Thursday, October 25, 2012

Current Make Up Bag Staple for the Working Girl – Anastasia Brow Duality

An unsung hero, but a staple in my personal everyday make up bag, is Anastasia's Brow Duality 

It comes in two shade choices, I have the one in "Shell and Lace"

I must admit I use Shell the Matte Pink highlighter the least of the two. I don't hate it, I just don't use it too often, but it reminds me of a less white version of Benefit's Eye Bright and is quite effective to give your brows a more polished effect if they look a bit scraggly at the end of the day.

The reason why I love this product is the "Lace" side
A smooth gold shade that is not as creamy as all the shadow sticks that are coming out, but is thicker meaning it will  stick on!

I apply this to my "inner corner"
My eye shape does not have the traditional V shape where most people place a light colored shadow to open their eyes. 
When I tried that it looked WEIRD.

I apply this about 1 centimeter to where my eyes create a "V" and just dab a little on. Then I take my finger and gently press on the product to spread it a bit and blend out the edges. 
Straight on you actually do not see it as being obvious but whenever I move my head slightly there is a light effect on my eyes wake them up a bit and brightening them.

In hurried moments this either side can be used on the lid. The matte side to clear discoloration and slightly brighten, and the shimmery side as a champagne wash.
I sometimes apply the Lace side on my lower lash line for additional oomph! 

Final plus to this product?
I've used it nearly everyday for a year and have only sharpened it a handful of times because I just need a dot of the gold and a mini swipe of the pink.
In short, this will last ages. 

My favorite and daily habit of brightening my "inner corner"


  1. some days, brightening the inner corners can make all the difference =) great review!!

  2. Can you do a "what's in my make up bag" post?

  3. I absolutely love this product, have been using it for a few years ;) It does an amazing job "lifting" my eyebrows, I should try it on the inner corners too!

  4. I adore this too! The matte side is superb for running on the inner bridge of my nose to brighten it up. I actually really like the shimmer side as a waterline brightener. Most are too light for me, but this works magic. I don't know that it "should" be used that way, but it's never caused irritation. One problem I have noticed is that if I use it to highlight my brow bone and don't set it with powder, my *waterproof* mascara comes off and leaves lash marks. How weird is that!

  5. that IS weird!!!! wat in the world????? quite a pattern to notice! lol

  6. haha i only use it in my inner corner mostly but used it on my brow bone today bc of this comment, quick and easy!


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