Saturday, November 24, 2012

Bobbi Brown's Fresh Melon

Current favorite product of the week
Bobbi Brown’s Pot Rouge in Fresh Melon.

When Bobbi discontinued her past pot rouge items, I had been so disappointed I never picked up Cabo Coral, that  I just neglected her whole re vamped cream blush line.
I recently went on a cream blush kick because
1. I have lacked blush for a few months
2. It’s getting dry here!
Cream blush adds a bit of freshness to the face.

I originally bought the color Pale Pink which is not as blue toned as its powder counterpart and loved the fresh pop on the cheek it gave, it was also a gorgeous lip color!
I eventually returned Pale Pink in exchange for Fresh Melon because these are so incredibly natural on the skin, it truly looks like your cheeks flushing, and it looked a bit off for my warmed skinned. To be blushing blue toned? So I decided to get something even more natural.

When the lady tried this on me she said “No, it’s blending right in the skin, no”
My brain: “Isn’t that a good thing??”

She was trying to be honest and thought I wanted a pop of color.
In actuality I just wanted to look like ME! But fresher.

The Pot rouge products in the new formula are not as sticky as their predecessors. They come in a convenient small compact with a built in mirror which is a nice change from the former model. What is unfortunate is that you get about half the amount of product as opposed to the old packaging L

Moving on…
These cream blushes are the best I have tried thus far. They don’t seem to dry as powdery as NARS, but not as sticky as MAC or Stila. They dry matte and after a period they seem more powder like but just blend and immerse itself into the skin.
The skin (well my skin ) does not eat this product up.
12 hours later I still saw that pop of pale pink!

Fresh Melon is more subtle, best on fair to light medium skin tones. I don’t think this would show up on a medium skin unless layered.
This just adds the tiniest warmth and hint of color to the cheeks and looks almost like I'm not wearing anything but I know this is a shade of complete enhancement.
Nearly no makeup make up that compliments the face.

Application wise I have used my fingers but all the reviews I have seen of this blushes, show the masses enjoy using these blushes with Real Technique brushes, and I fully agree!
I have read of people enjoying this with the contour brush or the expert face brush, but I have been loving mine with the multi task brush or the expert face brush

The multi task brush applies it more sheerly as the brush is less dense, while the expert face brush is similar to the buffing brush but in a different shape, so it's better for packing it on.

On the left is the expert face brush with two dabs in product and applied
The right is with the multi task brush which is more sheer

In short, if you are a cream blush fan this range has quite a nice selection of colors, not too sticky, and very long lasting! Thumbs up from me!


  1. I have BB's Pot Rouge in the old packaging in shade 6, Powder Pink. It is absolutely beautiful and ridiculously natural on my skin - it looks very similar to Melon! I, too, am disappointed I didn't snap up Cabo Coral when I had the chance. You can spot it on eBay sometimes, but usually for an exorbitant amount of money. *sigh*

  2. I didn't even know their old packaging cream blush were discontinued...Bummer that it's half the amount. Are these the same prices still? I love how natural that looks! Hmm I should consider getting one. I've been on a cream blush kick lately.

    Have you seen the photos of how some people bought a few different shades (when it was the older packaging) and divide the product up into 4 or 6 so they'll have more colors in one pot? I guess this new packaging prevents that now :P

  3. I had one of the old Pot Rouges in Pale Pink. Sad to hear that the new product amount is half the size of what it used to be. I guess that's how she gets away w/o raising the prices. Sounds like the finish is divine though!

  4. I don't have any of her pot rouges but I remember I wanted Calypso Coral at one point. Melon looks so natural and fresh! I recently got the multi-tasking brush and I love it soooo much!

  5. I go through phases of liking cream blushes. I'm really enjoying the Becca cheek and lip tint in watermelon atm. This looks gorgeous though. I have to say, I rather get less for the same price than the original amount for a higher price. Mainly because I like trying new things so I never finish anything :/ that's probably quite a bad thing to admit to! Great review thanks :) xo

  6. I looove these too! I have fresh melon and raspberry.. They both look so lovely and natural coz as u mentioned above they do blend really well ;)

  7. I might try some BB ones once I finish Ladyblush...I really love Ladyblush but it doesn't last all day on my skin :( Cream blushes are awesome nonetheless xx Really want that RT Multi Tasking brush too!

  8. Uhh I'm not usually a big creme blush fan but your review just blew my mind haha I'm definitely adding this to my shopping list :) btw I absolutely adoooore your blog!! xx

  9. ~ though im not a fan of cream blushes but the shade does look pretty nice ^_~

  10. thank you so much Lina!!!! i love yours too for the tutorials! you are absolutely stunning and im so JEALOUS of your eyes!!!

  11. ah i hit pan on my ladyblush but sometimes i think it's too pink? it does not last all day on me either, these are more sheer and can be built up, less sticky, and better lasting powder (but i always wear primer as a fyi)

  12. high five sista! and CONGRATS on the lil baby girl!! :D

  13. the real technique brushes are just awesome for cream blushes!

  14. same price, half the product :(
    Never saw that 4 or 6 divider thing?

  15. overpriced ebay?? No thank you! ><

  16. Should have many companies were doing that recently. Now I wish I got one when it was still in a jar!

    I found a photo of what I was talking about:

  17. looks so pretty! I prefer applying cream blush with my fingers, or more recently an unused foundation brush from mac, works really well!

  18. Have you tried them on your lips? If so, are they drying?
    x Court


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