Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Cool Pink Show down Bobbi Brown's Pale Pink vs. NARS Desire

Cool toned bright pinks have entered my brain, and have yet to leave. Convinced they will be my blush of choice this winter season, I set out to find right one to add to my collection.
The Sephora VIB sale was the perfect opportunity to seek out and determine the winner.

Entering, fluorescent blue pinks

Don’t be scared!

 I’ve tried blue toned pinks in the past, and they were all an epic fail on my warm toned skin, I gave up. 
I realized though, they may have looked dull on me because they were just not bright enough, so I went out to purchase the brightest scariest looking ones (makes sense)

NARS Desire and Bobbi Brown’s Pale Pink

In the pan they both look shocking but swatched you can see the difference.
Desire is more pigmented, brighter, and darker.
Pale pink is pigmented but not as much as NARS, less bright, and more slightly lighter.

I applied these blushes on my cheeks for about 3 days. I used 3 difference blush brushes 
round top blush , flat blush brush, and the NARS yachiyo brush)
One brand on each cheek every day.

Results were the same in each test.
For me
Bobbi Brown’s Pale Pink won.

NARS Desire on me, does not look good.
With the round top and flat blush brush the application was patchy, and the color changed on my face almost instantaneously to an almost red pink. It looked quite ruddy on me, really. Desire also seem to sit on top of my skin most of the day and never seem to meld into my makeup.
Pale Pink blended far better, created more seamless edges, and believe it or not, looked more natural.
Desire made my skin looked a bit sloppy with the coloring, Pale pink seems to just bring out a more natural blush effect.

Enter the NARS Yachiyo brush!
The brush that supposedly makes all NARS blushes that look crazy, look incredible.
First, this brush picked up Desire FAR better than the other two I had tried previously. It also blended the product into my skin to be more evenly distributed, and helped meld into my skin more
 (this brush really knows what to do with NARS pigment!)
I still chose Pale Pink.
 Though the results ended well for Desire with the right tool, it still seemed to sit on top of my skin, where I want a more seamless effect.

I own numerous NARS blushes and love them, but for me, this time, Bobbi came up on top.

*Small preference note* This had nothing to do with the actual product but I am a bit relieved Bobbi won this. I hate flipping through my NARS products to find the right one I am looking for, I do enjoy the see through top once in a while!

Who can miss a beauty color like this? J


  1. I've always been scared of cool toned pinks even though I am neutral/cool haha. I will give them a shot someday. One question though; why is the BB blush called PALE pink?? Pale it is not! lol

  2. hahaha i agree!
    Apparently she calls it Pale Pink because that's how it looks on your cheeks when applied!
    If you want to try a cool toned pink thats easy on the budget ELF's pink passion is quite good!

  3. ooo I really like these kinds of pink, but I you I was kind of scared to try them out! I'll definitely have to swatch these the next time I get to a store!

  4. I love your blog! I have been a long time reader of it, but just made my own beauty/style blog, if you would like to check it out. Anyway, love your blog, especially your skincare/beauty reviews!


  5. Hi J! I'm inspired to wear bright pinks now! Both Desire and Pale Pink look beautiful here--- though I was surprised by how differently they swatched. Pale Pink would be at the top of my list if I could wear Bobbi Blushes :)

  6. Sadly bright pink blushes do not sit well on my cliche English colouring. I am interested to read about the NARS Yachiyo brush improving the application as the brush is something I have been wondering about investing in.

  7. ELF's pink passion is also good to start with and try!

  8. ahhh i recall you have an allergy but can wear NARS correct?

  9. ahh i just took the photos of the NARS brush today, expect a review in the upcoming week!

  10. Haha. I ended up doing the same thing with two medium-toned neutralish/warm pinks but it was totally accidental. I ordered Edward Bess' Island rose and Illamaquas seduce, which is erroneously called a 'warm" medium tone pink. (it is not that warm). Both look nearly the same color with Seduce being a hint more berry. edward bess' Island rose won and illamasquas got sent back.

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