Monday, October 29, 2012

How I Finished my Make Up Products - PART 1 The Make Up Bag Theory

According to my blogger stats the most popular posts on my blog are the “Finished Products of the Month(s)” updates.
According to my memory the most popular comment I receive on such posts is
“How do you finish your make up?”

I personally do not believe I finish any make up product quickly, they do take a good year + to complete, but I understand if you are a make up junkie like myself you are probably surrounded by choices, and to rotate through them all, making mini dents in several little items, but never completing a full product.

I have finally thought of my method on explaining how I do it personally. 

I don’t know if this is going to help anyone, but to finally answer the question, here is Part 1.  
(stay tuned for Part 2, as I have a diagram planned! Lol)

The Make up bag Theory:
Every day, I use the same products.
Out of my entire collection 99.9% of the time, if you see me within a several months span, I am most likely wearing the exact same thing.
Everything I use is housed in a small self- contained make up bag – the true contents of my face!

The first thing I do, is create a look.
This takes a few days of experimentation, but something put together, not lengthy or product heavy, and something you would not mind wearing every day. You should look forward to these products.
Not only will this save you a mass amount of time in the morning because you can put your face together in a few minutes (you get faster each day if you choose the same products) but you will get through your items – make sure to pick items you enjoy using!

Now grab a make up bag, and pick a bag that’s not too big.
Not big enough to fit in 2 bronzers, 3 blushes, 8 lipsticks. No.
One powder, one color product, one single shadow, one brow pencil.
Little things, but enough to comprise your look.

Everyday, your face routine is mainly the items in your bag. I don’t carry a lash curler or loose powder, those kinds of things stay home.
I don’t re apply mascara so that also stays out of the bag. 
Mostly bring whatever you use that can also act as a touch up if needed.
Try not to use separate items at home, then other items for touch ups.
Try to use the same items.

Here is my make up bag and it's current contents. These have been steady residents of my bag for the last five months. (Yes 5 months! at least! ) I keep these in the bag and use them daily, usually to the point where enough products are completed and I need a new routine- then the cycle recommences.

I apply a tinted sunscreen as my base every day and just touch up with concealer so I carry 1 small concealer in my bag daily that I can re apply if I go out at night.

I carry Lancome Dual finish powder if I ever get shiny, I don’t really anymore, but if I go out at night and take photos I do want to give myself a dust of powder. One L'Oreal true match concealer for touch ups. 
Guerlain bronzer as my all over color. I just concentrate a bit more on the cheeks.
Jemma Kidd's  Dewey Glow in Rose Gold for a highlight.  I just added MAC's Peaches this week to the mix since my bronzer lost all the peachy shades and it lacked the color it once provided so Peaches fits the bill. Sephora brow pencil which I just carry around in case I lose a leg at the end of the day with a spooly end, I use brow powder at home.Mac chromographic pencil to look awake, I try to buy eyeliners that stay on my waterline  so I don’t carry around a pencil outside this, as the waterline does tend to fade the most. Anastasia's brow duality to give my inner corners a wake me up and can double as a brow highlight. Benefits Speed Brow in case I don’t have time to pencil, the light color in the gel is enough to polish those stray hairs and add a hint of color. Benefits RSVP sample. This is my daily base and shadow. I just use my fingers and don’t even apply powder on top. This is brightening enough. Chap stick, 1 colored lip gloss (currently Ample Pink by MAC) because I don’t wear lipstick during the day often, and 1 red lipstick (Mac's Runway Red to be specific) for night time!
Mini travel perfume spray to freshen up my scent up if I continue to a night out, and blotting papers in case I do get the occasional shine but don’t feel like powder.
Lastly is a mini kabuki for either the powder, bronzer, or blush.

That’s my everyday routine. Sometimes I apply a little less, but this generally does not change and I can do it in about 10 minutes or less.
I don’t feel the need to reach for other products because I have come to fully love these products- admit tingly after 5 months I am ready for some pink blusher!
On the weekends I generally do lean towards this routine also, but if I am doing something special I whip out a few things from my inventory ;)

Stay tuned for Part II on how these products get chosen!


  1. This is exciting! I have a little makeup bag of things to finish too. But it's still at such a slow pace, haha. Looking forward to part II!

  2. I have a very similar system set in place for myself. The only different is I like to change out my blush and lipstick out monthly because I tend to get tired of them quickly. I have been able to finish face products and a handful of eyeshadows once I started doing this.

  3. I love these posts! You have incredibly will power considering all the lovely makeup bits you have in your collection! I tend to switch out my color products (eyeshadow, blush, lippies) every week or so and keep the base stuff the same depending on what shade my skin is at the moment. I don't really bring makeup out with me to touch up besides some lip products so I have a little box that contains my everyday face products :)

  4. This is really smart! I like this post :)

  5. I have to say these are my favorite posts! I am a lists freak..and i like how you have a step by step LOL :) I need to learn from you because I can never finish anything ;p

  6. Ahh that's impressive! I've tried doing this but I'm such a fickle soul.. I might try hiding products from myself except the make-up bag haha! Great tips, thank you :)

  7. Phew, I thought I was the only one taking + 1 yr to finish a product, throw in the fact that by the time I actually finish a product it's past it's "suggested" expiration date has me a little worried. Do you carry all those products with you at all times? I find my purse weighs a ton and I only carry press powder, a small tube of mascara, a retractable powder brush, lip gloss, sometimes a lipstick, and blotting paper.

  8. I definitely do something comparable! I have an area where I do my makeup every morning. Though I certainly do rotate products I do it very slowly so I end up using quite a few things until they're all used up.

    I spot a Dermophil in there :)
    ♥ Jessica

  9. AHH wonderful to know!! i rem your finished products post it was quite a pile. I freaking LOVE that chap stick you sent!!

  10. yea alot of my products i do use for a long time...i can own many things for numerous yrs but most items i dont open but never the less it takes forever!
    Yup i carry all this most days, but to me it's light since i carry a 40lb gym bag!

  11. ive tried the hiding this too!
    i think i just changed with age lol

  12. finishing things def is harder than it sounds but once u start u just cant stop!

  13. ahhh i used to change my products like everyday, then week, then month, then i just stopped, because it was taking up too much time in the morning! i actually enjoy having routines, makes the am so simple!

  14. yes, this method really works, im glad you also have a similiar pattern, it feels good to finish products, esp powder items!

  15. thanks!!! it will be a while though as i have to get through these guys first!

  16. One of my French favorites! I need to figure out how to source it when I'm not in France ... potential future babies will stop the frequent visits and then I'll be lost without Dermophil haha!

  17. Aaahh I love these posts! It encourages me to finish hit pan on my stuff too! However, I only use e/s, mascara & eyeliner daily so I don't think I'll hit pan on a blush/bronzer or powder soon :( Can't wait for part 2! :)

  18. can't wait for part II! i love the way you write! your posts never bore me (: please never stop posting! hahaha (not creepin or anything) x

  19. Oh, my terracota is a twin sister of yours - looks exactly the same! after all i stopped using it and bought a classic one. too difficult to get the same result then several "pieces" of mosaic is missing and those with highlights finish quicker than others....mine also got a dirty surface too quick, don't know why - even with clean brushes....

  20. can't wait for part 2!! i would have to say that i'm exactly the same - i'll use 4-5 products, which live in my makeup bag for months until i hit pan or completely run out .. and then i'll replace it with the untouched makeup ... unfortunately, the untouched makeup stash is getting bigger than the used makeup stash >.<

  21. I am just about the same. Same routine every morning, sometimes even on the weekend! And then sometimes moving items around. I think the everyday items contains most of my holy grails. Although you and I sound alike with what we do i still haven't gone through as many empties as you have! Only the necessities obviously, mine would be face powder... but other than that not much...

  22. if you go for the simple look and dont use the other items that means your make up looks so fresh!

  23. hahaha thank you!!!! Part 2 will be a while though, i have to finish the above items

  24. strange, yes this hit pan so WEIRD!!!!!! all the colors were dipping at different times, it looks crazy!

  25. OMG im in the same boat with the untouched stash, but i love all your make up photos, all beautiful!!

  26. using less is more dearie! im sure you look far fresher than myself daily!

  27. wow a 40 lb gym bag, impressive. I think my bag weighs at most 10 lbs and I'm pretty sure that is a generous estimate and after a long day I just wanna chuck the bag.

  28. i don't understand, so what happened to your guerlain?! looks so bizarre!

  29. i know!!!! it looks crazy! the mosaic bronzer has diff colors in it, and not all are the same texture or product. Some of the colors went down within weeks! while the rest stayed rock hard. Lateley i have just been scraping the parts that wont go down and it seems to help but i have to do it like once a week....some blushes and bronzers dont react well to oils and create a hard grainy texture, which is what happened to this, and the pan looks crazy

  30. great idea, I'll have to try this :)


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