Thursday, November 15, 2012

NARS DIY – Creating your own Custom Duo

I'm quite a palette girl. I prefer palettes because it's less guesswork and everything is in 1 place instead of fiddling with various little pots.
NARS duo's I have, but I always prefer one shade over the other, and shuffle through my duos.
It's time for a change. 

Quick DIY time!

Depotting NARS shadows I think are the EASIEST to depot in the make up world.

Products needed will be: one safety pin, a blow drier, and crazy glue (not shown)

Grab your duo's

Step 1: Blow dry over your duo for about 20 seconds on high from about 1/2 a foot away 

Step 2. Every 20 seconds check to see if they are loosened. The glue from the pans will slowly melt.
The shadows will not be adversely effected so long as you are a good distance away.

Step 3. Pry out the shadows with a safety pin, they should lift with relative ease 

Step 4. Repeat with your other duos and arrange the combinations you like. Glue the shadows in place.

Final result!

Easy as pie!

My duo contains the taupe from the Earth Angel duo, and the champagne shade from  Allahambra.

Now I regret selling so many of my duos! But I will enjoy using this one!

What duo's will you create?


  1. Perfect idea! I somehow broke off my NARS lid & I've been pretty ghetto by putting it in a plastic bag but, totally not practical >,< This is something I'm def. doing tonight! Thanks, hon<3


  2. plastic bag?????? hmmm this seems like better protection! the whole process takes like 15 minutes but the end result is amazing! glad i could help!

  3. Love this idea! That's a smarter way of depotting those shadows than melting the base of them!

  4. i could not blv how easy it was to de pot these!! much safer and no burning plastic fumes!

  5. Ooh easy! :) I'll have to try this!!

  6. share with me what's in your duo when you do!

  7. This is so clever! I'd probably get confused about the names after a while, but heck who cares?!

  8. I depotted all my shadows with a blow dryer as well, but I blew dry the back of the quad or duo instead of the front. I depotted the Lacome quads that come with GWP, all the too face palettes, stila trio and placed them in UNI palettes. I was also surprised a blow dryer was so effective.

  9. What a great idea! I've depoted all my other round pot eyeshadows but never thought to do it with my Nars! Thanks for the tips!

  10. Hi J, what a great idea and photos describing it! I don't think I would be brave enough to do this to one of my palettes, but it's great to live vicariously through yours :)

  11. Great idea! Sometimes I get into "depotting moods", I kid you not haha. A couple months ago I depotted nearly all of my Wet n Wild shadows into a Z palette; it was so fun xx

  12. I can't, I just can't touch my Nars duos- may try this out on some of my Nars Palettes though.

  13. Ooh this was a great idea--I never thought to do that before! I've never even depotted any of my shadows before. To be honest, I'm a little scared first of all but also, I hate to take out the product and just toss the packaging. I'm very attached to my makeup products' packaging--there's nothing more satisfying than to look at my makeup collection and see all the pretty compacts and palettes all stacked together :P But if I were just switching 2 like with these Nars ones, that might not be such a bad idea!

  14. wow cool idea! I had no idea it was to de-palettes like that haha. Anyway brilliant idea!

  15. wow this turned out great! i would be too scared to do this, for sure. but then again, i'm also a original packaging nutcase... sometimes even boxes, sleeves and everything!


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