Sunday, November 18, 2012

The Sunday Post

Hi all
Remember when I used to post these weekly?

I stopped these posts because I did not think my life was interesting enough to post, and I have also seen so many bloggers post these!! So I stopped, but this weekend I actually did things!!! So I decided to recap the weekend.

Friday night, at last the weekend! The city is starting to get decked out for the holidays.

The Burberry store

My boyfriend and I had tickets to the new James Bond movie, but had to sit through traffic first!
We rushed through dinner for no reason because there was absolutely NO LINE, everyone was getting ready for the 10 showings of Twighlight's new movie for the night.

I somehow ate this in about 10 minutes

A very salty pad thai :(

On to the movies!!

The movie was ok. I still think with this particular Bond series, the 1st movie was the best. I had no idea who the Bond girl was supposed to be...the secretary or the Asian woman?
Also, the title of the movie was a bit misleading.
If you know the Bond series from the books then you would know what Skyfall was, I pictured the movie involving satellites and the world ending somehow with space... I don't know LOL

I DO know I need Adele's Skyfall song!

I marched myself to the park early in the morning for my weekend run.
The park was full of photographers with lenses larger than paparazzi I've seen taking photos of the leaves, so I took some too!

Aren't the leaves beautiful?

After running, I walked home, showered, and passed out for nap....

I woke myself up to get ready for my friends birthday dinner party, a few key items used:

Dinner was in Williamsburg Brooklyn which is a large up and coming hot spot. Unfortunately the restaurant we went to was ehhh. The service was great, staff was great, price was great, setting was great, food? Not so much.
Not a single person (out of 12) thought it was very good even though online it had great reviews...
My meal

I was STARVING from running in the park and ate very little of my dinner, it was sooo salty :( I also skipped dessert because I did not like any of the items on the menu T.T
Afterwards we went to a bar, but I just had Cranberry and Seltzer

While everyone else continued to party I left around midnight because I was pretty much dead tired!

How it was already Sunday was beyond me...
I spent the day with my boyfriend doing small errands but some of today's highlights:

An indulgent lunch, due to lack of dinner and me sleeping past breakfast! ( that never happens!)

A stop over to pick up a new basket for my growing yarn collection

Progress on a baby blanket I am making as a gift

And that recaps the weekend!

For my fellow Americans, hope everyone will have an AMAZING Thanksgiving and safe Black Friday! 


  1. I've missed your little life posts! I never do weekly posts because, like you, I feel like nothing interesting happens that's worth blogging about. So my monthly life posts will have to do. The leaves look gorgeous! Did you take all of those photos with your phone? If you did, the quality is really nice! What was the name of the restaurant if you don't mind me asking. I should get to know Brooklyn a bit better and will happily skip on an overrated restaurant! Ah, Shake Shack with the boyfriend and doing small errands sounds really great to be honest. Sometimes the "normal" days are so much more rewarding than a busy and tiring night out on the town :)

  2. I love this! I've been contemplating a weekend post because sometimes I laugh at what mine would include. I might do them just for myself anytime I need a smile. Mr. M works long hours during the week so Saturday and Sunday are for family time. We're never left disappointed!

  3. M was the Bond girl in Skyfall- I loved the film, it felt like a extended episode of Spooks (MI5), London was beautifully filmed and James Bond was wearing a Barbour- made on Tyneside.

    I like seeing your weekend recap posts, the pictures are always lovely and it is fun to read, more pleeeeeease!

  4. I love these posts! I used to do them more often too, but I ran out of things to say :)

  5. I love your life posts, they are the best ones I read. Partly because you put in full sized photos not the whole mini collage square thing, I like that. Also, all your food looks insanely amazing! Even if it wasn't actually tasty :( Particularly that burger though, I'm feeling hungry just looking at it! Plus you take great photos :) also, that Chanel cream eyeshadow looks gorgeous! Sorry, rambly comment there... xo

  6. Out of curiosity, when you mean indulgent lunch, does it mean both of the burgers plus the ice cream?

  7. the leaves look absolutely gorgeous! what place did you go to in williamsburg? williamsburg seemed like a very hipster/young area. we explored it a bit last time we were in town. i think all we ate there was pies and thighs (it was ok) and fette sau (absolutely AMAZING but very fattening, and there is always a long huge line i hear). yum to shake shack! still havent been able to get around to try it

  8. i went to a restaurant called fiore, it has great reviews but none of us liked it, maybe it was an off day?
    Shake Shack is ok, its seriously nothing special LOL but the shakes I CAN recommend! the burgers are ehh lol

  9. yup, i try not to eat fast food, and to eat fast food WITH ice cream (this store's ice cream is particularly rich and fatty) is quite a indulgence for me!

  10. rambly comments are the BEST!!!
    awww thank you so much for the compliment, I like big photos too! sometimes those collage types I do have to lean forward a bit lol

  11. M????????????OHHHHHHHHHHHHH T.T how did I miss that??????????
    hahaha thanks so much for liking my weekend and photos!

  12. i would love to see a glimpse of ur wk!

  13. yes! i did take the photos with my phone. Actually the phone took better photos than the ones i posted but the file size was so large i uploaded the lesser quality ones bc I had so many pictures to load!
    The restaurant i went to was called Fiore, which received such good reviews online (strange...)
    it was indeed nice to share a milkshake with the bf :)

  14. beautiful maple leaves!! I still really wanna see Skyfall cos I'm a huge 007 fan haha


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