Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Maybelline Colossal Cat Eyes Mascara Review

Back to sneaky iphone blogging today to highlight a mascara I have been trying.

Over the years, I've had quite bad luck with Maybelline mascaras. Outside Cover Girl Lash Blast everyone seems to love Maybelline mascaras the most, but outside Full n Soft I found most of the ones I tried to be complete duds.

I still give every brand another try, and when I saw the new Cat Eyes Mascara version release from the Colossal line, I decided to give it a go.

I believe the Cat Eyes version of this mascara has been out in several other countries prior hitting state side.

The first thing I noticed was this wand and brush was really skinny! Most volume mascaras are quite thick and fat, this had a thin wand and a pretty thin brush with an elongated "U" shape. 

Now the claim on this mascara is volume with extra emphasis on curling at the outer corner of your eyes. I have never tried any mascaras under the Colossal line but I do believe their claim to fame is volume.

Let me tell you, this mascara is quite good but for none of the reasons above.

Volume is definitely something lacking in this formula. This is an excellent lengthening mascara. But volume?No.

Below are my eyes with one coat of the mascara. 
It looks like I have six long curled lashes, but do they look voluminous?

I think you can actually see mascara better behind glasses in photos!!  Magnification??

The formula is not very wet, and applies easily. 

This mascara held the curl all day. I took this photo at about 5PM, and I had applied the mascara at 7AM. 
The lengthening factor is quite nice and fluttery but I did try to focus on the outer corner of my eyes but nothing happened. They did not get any where near the cat eye effect like the packaging had stated.
Maybe I'm holding the brush wrong?

For fun the other night I whacked on three coats of this stuff to see how far it could go.

It did not really get too clumpy but you can see from the below (badly lit photo, sorry about that) that volume is more apparent but all I really see is the length of my lashes.

In the end, I do like this mascara because it delivers nice fluttery curled long lashes which I always love in a mascara, but was quite disappointed in the lack of volume and outer edge it promised.

*Note: I do own the waterproof version in Glam Black*

What are your favorite Maybelline or drugstore mascara? I want to try the Falsies Flared and Volume One by One versions next! 


  1. A lot of people seem to like the One by One which I've never tried but want to :p I like Maybelline's mascaras but I like the Loreal ones the best =D This looks really nice on you!!! It lengthens incredibly well!!

  2. I was surprised at the length considering it being from the Colossal line, and YES everyone seems to love one by one! Ahh Loreal is nice, i loved Voluminous but with no mascara primer i found out i was allergic? I also have always wanted to try carbon black telescopic from Loreal!

  3. this makes your lashes look long! of course i am looking for lengthening AND volume but i definitely prefer volume over lengthening if i had to choose just one so i wouldnt be interested in this. i have tried colossal and full n soft and i only like full n soft. colossal flaked off! i am curious about falsies but i dont want to be disappointed. too many mixed reviews

  4. haha i rem you are def a volume girl!!!
    I tried falsies i honestly dont rem loving it... but i want to try flared!

  5. The Teleoscopic one is actually my favorite!! I hope you stumble upon it when its on sale. I think you'll like it :D

  6. crazy length! I go for more volume as well.
    I've been using the Maybelline Plush... whatever it's called, it's from the same line as this. It's not bad, it isn't as 'plush' (or soft) as I thought it would be, but it's decent in terms of volume and length.

  7. Ahh i just tried the mega plush! i did not like it much though it made my lashes look SUPER SKINNY??? still searching!! lol

  8. I agree- it's great for length but, volume is just a total fail >,< Also, I hate how super waterproof this mascara is though, I think most people would have to disagree since it won't budge.

    Great post<3


  9. hmm what eye make up remover do you use? For me, this comes right off with my Sonia Kashuk one, I just lay it on and lightly wiggle for a few seconds and it all comes off

  10. favourite maybelline mascara - the one i've re-purchased the most - would have to be falsies. i'm in the same boat, i haven't had much luck with maybelline mascaras ... they're ok for the natural-no-makeup look .. but i haven't found any that are super dramatic that give me va-va-voom lashes.

  11. i like falsies flared! i have mega plush to try next, so i'm looking forward to that!

  12. wow very long.. this is actually in my professional makeup kit.. it does make a nice mascara and it looks good on most models I've tried :) I have yet to try this myself though, scared it would smudge :/ I really do think results of mascara are usually the brush or the way we swipe the wand. Try swiping the vertical way done by michelle phan in her recent videos??

  13. ohh i know what you mean, the way she does it, for some reason thats not very natural to me haha when i apply it i nv rem to try that way, i will try to rem!

  14. when you find va va va voom from Maybelline plz tell me!!! LOL so i can buy it!

  15. 100 percent agree i saw ZERO volume i was like hmmmmmmmmm.................

  16. Falsies (actually the entire line of them) is amazing. Flared while still dramatic after 2-3 coats is much less than Black Drama. Still, it volumizes, lengthens, and holds a curl. One by One holds the curl relatively well but does get a little droopy by end of day and it is much more natural. The good thing is, it clumps less than Falsies but if you're looking for insane drama, OnebyOne will not deliver.

  17. Great post, I really need to get my hands on Cat Eyed!
    I've just done a full review of One by One, Falsies and Colossal on http://reviewsbybec.blogspot.com.au/!


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