Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Short Beauty Tip # 5

This pencil looks battered and beaten, but it will never leave my make up bag.

The cap broke long ago, but that did not stop me from finding a replacement for this baby!
A step I nearly never skip in the morning is to apply a n*de colored liner in my waterline. 
This helps brighten and enlarge my eyes from sleepy looking Monday's especially.
I don't line the whole waterline, because it seems for my eye shape, incredibly obvious and un natural but from the outer corner to just before the middle of the iris.

Now many women, know this n*de waterline trick, and are thinking this is quite old news.

Did you know, this pencil can act as a double duty function, and act as a concealer?

Now I don't recommend this for everyday, this is definitely not a concealing product for the face!
But if you are ever in a real pinch, like just leaving the gym, and received a phone call for last minute dinner plans, or a red spot appearing right before a meeting, whip this baby out!

Agreed, this will NOT work on all skin tones, but it does not have to be a n*de liner. Liners come in a myriad of colors these days.

I quickly swipe  a few short strokes, mostly around the redness on my nose and spread the product out before it sets. It actually spreads quite easily! especially with the fingers.

Since this is a pointed product it is actually quite nice for pin point spot touch ups!

I recommend after using this on your face to remove all excess product so when it contacts your eyes again, there will be no additional bacteria or germs from the face.

Have you tried to double duty your pencils?


  1. A nude, waterline-safe pencil has been on my wishlist since I first created a wishlist! How long does this one last on your waterline?

  2. it's funny if i wear my glasses ( i guess i touch my eyes less) it lasts the whole day, it fades of course but it's still visible at the end of the day. When i wear my contacts only about 2 hours :\

  3. I think I have the same pencil - NC15 right?? I love using this on the waterline for my work. It's also great to highlight your winged liner as well XD


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