have been under house arrest, and since I really am not the kind of person who can sit around, I decided to clean.

Today we are going to take a quick peek into my closet for a tip on saving space for scarf lovers everywhere!

I spent a good amount of time in my closet today, and like many others, mine is not exactly huge. 
I had seen a StyleDiet video a while back on how to organize a closet.
Anyone else procrastinate on cleaning and organizing by watching how others do it??

Anna of the StyleDiet showcased an interesting method of displaying her scarf collection by tying them on the clothes rods themselves so she can have a good view of all the shades.
When I tried this I quickly realized, this took up an enormous amount of space 
(this is dependent on your closet size and scarf collection) 
So I tweaked it.
Instead of trying all the scarves on a clothing rod which admit tingly does showcase the colors better, I tied them on a hanger so I can fit several on at once to not only save space, but see the shades I had

The method does work better with lighter weight scarves and nothing of a an extremely high knit, but I think this does save a good amount of space and is an efficient way to hang them as the cooler season sets in.

You can organize them by any color order or pattern if you wish to see a more focused view on your choices, but I just hung them up!

And the final result!
Look at how much space I used to hang 14 scarves! 

Hope this tip helped any other person cleaning out that closet of theirs.
And final mentions to those who are hopefully safe and well from the storm! 


  1. I love that idea, its so simple yet I never thought about it. I usually have all my scarfs folded in a drawer and in a rush to grab one they pretty much end up every where

  2. Wow, that is a lot of space saved! I usually keep my scarves stuffed in a dresser-type hanging thing in my closet :)

  3. I started doing this when I moved out of my mother's house and downsized my closet :( I have over 20 scarves and only use 3 hangers to hang them all. :)

  4. if you try this method, do tell me which one you prefer? i have tried the drawer method and i was always digging!

  5. ah i think i have seen those, i wanted the shoe version!

  6. I fling mine over the bannister and yet am always searching for the one scarf not in the pile.

    Will have to try this when my new clothes rail arrives-the old one snapped.

  7. Great idea! Question: Where is the middle scarf in the top photo from? I love it! Hope you're staying safe from the storm!! <3

  8. that is a starry scarf i got some yrs ago from H&M actually!

  9. that's a good idea! I used to wrap them or twist them in a ball (like they do at jcrew/madewell) and throw them in a drawer!


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