Sunday, October 14, 2012

DIY Tutorial on detaching your MAC palette

Before I begin this DIY tutorial, I just wanted to give a HUGE shout out and THANK YOU to all those who participated in my last blog sale. Weather it be Re Tweets, purchase, or just a question, thank you to all those who participated in any way to make it a smashing success! 

I just regained Internet about an hr ago, so expect confirmation emails from me soon, and I do apologize for the delay.

Now on to the tutorial! ;)

Since giving away and or selling some of my MAC eye shadows I saw that I did not enjoy having  a spare MAC 15 piece palette with missing pieces. Not to mention my Z palette which I use on occasion. I wanted a one stop shop for MAC, so I decided to do a little bit of deconstruction to the traditional MAC palette.

There are a few tutorials on this but here is mine.
The Before:
1 full MAC palette, 1 full Z palette, and a few spares hanging around a second palette.

Supplies needed will be:
1. MAC 15 piece palette or any other brand palette with the same design
2. A strong glue, here I used the brand "KRAZY"
3. Safety pins, I highly recommend the larger size ( I only had small ones)
4. Cuticle pusher (optional)

Step 1. 
Take out all your shadows from your various palettes.

The cuticle pusher is extremely handy in getting some of these buggers out who sometimes seem stuck!


Step 2. 
Insert the safety pin in the edge of the palette separating the pan sheet that will pop out. 
The pan portion is snapped in so the "pop" sound is it snapping out. Go around the whole circumference of the palette.

The palette should pop out like this
Say g'bye to the pin!

You can always re attach it so long as it snapped out properly so no fears on this being forever! 

Inside will also contain a metal sheet which is where the magnet portion is. This is not glued in so it will fall out with your shadows if not held in place.

Enter the glue.

Step 3.
Glue it down

And place it back in the palette. It won't budge now, so when you pick up your palette, there will be no horrendous crash with all your beautiful eye shadow pans!

Arrange your palette as your please, and enjoy!!

The After

I have a few empty spots so I will be depotting a few random shadows I have into my palette.
Please click here for my How to Depot MAC Shadows post!


  1. This post is the reason I haven't watched a YT video in over 2 months. Blogging tutorials are so much more straightforward, and take no more than a minute or two to read. Thank you for this! x Do you have a post on your MAC palette? Love reading those, if not you should make one bc you seem to have a nice, streamlined collection (comme moi haha!)

  2. oh thank you!! i am glad it was clear it's pretty simple, i watched a YT tutorial on it but i think my pictures are very easy to figure out!! lol !
    I do have a MAC neutrals palette post but it's old..........I can redo a short one if you wish np!

  3. Sadly i don't like the 15-pan palettes...i prefer the way the quads look...yes i am that weird!I wish the big palettes came with the new design-with the clear lid!Anyways ,i read the post carefully even though i don't have the big mac palette! haha!i have always been under the impression that you have to break them in order to take the bottom part out!i'd love to know which eyeshadows are in your palette!xxx

  4. Really helpful! & I wouldn't have thought to use the super glue~


  5. I'm interested in in an updated MAC post too. :)


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