Monday, November 12, 2012

By Request, My MAC Palette '

I received a few requests on the shades I keep in my MAC palette, post found here.
Here are the ones I have kept over the years. I have sold a few, and have given away many, but below are what currently remains and my thoughts on them.

Apologies but the shade descriptions are out of order from the above photo. I have moved several shades since that post.

Brule: One of my most used if not my most used shadow. Cream color all over the lid shade. Not very pigmented but natural, easy, and effortless to clean up the lids. Great to use to blend out mistakes or transition shades.
Wedge: Incredible crease color, great for all over the lid, or apply below your lash line for a complete natural look. Can look a bit orange on fair skin.
Print: Go to liner shade. Softer than black with shimmer which are not as noticeable on the eye. 
Richly pigmented.
N*ked Lunch: Bit disappointing, patchy light n*de beige pink. Slight shimmer but not something I reach for.
Twinks: Dark brown infused with a background of plum. Beautiful liner shade for brown eyes.
Mulch: One of my favorites. Brown mixed with a bit of red, more defined of a color for the eyes. Bit patchy as a liner, nice lid shade with a fluffy brush.
Sable: Satin Taupe's big sister. More of a brown with purple undertones, not too shimmery and a great staple piece ( purchased at the time of Lollipop26's favorite listing!)
Blanc Type: Extremely pigmented cream. The matte squared formula is great.
Soft Brown: Reminds me of a softer version of brown down. I bought this because it was so smooth and pigmented, but really just a mid toned to slightly dark brown.
Handwritten: Rich brown with some burgundy or plum, another go to liner shade.
Nylon: Heavy gold white highlight shade. Think NARS Albatrosse with more yellow gold. Popular as an inner corner highlight.
Phloof!: Shimmery white, easy to blend, pigmentation is ok, eye brightening, can look very white if applied with a heavy hand. Fluffy brush recommended.
Carbon: Not the best black in my opinion, a bit patchy and not the darkest of blacks either. Looks more like charcoal to me.
Black Tied: A black with beautiful shimmer, but the payoff is not great. The shimmer disappears on the lids for me. Also a bit patchy.
Moleskin (LE): Think wedge but less orange/warm, and replace it with a bit of pink. Another beautiful natural, shade.
Coastal Scents shadow: Very similar to Nylon.
Femmi Fi (LE): Creamy shade with gold reflects.
Satin Taupe: Fame walking down the aisle here. Brown with a heavy light purple undertone and silver shimmer. Huge favorite among many, but just ehh for me.
Antiqued: Red based brown with pink. Quite dark.
All that Glitters: My first MAC purchase (ever!) along with Sable. Champagne with a bit of rose pink and brown. Good starter shade into the brand.
Woodwinked: Popular summer color, which can lean very orange on fair skin. Quite sheeny, very warm golden color.
Hey (LE): Not special. Just a slightly shimmery champagne shade that matches exactly to my skin tone for just a slight gleam look on the lids.
 Star Violet: I owned so many purples from MAC looking for the best one for my brown eyes and this one is my favorite. Mid toned metallic plum
Shale: Popular again for doe eyed ladies, but to me this is a bit ashy on my skin
Knights Divine: I bought this because Christine had it! Blue based silver grey which I don't use much. I don't like it on my skin tone :( 
Mythology: Coral gold shade, quite a bit of fall out. Would recommend for green eyes with liner black liner to make your eyes popping.

Colors I would like to add: Typographic. Apparently the best almost black in the line 
(g’bye Carbon and Black Tied)

My most used shades are Brule all over the lid, Wedge in the crease and lower lids, followed by Print as a liner.
The remaining shades I play with here and there, but those three are my trio of choice for an everyday look.

Favorite MAC shades everyone?


  1. Happy to see you did this post :) ! I have dark brown eyes too so we definitely share some favorites! Mine include Sable (love all over lid into crease, so easy and beautiful), Wedge (transition shade, very natural I agree), Quarry and Copperplate (some of my favorite crease shades! Quarry esp. since it leans purple which on my brown peepers), and Espresso (rich medium brown, more cool but not so much as Brun...great payoff, good as liner/outer v). I really like some MAC shades but it's def. hit or miss. I want to try Twinks and Mulch next; is Twinks too red though? I've heard its kinda red which can emphasis dark circles :/

  2. Also I've been neglecting blogging but my last post I used Quarry and Copperplate for an all matte eye look :) *which I love on my brown peepers! lol correction :)

  3. ahh quarry and copperplate has been on my list forever but i keep fgt ing them...i have Brun its just not in my palette its so dark! expresso was also on my list bc i thought it would be warmer! thanks for the confirm!
    i just swatched twinks now and i dont think its too red, but if you apply it to the lower lashline i would make a thin line i really would not blend this and stretch this down bc i can see how it can make someone tired but i think it can depend on skin tone. I actually think it looks pretty cool all around the eyes myself! lol

  4. ack ok def wish listed now!!!! i spent too much in the Sephora VIB so maybe around holiday season time!

  5. good idea for a post! i have so many mac shadows and i really only use 4 regularly. i used to want so many shades (sometimes still do! but logic takes over...) but im determined to replace all but the unique with burberry :P i noticed i gravitate toward the same e/s colors anyway. i would say my favorites are cork, brule, brun, mulch (currently in my quad) but they are all very replaceable colors. i dont use them as often, but club and sumptuous olive will always be in my collection since i love the colors/how they wear even if i dont reach for them often because they aren't practical for everyday looks.

  6. satin taupe is also just ehhh for me. not the most flattering on warmer skin (yellow undertones). sable on the other hand is one of my favourites! great for a sultry brown smokey eye.

  7. omg i have both that olive and club and never use them... they didnt even make it into this palette but i dont think i can bear to sell those bc as you said, they are quite unique!

  8. great post - love the quick 'snap shots'. i have brought a handful of MAC shadows ... but I haven't fallen madly in love with any of them. nothing has ever really WOWed me. but if i had to pick a favourite .. (struggling) it would probably be creamy bisque (LE).

  9. nice collection.. i have star violet but don't know how to use it. How do you wear it...? any pairing suggestions.? any help would be appreciated..thanks

  10. I totally agree with your opinions on the colours I have. Twinks was my absolute all time favourite before it broke to pieces (I kept the pieces), Woodwinked and Satin Taupe just do not work on my fair skin and I really need to use Sable more! To be honest this post has just made me want more Mac shadows!

  11. I adore the combination of handwritten and kid. Also kid and sable. Both are beautiful! xo

  12. I definitely don't own as many MAC shadows as you but I love Sweet Lust, Shale, Quarry, Charcoal Brown, Wedge, Naked Lunch, and Cork

  13. wow, crazily neutral. Very nice collection. I don't own this many MAC shadows. But I think, with what you have, you really wouldn't be tempted by those neutral palettes out there, and can save a lot. This is like the holy grail of neutral eye already!

  14. Print is one of my personal fave MAC shadow... as for the others I find myself using All that Glitters a lot for my work! lol Great post :D


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