Sunday, November 25, 2012

The NARS Yachiyo Brush - A Review

The NARS Yachiyo brush, a brush of pigmented blush legend.

*For this post I purposely uploaded a larger than usual amount of photos because I know many people are curious about this brush and have yet to see it in person. I have also noticed not that many photos online of this product so I have not made any collages to save space, but kept all the pictures large to help people reference how this product actually looks.*
Hopefully this will be helpful.

First let's examine the shape

Am I alone in thinking this brush looks pretty s*xy?

The brush handle itself is incredibly light.
Since most of the weight is focused at the brush head, that portion of the brush is always dipped significantly forward when you hold this brush.
Wrapped in tight black wisteria.
The handle itself is very thin, thinner than a chopstick. 
The ferrule portion of the brush is slightly thicker than my thumb.
*Unsure if this is the correct term, ferrule. I believe it is mostly affiliated with metal material. If this is incorrect, I apologize as I am unsure of the proper word used to describe this portion of the brush with this specific material*

Below is the brush side by side with the Eco tools blush brush for reference

You can see the significant difference in handle thickness

The brush head

A classic blush brush head but where more of the length is exposed. Many blush brushes seem to cut the brush in the mid point where it is most thick, or just below. This brush's bristles are cut off towards the end where it creates an almost full oval shape.
It is also a bit thinner in width than most blush brushes I have seen. 
The shape is flat on both the top and bottom but from the side you can see the relative thickness.
The bristles on the flat side are incredibly soft, but when you apply blush with the flat side, then blend it out with the brush tips themselves, it was not as soft as I had thought.
It was actually a bit scratchy in comparison which surprised me.

A con for me with this brush is this wisteria material. I have washed this twice and have been quite paranoid of any water entering the wisteria. I have taken extra measures to ensure all my brushes dry downward, and as little water enters the brush's body.
No shedding experienced thus far.


I brought out my scariest NARS blush and a semi scary shade to show the effect this brush has on incredibly pigmented items

Example 1: Exhibit A

The photos above are with two taps of the brush. In hind sight I wish I had done one tap.
I have used this blush in the past with a stippling brush where I had to blow away the excess and pat a bit as a precautionary step on my hand prior application to my face.
With the NARS Yachiyo blush this created the Snow White effect that this blush has the capability of creating.
I still think 1 pat of this will be enough per cheek, but no excess blowing off the residual powder is needed. The perfect amount is added to the brush.
Please note it does look a bit bright on my hand but two taps in that one space will be used along two cheekbones!

The blendability of this blush color moved extremely well with this tool.

Example 2: Taj Mahal

Though Taj Mahal is very pigmented, it aint no Exhibit A.
For this blush I actually lightly tapped the brush in four times, applied it on my hand, and blended to find a very pleasant result.

No scary orange here!
Blended out to be completely natural, which this brush has the power to do.

Would I recommend this brush?
Quite honestly this depends on what blushes you use day to day.
I have found that with normal pigmentation blushes, it takes this brush quite a while to build up the color, while its not loosely made, the bristles are not dense enough to pick up colors with average pigmentation with the same ease.
If you are a person who loves bright blushes that only require the lightest hands, such as certain NARS and Illamasqua blushes, this may be the brush of your dreams.
I personally am on the fence. Most of the blushes I use day to day are quite average in pigmentation but this may be due to the extra work it always entailed to enjoy such rich shades.
I will be experimenting with this brush for a few more days to see if I will continue to keep this in my collection, but I am expecting with winter being here and with shades such as NARS Mounia calling, this may be a keeper!

Please note this post has gone up right before the NARS FF Sale!
Two days to choose if you would like to add this brush to your life, with a discount! (Always good)

Exclusive - NARS Friends and Family
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  1. I personally LOVE this brush. Being pale and a blush fiend makes it worth it for me! Almost any blush can make me look clownish, so I love that I can build up to the intensity I want. I've had no problems washing it at all, and I've had it for almost a year now. Still looks new!

  2. the brush looks really unique and I think it functions quite nice too! thanks for sharing ^_~

  3. Realy nice post, loved the photos! And the brush it's kinda sexy! =P

  4. NARS counter only opened for a week in my country, and this brush is out of stock. I left my name for them to call once stock is in already!

  5. I totally agree with what you've said! It applies blushes - even the really pigmented ones - beautifully but in my opinion, it's way too coarse :( 50 €/$ for a scratchy brush...I don't think so! I recently bought the Laura Mercier Cheek Brush...OMG it's the softest brush I've ever used!!! Maybe you should look into those if you're interested in softer brushes that don't graze your skin ;) xx

  6. I really really want this, even with only wearing light blush- Nars Gina and Luster being my favourite.

  7. glad to know i was not alone in that!

  8. WTHHHHHHHHHHH wow! LOL i hope it's as good as it's hyped to be!

  9. REALLY???? hmmmmmmmmmmmmm
    I KNOW i was SO SURPRISED it was scratchy!!! i thought it would feel sooooooo soft, i actually bought a *cheeky* purchase today with another blush brush, news to come soon if i like it! I will keep my eyes out for LM!

  10. those two are AWESOME shades, the boi especially loves luster for some reason, not that im complaining, since i own it, time to put it on with a smile! :D

  11. i am always afraid after washing it too. i hope it never unravels. it seems so delicate! i only reach for this for the pigmented blushes. i definitely agree that for the more easy and tame blushes this isnt best. but for pigmented blushes i really love it. mine was a gift so i am glad and happy i own it but im not sure if i would purchase it myself!

  12. Hi J, Great review! I thought the points on washing and texture of the bristles were helpful. I think I do remember the texture being less than soft when I had it used on me a couple times, so it did not make my want list. However in light of your Exhibit A swatches, I can see why the Yachiyo is so nice :-)

  13. I have always wanted this brush, but whenever I go to buy it, I always back out at last minute and use it to buy a blush or eyeshadow or something instead :P I am very frugal when it comes to brushes--most of mine being Sonia Kashuk or EcoTools, with just a few Sephora and Bobbi Brown thrown in for good measure. It looks amazing though and I think this would be perfect for someone like me, who has a tendency to overapply cheek color :P

  14. i actually returned it today :( i liked it for my pigmented blush but it was too scratchy :(

  15. oh so nice!!! i dont know if i will keep it, its a bit scratchy, more than i thought for 50!

  16. those are good staples! i love the sephora, ecotools, and SK lines! i just got my first bobbi brush recently but have to try it, cant wait!

  17. this brush is seriously phenomenal and worth the money. i had no idea how to use blushes until i bought this, and now it's easy to apply them all, especially the pigmented nars one. the tip is perfect for highlighting and contouring. i don't know how but it just blends the blush in subtly and perfectly with very little product needed. enjoy!


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