Thursday, October 18, 2012

The Current Love Hate of my Life

I found it people!
An eyeliner for the waterline that STAYS put.

I first tried this on holiday where I wore it in 90 plus degree weather, climbed mountains, 
(sweated my fair share, I ain't going to lie, with my hair down no less- wth was I thinking??) 
and this stayed put for over 12 hours. No smears!

At the end of the day I couldn't believe it lasted the sweaty day test. I was in love. 

Pixi's Endless Silky Eye Pen

The following day I applied it again and noticed my eyes were so dry, and getting blurred.
This pencil had smudged all over my contacts, cue in Milani Liquify Pencil de ja vu....

"No... " I did not want to believe it, but it was true. I tried it several times after, thinking it was a fluke, it was the weather, it was the sea level!!!
I have tried it here in NY, in the dead of fall and it happens every time, this smudges all over my contacts to the point where I can't see anything!!! ><

IF, this smearing generally not tend to happen to you on very creamy liners, or you have perfect vision, this is the creamiest, smoothest, super opaque pencil that seems incredible for the waterline, and can found in Target! The black cocoa color is great btw ;)

I thought I found an HG but just another one for the Eyeliner files...view all the ones I have tried in the past via the link! 


  1. Ahh such a bummer that it didn't work for you! i will give it a try though... it does sound nice, apart from the blurry eyes :(

  2. Aww~ I have this issues too & still haven't found a good pencil to correct this >,< & it blurred your eyes?! Totally not cool~

  3. ahhh the search for the perfect eyeliner continues ...

  4. Armani waterproof is next to try on my list!!! when i finally find it i will tell the world!! LOL

  5. uncool in deed, the search for an HG is a long road it seems!

  6. LOL very true other than that, quite perfect!


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