Monday, October 1, 2012

September Standouts

I am not one for those “Favorites” of the month bloggers since I don’t tend to change my make up as often as I would like, but two new items have made it into my daily routine which I have been adoring.

My September standouts that are current staples in my everyday regime.

The Bobbi Brown Extra Repair Eye Cream:
At LAST! A YouTube recommendations that ACTUALLY worked for me (most are usually a bust)
This is my new go to eye cream for day.
Extra thick so a dab will do ya. Very rich and moisturizing sans the grease. And as I was applying this for the first time I cannot confirm any real outcomes as of yet but it just FEELS like it is doing something.

I had been a loyal fan of Clinique’s extra rich eye cream for years, but I found it did not really help with the fine line action which is steadily getting worse L 

While the Clinique version is not as thick as Bobbi Brown’s, it may have been too rich? I had noticed for years I had tiny white bubbles? Under my eyes I know gross – I apologize! And I never knew the reason!
Once I stopped using Clinique they all went away!
I was afraid when switching to Bobbi’s which is thicker they would re appear but none are to be found!
Rich and hydrating without excess oily ingredients!
It is also an excellent base to apply prior concealer because it really sticks on the skin, and has no dry areas for flakes.

Thumbs up from me so far.
Hopefully I will see some results around my eyes, but this is the best  Bobbi Brown product I have come across thus far.
Great job Bobbi!

Lancôme Hypnose Precious Cells Mascara:
Lancôme Hypnose the original ( yeesh to the drama version!) has to be one of my favorite high end mascara’s to date.
When I spotted this Precious Cells version in Duty free which is unavailable in the US markets, I grabbed it as a mini treat.

There are some differences with this vs. the normal Hypnose, but I am currently loving the Previous Cells version.
The wand to me looks a bit different, the formula is not as thick thus not as volumizing, but the fan and definition effect on the Precious Cells version far surpasses that of the original.
Though I have yet to notice any extra conditioning benefits to my lashes thus far with this mascara, the daily result I achieve with extra length, natural volume, and a sublime fan effect really has made this a complete current favorite.
Great for everyday flirty but natural looking lashes.

In action: 1 coat

Anyone have any stand out favorites for September?

I will be hosting a blog sale this coming Sunday October 7th beginning at 6 PM Eastern Time
Please do come have a look if anything interests you.


  1. Hi J, I've tried samples of the Bobbi Eye cream and they've always been nice. I know what you mean about not-too-greasy but hydrating! I know realize I didn't do a September favorites! I went back to some of my basic bobbi shadows like cement and caviar.

  2. Hynose is soo nice on you! :) Bobbi Brown eye cream... nice! :)

  3. i just bought my first Bobbi Brown shadows last month a palette and a single, i love the color taupe!

  4. I was low on the Bobbi Brown eye cream, and decided to go for something cheaper. Fast forward a few months, and I started using the BB eye cream again...and I vowed not to switch. The formula is awesome for prepping the eye area prior to concealer. Can't say much about wrinkles, etc. but concealer goes on smooth and looks awesome! A little definitely goes a long way. 1 jar lasted me more than a year!

  5. I love this mascara~ one of my 'go-tos'! <3


  6. The "tiny white bubbles" were milia, and yes they mean the clinique cream was too rich! Glad you've found a replacement that doesn't cause them :)

  7. Hypnose precious cell sounds interesting! I know they have Definicil Precious cell but never heard about the hypnose one! I can't wait for your blogsale! :D

  8. yay! another fan!!! i can see from the consistency how that can last 1 yr, hopefully mine is the same!

  9. ahh thank you!!! i rem seeing that word but could not rem it!!! i do have to be careful sometimes i go crazy with the eye cream and get them again but as long as i apply the proper amount my eye area is spot free! thanks for the clarification!

  10. yes, i really like it! i have only seen the precious cells in Definicils also i think the hypnose version is only overseas.
    Thank you!!!! i do hope you perhaps see something you like! i took the photos already, it's quite a huge lot!

  11. My first comment ever!
    BB extra line is wonderful, specially now that we are heading towards cold climate. I got a sample of the extra eye balm when I purchased the extra face cream, and that small sample lasted me almost a month! because it is so rich that you need but just a little of it. Hands down is my favourite eye cream ever, This line is very pricey but totally worth it.

  12. An upcoming blogsale from your collection? I AM SO EXCITED.


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