Friday, October 5, 2012

Current Palette Cravings and Gangnam Style

As I dig through my collection and decipher what stays in my life as a love, and what goes into my upcoming blog sale to help cleanse my make up obsession, I came across several eye palettes I have been using lately. 
I noticed, though I have several single shades in individual pans, I hate applying several shades of shadow. If I ever use one shadow for the lid, one for the crease, one for the brow bone, and one as a liner, that's four pans, and I just never do uh.
So I realized I have a thing for palettes, a one stop shop for the lids, and have been "Eyeing" (*wink wink*) some palettes that I wouldn't mind adding to my collection.

The Laura Mercier Artist's Palette for Eyes 

I've wanted Vanilla Nuts, and Café Au Latte for quite a while but never wanted the singles. They are both here! Laura Mercier is quite a favorite brand for the women in my office, and these shades seem wonderful for a professional environment.

The Lorac Pro Palette

This is getting quite hyped and I can see why. Thank you Lorac for putting in enough matte shades! The powders are so smooth, the color pay off is amazing, and the shade range is great. I especially love Garnet.
See better photos from Tiffany's blog here!

Lorac Unzipped Palette

Far safer in color range, and for complete neutral lovers. This palette I could see as quite a work horse for those who stray away from darker shades, be it brown or not. 

N*ked 2

I will be the FIRST to admit I never use my N*KED palette. I just keep it because of Smog, and half of me wants to sell it, but it's just something all bloggers seem to own I think...I recently swatched this and though the shades are pretty they're a tiny bit frosty for my taste, but the matte black, and YDK which I have wanted for some time keep calling me.

Dior Holiday Palettes

Drooling, but I KNOW I have so many shades like these so I will pass but still oogle a bit ;)

The Bobbi Brown Desert Twilight Palette

This is something I have already purchased and will review soon. I hated two shades but purchased it anyway because I was in LOVE with three. The shadows are sheer so do not expect incredible pigmentation outside the very last darker shade, but again, more to come.

Now for a 100 percent off topic skew...
Gangnam Style, you know's that song that seems to have taken the world by storm.
I don't hate it, I am just in COMPLETE DISBELIEF on it's popularity.
Yes, I did watch the video (apparently it makes more sense when you watch the video, I disagree...)

But anyway....
This song is a cover.
I don't think it sounds anything like the actual Gangnam Style BUT he is pretty AMAZING to watch especially the chorus section! (About 1 minute into the video)
Don't think I have ever seen a guitarist do those kinda moves to make that type of sound. 
Thankfully this doesn't sound like the real thing, and it pretty spectacular
(I also love this Payphone cover!!)
(Lord, my brother is playing the real thing in the other room, did I mention it's his ring tone! T.T)

Least's it Friday!!!!!!

I will be hosting a blog sale this coming Sunday October 7th beginning at 6 PM Eastern Time
Please do come have a look if anything interests you.


  1. i totally agree with you on the whole gangam style thing too! I don't get it lol. but i guess i'm happy people like things, I don't know, i guess it is elaborately made. Anyway, I also LOVE eyeshadow palettes, and I have to say I wear my naked 2 more than my naked palette BUT I have too much eyeshadow and hardly wear them in general anyway lol. Could you get a Smog single (is that a shade that exists lol?) and sell your palette? I can't wait to see if you get one of these palettes and how you like it if you do!

  2. lol yes I can get a smog single, but im just not a singles shadow person lol
    i have heard many ppl state they used their NAKED 2 more than the original.
    We shall see ;)

  3. I haven't bought singles in ages, and am finding I don't like them. Pallets are so much easier! I've been toying with getting Naked 2, but it feels kind of silly for some reason... who am I kidding, I know I'll end up with it! The Lorac Unzipped looks interesting too though... too many options :D

  4. too many options this year!!!!! Love and hate it!! lol

  5. ok cool lol. good luck with the decision making process! OH did you ever figure out your smokey eye thing from a week or two ago? :)

  6. Ah~ I really want the 'Unzipped'! I am totally loving all the colors~<3
    But, maybe I shouldn't? I have both the Naked & Naked 2 palettes and they seem pretty similar but, the packaging is too cute<3


  7. So many palettes to choose from. I have too much already, but I am always tempted...

  8. The Lorac palettes *drools*, want want want want want.

    The Naked palettes are just too shimmery for me, mattes are much more versatile and modern. Have you tried the Stila In The Know palette?

  9. They all look amazing but the Lorac ones really caught my eye....has anyone tried the Lorac eye primer either? my TFSI is starting to not work for me anymore (WHYY does this happen to primers)

  10. It's funny that you posted about "Gangnam Style" because I actually just found out what it was earlier today! My siblings and I were talking about how we keep hearing about it but don't know what it means. Ironically, my dad was the one to tell us about the youtube video so we looked it up and watched it. It is pretty weird so I am also wondering how it is so popular now here in the US! I really like the video you posted though. I agree with you, he is really talented! I like that it is instrumental. My dad actually plays the guitar like that (acoustic finger style...although he specializes in like flamenco style), so I've seen and heard that before. It's refreshing that people still play music like that opposed to all the electronica/synthesized/auto-tuned stuff that seems to be everywhere these days (not that I don't like pop music, I get that it is catchy and good for dancing). Anyway...sorry this comment has nothing to do with makeup! I was just wondering though...what ethnicity are you? Not that it is important to anything, I'm just curious. :)

  11. I LOVE the LORAC Pro palette! I haven't used my Naked palette at all since getting it!

  12. Sungha Jung is really cool!

    The Diot palette looks really pretty, can't go wrong with any of their palettes I guess haha


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