Friday, November 30, 2012

Fitness Friday - Holiday Pounds, Fatigue, and the Plan

Unsure if this post with be of help to anyone, but I thought with the holidays among us, and the extra indulgent foods that are put in front of us from Halloween through Valentines day, my daily diet diary showcased below will show how I maintain my weight, and don't add on the Jolly J pounds!

*Disclaimer- this is not meant to be a guide on nutritional eating but a reference on how I eat myself and maintain my weight which does not fluctuates greatly without extreme change. *

I used to keep a food log when I was *dieting* but grew tired of it quickly, mainly because it was annoying.

I have been feeling incredibly fatigued lately (holidays?) so I have not been able to keep up with my gym routine – I was a complete couch potato last week!
I started this food log because I know my appetite can be quite high due to my exercise, and without that little factor inputted any longer, my diet which can seem quite heavy to some and can add pounds quickly.

*Please note my normal exercise routine consists of working out 3-5 days a week. One to Two spin classes a week, along with a range of running spanning 25-35 miles a week* à This is something I have not been doing due to general fatigue.
I have been slowly trying to work back up to regular exercise

Please see below on my attempts to eat regularly and healthy but no pounds have been added on the last few days.
I’ve actually lost a bit of weight but I know that is all muscle which I will regain once I resume my normal physical activities.
-This is not a diet to lose weight- this is how I maintain


Breakfast: 8:00AM
Breakfast: 7:30AM

Coffee with hazelnut cream  (1/2 cup)
Coconut water

Bagel thin with egg, avocado, hot sauce, feta
Bagel thin with hummus, raw red pepper,  feta, egg, avocado

Lunch: 12:00PM
Snack: 10:00AM

3/4th a chicken salad sandwich –open faced
Quaker Rice Cakes

3/4th a medium squash soup – low sodium
water with lemon

1 liter of water

20 minute walk following
Lunch 12:00

Bagel thin with salmon, avocado, hummus, red pepper, feta

Snack: 3:00PM
3/4th a cup of small butternut squash soup
1/4th chicken salad sandwich –open faced
4 pieces of portabella mushroom -grilled

1 cup of vanilla tea with milk – no sugar
1 liter of water

Snack 4:45PM
Snack: 1:00PM

Bag of baked chips
Bagel thin with salmon, avocado, hummus, red pepper, feta

1 cup of vanilla tea – no sugar
Water with lemon

water with lemon
1 piece of dark chocolate

Dinner: 8:00PM

Bagel thin with avocado, feta, red pepper, hummus
1/4th a bag of air popped popcorn and 2 mini chicken wings

1/3rd a cup of fried rice
Water with lemon
1/3rd a sweet potato

water with cranberry juice
1/4th a bag of air popped popcorn

10:00 PM
Dinner: 8:30PM
30 minutes of very light, low resistance elliptical
1/2 bowl of rice with Kimchii
2 chicken drum sticks with BBQ sauce
10 pieces of pocky
water with cranberry juice
Snack 11:00PM
sliver of cheesecake
Tea of lemon and honey

Breakfast: 8:00AM
Lemon Tea with honey
Wheat toast with 1/2 an avocado, feta, and lemon
Lunch 12:00PM
Piece of baked salmon, piece of catfish, 2 pieces of acorn squash, cabbage
calamari salad, 2 pieces of parsnips, 1 spoonful of rice with peas, 1 slice of tomato
1 small mozzarella ball, Callard greens -(Buffet which explains the odd portions)
1/2 Liter of water
15 minutes of walking following
Snack 2:00PM
Sensible sweets 25 calorie hot chocolate 
2% Greek yogurt with pineapple, honey, sunflower seeds
1/2 small non fat de caf latte
Dinner 8:30PM
1 and 1/2 cup of pasta with yogurt vodka sauce and spinach (link!)
1 bite of cheesecake
30 minutes of very light, low resistance elliptical

Breakfast 9:00AM
Breakfast 8:00AM
1/3 cup of coffee with milk and 1 sugar
Orange tea
3/4 small oatmeal with brown sugar/ raisins/ cinnamon
Wheat toast with fried egg and 1 spam slice
1 bottle of water
 Snack 9:00AM
Lunch 12:00PM
1/2 cup of coffee with milk and 1 sugar
1 cup of pasta with yogurt vodka sauce  and spinach
small plate from Indian buffet with 3 pieces of spicy carrot,
Lunch: 12:00PM
mashed chickpeas, 1 slice of tandoori chicken, 3 pieces of
Cup and a half of pasta with marinara and spinach
curry cauliflower
1 bite of office party cake-no frosting
1/2 liter of water
1 bottle of water
20 minutes of walking following
20 minutes of walking following
Snack 1:30PM
Snack: 1:45PM
Small side salad of spinach, brussel sprouts, 2 pieces of chicken,
1/2 small green corn chili soup
raw red pepper pieces , and 1/2 egg white
2 bites of a multi grain roll
Bag of baked lays
1/2 small green corn chili soup (remainder)
1 bottle of water
Vanilla tea with milk - no sugar
Sensible sweets 25 calorie hot chocolate
Bag of popcorn
Light rowing machine for 20 minutes
Dinner 7:30PM
Intense spin class 45 minutes
Fried lobster, 1/2 bowl rice, sautee vegetables
1/2 small red bean soup and herbal tea
Cup and 1/2 of pasta with yogurt vodka sauce and spinach

Towards the end you may have noticed an increase in pasta intake. I actually ate this because I was trying to build energy for my work outs, and carbs is fuel you can burn.
In general I’m not a pasta fan, but I try to eat what is required to have a balanced diet, and what my body requires. I should eat wheat pasta, but I actually have tried it, and don’t love the taste…
In terms of cardio I will eat carbs (I’m not afraid, and it works!), weight lifting I will eat protein, recovery I will have dairy, protein, and carbs mixed.
I do not take vitamins ever, I don’t believe in them if your diet is varied enough.

I’ve noticed my complete lack of fruit this week…this is because most of the fruit in my market this week all looked terrible, but I will try to add more in next week.
I go grocery shopping 5 days a week, for random variation, and try to keep my vegetables fresh.
I drink water throughout the day but did not list it each time, bit repetitive.

My diet does take a slight nose dive on the weekends, but this is usually when I work out the most. I might have an occasional drink, or a basket of fries, but YOLO!

I took photos of everything I ate but none of it looked great on camera...if you like these sorts of posts I will attempt to present my food better.
Let me know!
Or bringing back Fitness Friday's which I like, but lack ideas on what to post without sounding like some preacher.

On that note, enjoy the weekend ladies! 


  1. I LOVE these posts! They're really a great reminder for someone like me since I always forget to take better care of my health. Would love to see what kinds of foods you eat and I think you could do some recipe posts for your Fitness Fridays. I think food preparation can be very challenging when you work a 9-5 (or 10-6 or what have you) and have to commute. How do you prep your meals to save time? now I'm contemplating a food log for myself. Perhaps I will try it once I end my spending log for the year as that takes up some brain cells each day XD Do you ever work out with friends or acquaintances or trade healthy living ideas? I think I'm much more prone to exercising when I have close friends with me but lack motivation when it's just me.

  2. aw thank you for your kind words. I actually also dont post much of these, bc they dont seem very popular LOL
    I will try to show some of my healthy recipes, nice idea.
    I work about 8:60 to 6 but i sometimes have meetings earlier than 8.
    i dont really prep, i go to the store and think what my body needs that day depending how i feel or what i did then buy the best i can at the market, but i cook fast. i dont make anything longer than 30 minutes bc i usually need to eat right away. Then i just bring the left overs to work for lunch.
    i used to work out with friends but everyone's schedule became very busy, so we all work out on our own now but share pointers now and then. I actually think im more motivated alone! most ppl who want to come with me to the gym want to leave no where near the time i usually do so that's a bit of a drag, but its dependent on who your friends are. Only a few ppl in my circle work out, most don't do any exercise at all, which is fine.

  3. These posts probably don't get as many views as your beauty posts as most new readers looking for workout/healthy lifestyle tips will go to more workout/lifestyle websites and blogs. I'm one of those friends who wants to leave before everyone else XD Usually if I go to the gym with friends they're all guys and I usually do my own cardio stuff while they do weights. While they're still working out I try to find other light things to do so I'm not just standing around.

  4. what brand of herbal tea do you usually drink? I'll try to drink herbal tea everyday :)

  5. i really wish i had a diet like yours! it is hard for me to be on "diets" or watch what i eat because i seriously love all types of food and am not very picky. especially meat! and it doesnt help that healthier groceries are usually more expensive (besides fruits and vegs) your bagel thin combos sound good! ill have to use that idea. sounds quick and easy.

  6. Hi J, There is no way I could keep a food log like this; I'm so impressed by your resolve! I doubt I could start, but I'm inspired to be a little more healthy now :)


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