Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Bare Minerals Luminzer in the Love Affair

My current "highlight moment" of the week is brought  by to me by the new Limited Edition Luminizer from Bare Minerals – The Love Affair

Though I personally am one who loves a highlight that is quite ahem “In your face” and I do believe a highlight must always be in my everyday routine, but the daily highlighters I use are quite different.

I attend numerous meetings every day for my work and blinding clients with the top of my cheekbones is not exactly a feature I wish to be remembered for.
My daily highlighters are quite subtle (in my opinion very subtle) and in office lighting just helps myself look like I do have some blood pumping in me!

Subtle highlighters also seem to need re application, so it has to be portable (preferably with a mirror), light, and packaged well to be part of my everyday make up bag (semi study please).

Enter the Love Affair

First introduced to me by Tiffany as the “Perfect Rose gold highlighter”, well that certainly caught my attention indeed!

My first BM pressed product, the powder is quite smooth, and comes featuring an imprinted design.
( I have used this baby. Bad blogger points on me)
Encased in a white compact being both light and thin with a very much appreciated decent sized mirror.

When swatched it looked somewhat familiar…

Remember this photo?

A more silvery version of Jemma's Kidd, perfect for the winter months and my paler skin!

The Love Affair highlighter is quite subtle, not non existent, but very office friendly. It is a mixture of pink and gold creating a very light rose gold effect on the cheeks which looks especially flattering with pink blushes.
The lasting power is average (about 2.5 to 3 hours) and the overall effect is quite nice and natural.
This seems like a very nice add on to anyone’s collection who is looking for something to just give a bit of pretty light and dimension to the face, and very appropriate for day time.

This being a limited edition product, I would advise a quick swatch in the store before it’s gone from the shelves.

Also quite relieved I had found this quite in the nick of time I would say.
A replacement to my very much loved and used Jemma Kidd Rose Gold Dewey Glow.

*Side note and minor pet peeve*
The one slight minute con I had about this which was not related to the product at all so I did not include it in the above review....but
The back.
My label is crooked. That just bothers me, but is something I will just have to get over.
It being straight, would have really helped my somewhat OCD ways!

Any good highlighter finds for the holidays?


  1. FIrst of all, I just want to say LOOK AT THAT PAN on the Jemma Kidd highlighter! I'm not even halfway close to using up any of my highlighters -_- I saw Temptalia review the Bare Minerals Luminizer and it looked quite gold in her photos which turned me off from it. But in your photos it looks much more cool toned (maybe difference in lighting?). Happy you found your replacement highlighter for everyday :)

  2. ahhh i blv there are two colors, the one she has is shine on the times or something??? I have the pink version.

    Hahahaa i took these photos like last week, it's getting more and more depleted!!!!but im happy i at least have a replacement for my purse!

  3. Oh! You're right! Hers is called The Shining Moment! I didn't realize there were two shades because Sephora and Ulta only list Love Affair instead of both. I think I prefer this one over the more gold toned one :)

  4. both are really pretty highlighter! I am a fan of hghlighter to the point I would go crazy(literally) if I misplaced my highlighter~ Yes, I admit its more than just an obsession, lolz ^_~ Have you tried Mac's luna or pearl? they are super duper gorgeous ^_~

  5. Lovely! I'm definitely picking this up on the weekend, yours and Tiffany's post have assured me that I need this :)
    Oh and btw I do not like crooked labels either lol

  6. Very pretty<3
    I like to use Chanel's blush in 'Luna'.
    A cheaper alt. I love is the NARS Albatross<3


  7. i have tried the cream color bases before but i think i like them to be less thick. i did like the packaging, i always wanted hush!

  8. i hope you like it! its subtle but a very pretty rose gold!

  9. i looked up Luna, PRETTY!!!! NARS Albatross was a bit too gold for me :(

  10. Ah just saw this on Tiffany's I think I need to try it! Never tried any BM pressed products either yet

  11. I love both of these! Will definitely check them out :)

  12. I'm glad you like it as a replacement for your Jemma Kidd one! I had no idea they were even similar, but that makes me happy since I remember wanting the JK Rose Gold one a while back :) Luckily, my label is crooked, but I can only imagine how annoying that must be....I don't blame you! And you already know I totally look up to you and how you seem to finish products so quickly :)

  13. Oh, and I just wanted to mention my bf's visiting family in NY at the moment but I can't go because I have school, but I was like, WHAT?! I COULD'VE MET JULIE!!!

  14. this looks beautiful! I really want to try it! And I'm glad I'll have something similar when my jemma kidd runs out! Thanks for the great post!

  15. I have been looking for this highglighter everywhere but Sephora is sold out. I absolutely love a subtle highlighter, especially on a sunny day!


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