Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The Skin Care Files: Clinique – Yeah, I've Tried That

Looking at my skin care routine tonight I realized I had a few favorites and repurchases. Items I knew my skin liked and never gave me issues. 
This is an extremely important realization because it took over 10 years of skin care experimentation, trials, and tribulations to reach these products.

I believe over the last decade with skin care realization, obsession, acne, and stress, I have tried a multitude of skincare items which I have shared sneak peeks here on the blog.

So I have decided to create an inventory on all the skin care items I have tried by brand.
Clinique is up first. 

I've tried high end, drugstore, European brands, and Asian brands. Though I have yet to succumb to the epitome of skin care lines, I will most likely fall into those grasps when those fine lines hint to appear and I run to those counters too for further exploration.

Now, on to Clinique.
Their famous "Three step System"

How many of you have tried this?? I know I did!

I have tried the Liquid Facial Soap for combination skin. It lathers well and cleanses adequately. It is "OK" nothing more nothing less. It lasts pretty long in the container, but I have never repurchased this. I think several drugstore brands can do the same job for cheaper. 

The Clarifying Lotion: This is supposed to the the most important step.
I have tried the toner version in "2" "3" and "4" going up increments to indicate how oily your skin is.
I have tried "2" which is more for combo dry skin and it was ok. Of all the ones I tried from Clniquie, "2" was the best toner. "3" was a bit stripping for combination skin, and "4" was just SCARY.
"4" is just complete alcohol!
Though I have tried all three toners, which means I had repurchased looking for the "one for me" I honestly hated the toners from Clinique and would not recommend them. I find them to be quite alcohol heavy and stripping.

Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion and Gel: I enjoy both versions of the famous Clinique moisturizers. The gel version for warmer months, and the lotion for cooler periods. 
Though I have repurchased these several times ( I find them to be quite a bargain to be honest) they do not have real addictive properties in terms of SPF, anti aging or extras. 
They are just simple products which I buy because they do not irritate my skin, and do the job, but I would never call this an HG.

Yeah, I've tried this too. The Acne Solutions Line. 

The foaming cleanser is absolutely nothing special and any foam cleanser from Neutrogena will do the same job. The Acne solutions toner, I actually liked. I repurchased this one a few times. It's actually milder I find than the normal 3 step toners. It's also smaller and more expensive which is a huge con, but if you had acne prone skin and wanted to try Clinique I would not recommend the 3 step systems the way they are.
I would recommend the mild facial soap, the acne clarifying lotion, followed by either the Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion or Gel depending on how much moisture you require.

It would cost more money to not buy the system as advertised but  I think the combination of those three would be the ones to help those fighting spots.

Moisture Surge

I actually really enjoy this.
A very light gel formula which packs hydration.
I don't use it on a normal basis but whenever the high chill winds enter the city out of the blue and I experience random dry patches, slather this on, I mean I really slather it in there! and it just fixes up those flakes. 

Not something I take out of my arsenal often, but a constant in my inventory.

All About Eyes Rich

I was a very loyal customer to this eye cream for years. Absolutely zero for fine lines ( I don't care what the label says") but in terms of hydration this really helped. At the corner of my eyes if I am not careful they can become so dry it's painful to blink (WTH...)  so I always use a heavy eye cream.
This ended up giving me milia but it really did help with the pain and cracking skin. 
I no longer purchase this because I require something for fine lines, but I don't regret using this for years because it truly helped my needs.

All About Eyes Serum

This is something I am currently using. I've used this for about a year and it was a gift.  I really cannot judge this product well as it is supposed to help with puffiness and this is a problem I thankfully do not struggle with. It is one of those roller balls with the metal ball at the end to calm the eye area down while distributing a very thin layer of gel serum.
Though I cannot vouch how well the puffiness reducing action works, it is semi hydrating and simple, but this is not something I would recommend as a purchase unless you do suffer with puffiness.
Then you can give it a go. 

The Exfoliating Scrub

I've never purchased this, I have only tried various samples. This is nothing special in my opinion. Not too scratchy but I do not see this as something I would ever purchase a full size of. St. Ives seems to do the same job.

The Turnaround Concentrate

I think I purchased two bottles of this. I forgot what it actually does...all I recall is it making my skin very smooth but nothing after that. So I gave up on this product.
Apparently after reading the product description this is supposed to provide the skin radiance, I don't recall this effect at all...

The Emergency Gel Lotion

Clinique's version of pimple cream. I honest have tried far better from the drugstore from brands such as Oxy, so I never finished this product and never looked back. 

Post Blemish Solutions Formula

This is supposed to help fade acne marks and help them heal faster.
This did ZERO, has very little product and is quite expensive for what it is, or at least claims to do.

Spot Healing Gel

This is probably the best acne item from Clinique I had found for my skin.
I have repurchased this several times. I find it far more effective than the Origins version, and it is great at stopping spots in their tracks. It's only way of working, is if you use it early enough. If the spot is beneath the skin this can kill it! (destrooy!) if it has already reached the surface, this is useless.
Use is wisely.

That's it. 
My wrap up of my Clinique history!

Now I ask you, has anyone tried this?

I'm quite curious to try this!! 

Also any brand recommendations of my next edition of these types of posts?


  1. I have to completely agree with you with the acne foaming cleanser. I starte using it about a month ago and cannot wait to finish it. However, I love their liquid facial soap does wonders for me, I have less breakouts when I use this. Great post!

  2. I think I'm going to love this skincare series! Wow, you've tried a lot of Clinique products! I used to use the 3 step when I first got started experimenting with makeup and skincare. Seriously, their marketing is genius but the products are utter crap in my opinion. The cleanser was my favorite product if I had to pick one out of the three. I also tried a sample of Moisture Surge which was nice. The Spot Healing Gel seems interesting since I'm using the Origins Super Spot Remover and actually really enjoying it.

    You should definitely do a few posts on the French pharmacy brands like Avene, LRP, etc. because I think you've tried a good amount of those. Also, I'm definitely interested in seeing what Asian skincare products you've tried because I like to incorporate some of those into my routine as well :)

  3. Wow! I was just expecting a review on the famous 3-step but now I'm completely blown away by all this info xD I think I'm going to need to try their eye cream next! My eyes are always on the drier side (even in the summer...weird!) I've used the origins spot remover and I couldn't stand how it stung my face. I've almost completely given up on salicylic acid acne treatments because of that reason =.=
    I can't wait for more of these posts! :D

  4. I seem to always fall back to Clinique too. I used to love their 3 step system (type 3), but since my skin is changing, the type 2 routine has been working out for me - I may need to go buy the full sizes. I love the moisture surge cream too! It's the only thing I have found that really helps with super-dry skin during the winter months.

  5. I pretty much started out with clinique when I got into skin care (I think body shop or something was the first lol), dont like much of their products except for their moist surge moisturiser - something I do go back to!! I have tried the super defense moisturiser a long a go.. don't remember it being that special TBH!

  6. hey! it being nothing special is actually good feed back! nothing special just means not really worth it LoL

  7. Using the same skin care brand for your skin is probably the safest way to maintain your beautiful skin. Anyway, have you tried availing skin care treatment? I usually go to the spa to have my facial. And it always had a better result like a more youthful and acne free skin. Go and try it yourself.

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