Monday, December 31, 2012

My Top Products of 2012

For my 2012 top products list, I tried to only choose products I found in 2012. Outside a two exceptions, these were all discoveries made this year, that I could not be happier for!

Please note these are in not listed in any particular order, and thank you for reading <3 nbsp="nbsp">

Essie’s Sugar Daddy: Sheer, girly, polished, and effortless. Takes a lot of coats, but looks so perfectly polished in the end.

Clarins Gentle Foaming Cleanser: One of the few cleansers that I have ever purchased, finished, then repurchased again for continued use. I didn’t even want to switch to the Dermologica cleanser I had waiting for me. This is the one for me. Leaves my skin very clean feeling, balances out my skin to be normal, and the tube lasted me a full 12 months, worth the  money.

Guerlain Bronzer: The only face color I wore for about seven months the year. This baby took the place of both blush and bronzer. 2 in 1. This is the product that made me realize both bronzer and blush can be a bit too much. This gives a gorgeous peachy effect in the summer.  I also love the way it shows up in photos! 
Incredible with a tan! 

La Roche Posay Sunscreen (Tinted): This is what I use for my everyday base. Forget foundations, BB creams, or tinted moisturizer . This is all I need for coverage, and giving my skin an even finish along with looking incredibly natural (and protected!)
If it wasn’t for the fact that I already had so many foundations, BB creams, and TM’s to get through, I would be using this soley, and would be quite satisfied.

Rapidlash (Not pictured): The product that actually worked on my lashes to make them grow, and in turn created an eye shadow loving, mascara hoarding monster. Still working on my 1st tube, but the 2nd tube has already been purchased.

MAC Ample Pink Plushglass: Ok, I did not purchase this in 2012, but this is the SOLE lip product/ color I have worn for more than half the year ( if that’s how long glosses last… why do I have like 100??) This color is perfect alone, over reds or dark pinks to tone them down, or over n*des to add a bit of pink. The mauve iness in it makes it more naturally wear able I think, and the only MAC lip product I would ever repurchase. A winner!

Jemma Kidd Dewey Glow in Rose Gold: When I first bought this in March, I tried it once, and it never to left my make up bag nor make up routine ever since.  Big mirror, great portability, smooth texture, great color, and the perfect amount of glow for day time. Booo to it being discontinued!

OPI Nail Envy: The BEST nail base I have tried. I tried the one from Butter London previously and my nails turned yellow and brittle (gross!) A few weeks of this gave me super strong nails, along with a healthy nail bed color. My new go to base coat!

Bobbi Brown Extra Repair Eye cream: One of the first eye creams to assist with anti aging where I can actually feel an a difference happening when I apply it. I do have fine lines ( I laugh and smile too much – not a problem) but this has really helped hydrate my under eye area, is perfect to apply before under eye concealer for a great base, and does not give me melanin!

Lancome Hypnose Precious Cells Mascara: Lancome Hyponose has always been a favorite of mine, but this year I loved the Precious Cells version. Gives a good amount of volume, adequate length, and creates a very natural curl that helps open up my eyes, to just look fresh and pretty. Some mascaras can make you lashes look like sticks, but this one gives a beautiful curl effect that is eye opening

Bioderma: Make up life changing. Worth the Amazon shipping prices. Feels like water, gets off all your make up, and now, I don't even touch make up wipes, and have not had one single spot in months since using this solely. Complete HG.

MAC Brule and Print Eye shadows: These two shadows are my most used for this year. Brule all over the lid and under the brows, with a very thin line of MAC's print on the top lash line. The colors is dark, but not stark, and adds definition but stays subtle and lasts all day. Sometimes, I will even take Brule and set my under eye concealer! (In a pinch though!)

NYX Eyebrow Cake: This year I tried eyebrow powder over pencil, and fell in love with this little palette. I use the shade 03 taupe/ash, and have several back ups because every time I go to the store, that particular shade is sold out, so one day they re stocked and I stocked up!

That's it! All my top products of 2012. Some were pretty predictable, but all very much loved and recommended!

I want to thank every single follower, reader, commenter, and overall google search fiends for an amazing blogging year. I never blogged more than 2012, and with your amazing continual support, will be excited for an amazing 2013! 

Happy New Year ladies! ♥

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Finished Products of September-December 2012

To say this post was delayed would be an understatement, but I do have a reason! 
More will be revealed but until then, please keep reading my finished products of both Fall and Winter.
I would suggest you grab a tea, and get comfortable, because this will be lengthy.

Group shot!


Neutrogena Acne Stress Control Gel Cleanser: After trying almost every type of cleanser this brand has produced over the years, I have settled on this one as my favorite. It's one of the more mild formulations the brand offers, has a green cucumberish scent, is not very harsh, lathers well, and is easily found.
My skin has not been causing me any issues for the past few months (knock on wood) and I use this every night with my clarasonic to just keep spots at bay. Seems to work for me, and I am already using a new bottle.

Vichy Scrub: This is the second time I've purchased this. I use this when my skin is a bit oilier. I find this a softer scrub that can be found in the drugstore, not too stripping if you have oily skin, and not too harsh on the skin. I may repurchase this over the summer, as i am currently using a Clarins scrub at the moment, and prefer this Vichy version. This scrub is softer than both St. Ives, and the Neutrogena scrubs offered in the drugstore.

La Roche Posay Physiological Cleanser: I purchased this when my store ran out of the Avene Gentle gel cleanser and I was too impatient to wait for a new shipment. Mistake, I should have waited (patience is a virtue I do not posses) This is just not as good as the Avene cleanser in my opinion. It cleans and feels a bit like Cetaphil, but the Avene one just seems to leave my face feeling more clean and refreshed. This seemed to have left almost a film feeling on my face. not terrible, but would not recommend.

Murad Acne Cleanser: Probably one of the biggest Sephora 100 pt gifts I ever tried. I don't think I would have every purchased this for the retail price on my own. This is ok, it's nice, it seems to work, but no better than my Nuetrogena Acne cleanser which is cheaper and easier to find. Again, not terrible, but I have found something with very similar effects on my skin from the drugstore. 


Thayers Rose Petal Witch Hazel: I think this is just my go to from now for toner. Hydrating, Vitamin E for moisture, and the witch hazel can help remove residual bacteria from my face. I also enjoy that it is alcohol free. It comes in quite a few varieties, and I have only tried the rose version but I think this will be shown in these empties posts for some time to come.

Avene Thermal Water (2): Believe it or not, I really think this does something. I know it's water in a can which sounds stupid...but it seems to hydrate a bit more than regular water and seems to help my skin when it's on the mend or recovery from a spot. The real con is the spritzer. It kinda spits at you instead of giving off a fine mist. I like to use these after the gym also to cool down. I prefer this over the Evian version.

Maria Badescue Rose Water Toner: I tried this to see if I preferred rose water over the rose version witch hazel. I prefer Thayers, its cheaper, it's bigger, it's more hydrating, and seems to clean better. This is nice to try, but I would not repurchase. I will reuse the bottle to keep my Thayers toner in :)

Moisturizers and Sunscreen

Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel and Lotion: Both smaller sizes, both things I have purchased the full size versions of over the years. Definitely not the best I ever tried, but suitable for my skin throughout the year so long as I keep changing amongst the two, quite good value for money, because they last about 6 months for me, and never irritate my skin. They are not my favorites, but if I don't have anything else, and Clinique has a gift with purchase I usually purchase these as go to's but not constants.

La Roche Posay Sunscreen: My new HG. I am currently using the tinted version which I like even more. Suitable for sensitive skin, I purchase the combination skin version which works incredibly well to help mattify my skin, feels light, and comes in a very liquid/runny consistency that is easy to apply and wear. 
I am currently using the Mineral version and I see no differences in between the two formulations.

Naruko Magnolia Firming Night Cream: This was quite nice. Scented but not over powering. I pretty much slathered this all over my face and neck each night because I believe in heavily moisturizing my face at night aka looking like a butterball, to wake up with very glowing and radiant skin for the morning. This delivered. It never caused me skin irritations nor clogged  my pores despite the amount I used. I will say, it doesn't really sink in too well. This may have been my fault, where I just used too much and my skin was already fully saturated, but I was always looking so damn shiny at night. 
I don't think I would repurchase this, I did not see any firming benefits, but I really cant judge things like that yet, I just think my Olay items though does not smell as good, but works just as well. 

Cerave PM lotion: Believe it or not, I've wanted to try this for years. I never did, it's quite pricey here and looked pretty blah, I know I shouldn't judge that way, but I did not know anyone who had ever tried it. I finally took the plunge. My skin for some reason had developed small dry patches on my cheeks, most likely due to high wind. I slathered this on, and the next morning it was gone! and I was hooked! The consistency is like a very thick gel which can feel heavy to some but I really don't care because this keeps my skin super hydrated for the winter months. I just purchased a new bottle since my Naruko is out, and am very happy with this drugstore find! 
I will state, due to my success with this product I did try the Cerave moisturizing day cream, the heavier version of the lotion and I don't like it at all. Just not moisturizing enough in my opinion, and I chose the heavier option! Will just be sticking to the PM lotion only.

Orgins Vitazing: It took me quite some time to use up this tiny tube up but I loved it! I actually purchased the full size long ago and returned it because it made me greasy looking. Now that my skin is more or less normal most of the year now, I think this would be a wonderful addition to my skin care/base routine. Currently I am quite in enamoured with La Roche Posay's tinted sunscreen to purchase this but I think I will always have one of the two in my everyday routine as a simple base. 
I would not recommend this product for anyone with oily skin.

Hand products

B&BW hand sanitizers: Because everyone needs these kinds of things
B&BW hand cream: A scent I hated but used it up anyway, this one is too over powering
Jurlique hand creams: I kept these on my bed side tables for night time. They are quite nice and moisturizing but I still prefer L'occitane hand creams, would not get these again. 
Also the lavender version is very heavily perfumed, I prefer the Citrus scent.

Face and Hair Care

La Roche Posay Effeclar Duo: HG people. I apply a very sheer layer of this on my T zone every night for preventive reasons, and it freaking works! I am currently using something else (just to clean out my stash, but this will be a repurchase no doubt) highly recommend for those with problematic skin.

Neutrogena Triple Moisture Hair Mask: A mask I used once a week to give my hair a bit of strength. For the price and availability I think this is quite good for those on a budget. Smells nice and helps condition, but I still prefer Aussie's 3 minute miracle to this item. Works the same for my hair but is cheaper.

Eyes and Tools 

Lancome Bi Facil Make up Remover: Very good make up remover for the eyes, but too expensive to repurchase so often. I just live off the samples.

Sonia Kashuk eye make up remover: My personal favorite from Target. The bottle is quite large, the price is reasonable, and it removes my waterproof mascara with ease.

Two clarasonic brush heads: I never count these but this time I will. This was the sensitive skin and delicate skin versions. I prefer the delicate skin which is softer than the one designed for sensitive skin. I recently purchased the acne version to see which I prefer, but for sensitive skins, I would advise you to buy "delicate"

Not picture is a package of Garnier Face Wipes

Body Care

Olay Ulta Moisture body wash: With my love for Olay products I purchased this in high hopes but was incredibly disappointed. The minute I left the shower after using this product my arms and legs would scream for body creams. I don't know why, this ultra moisture body wash really seemed to dry my skin out! A fail for me. The bottle did last me forever!

Vaseline Body Lotion: In these economic times I decided to try something more affordable for my body lotion, and boy do I regret it. After the shower my body would want hydration right away from the wash, and this lotion did not deliver. It smells pleasant but no matter how much I used the skin on my arms and legs never really felt hydrated. Smells good, and the price is good, but I would not get this for winter or fall. Perhaps summer only.

Perfume and Nails

Ferregamo Incanto Dream: My go to fragrance for summer. This is my second time using up a bottle of this scent, though the first time in the extra large bottle. The scent unfortunately is not very long lasting, but I will keep repurchasing this every summer as it is my ultimate favorite for the warmer months. 
Hawaii is what I smell from this. Pineapples and orchids.

Butter London Top and Base Coat: These are NOT finished. I just cannot use them anymore. First of all, they are now incredibly thick and goopy after about 7 months of use. Secondly, the base coat stunk for me. After using it for a few months I realized my nails looked terrible without polish. Peeling,  broken ridges, and they had turned yellow! No protection was provided to my nails with this base. The top coat I also hated. It dried slower than most top coats I had tried in the past. A real shame, as I though these would be quite promising, but now I'm just throwing these out.

Make up

The reason why this post was so heavily delayed was because of these guys right here

I did not want to post this up until these three had finished. I had hit pan on all of them in August and thought, ok, i can finish them in October? then November? then December....and I thought, what's taking so long!?
At LONG last these are complete and this post was formed!

Lancome Dual finish powder: My favorite powder foundation thus far. Unfortunately I realized I am not a powder foundation fan, but if I ever needed one, this was the one for me. Keeps me quite matte in the morning, and I look like I have a satin sheen by lunch. The area around my noise does get shiny, but I just blot that. Works well wet or dry, I prefer it dry to just set my concealer.

Guerlain Bronzer in 02 Brunette: This was the product that made me love bronzer. I was always a blush girl, but because this had peachy tones in it, I would apply it more heavily on my cheeks and bronze the contours of my face and I loved the effect, and the fact that I could skip a step in the morning! 
This is the all the face color I wore for about half the year and do not regret it. The only con is that the texture of the product is very strange, where the density of some of the shades are harder than others. Sometimes I would have to scrape the colors to have them pigmented again, but outside that fact, since I know now how to use this bronzer I would repurchase this again in the future. 
I think this color is numbered 03 now.

Jemma Kidd Dewey Glow in Rose Gold: I purchased this in March or April, and with 1 application, this never left my make up bag again. Great texture, smooth finish, huge mirror,  and not too gaudy for daytime. I am very sad this has now been discontinued but I really did love this one, and would have recommended and repurchased. 

Boscia Blotting Linens: My HG, I won't move on to anything else.

Laura Mercier Eye Basics: I'm so glad this is gone. I really did not like this. It didn't seem to hold my shadows in place when I had more oily lids in the summer. When my skin is more normal it seems to work better,  but I have tried better and would not repurchase nor recommend. Especially for oily lids.

Clinique High Impact Mascara:  I've only tried a few Clinique mascaras but this was the best one I have tried thus far. Beautiful volume, and adequate length. Most Clinique mascaras have left me thinking "Meh" but this one is actually quite nice. I don't know if I would get this myself but if they have a GWP with this mascara I would probably get it!

Maybelline MegaPlush Mascara: Probably the worst drugstore product I purchased in 2012. This mascara has a really weird wand, it wobbles and bends like crazy where I see no benefit, and when I applied it, it made my lashes look even skinnier. I have terrible lashes, and this made them look even more sparse! Would never recommend.

Rimmel Extra Super Lash: I also really did not like this. I was recommended this product from a friend but it just did not work for me. It was OK.....especially since it was $2.50?? I don't know why it's so cheap, the brush is natural not plastic which I prefer, but this really clumped on me. I will state for $2.50 it's definitely not bad!

NARS Lipgloss in Dolce Vita: My go to lip gloss for night time. I really don't think I like lipsticks so I use heavily pigmented glosses to rev up my looks for night time. The color was phenomenal the smell and texture were more off putting. The smell reminded me of paint, and the gloss gets a bit thick rather quickly. I have other NARS glosses, but once I get through them, I don't really know if I would repurchase them, but I did love this shade. 
I also own the corresponding blush and lipstick. All Dolce Vita products from NARS gets a thumbs up from me.

MAC Ample Pink Plush Glass: Quite possibly the only lip product I would repurchase from MAC. I love the mauve pink of this shade, it's so natural and pretty. It looks phenomenal over stains, and pretty on it's own. Quite sad this is gone, but not for long I suspect. Most likely my B2M item will be this gloss. 

Benefit Speed Brow: My 1st brow gel, and the product that made me realize I love brow gel! I don't have unruly brows but I like them to look polished and groomed. This was good at keeping my hairs in place and the slight tinge of color helped fill in any sparse areas if I never filled them in. I am currently using the Anastasia brow gel which has a softer wand in comparison but I think I prefer speed brow.

Dermaphil chap stick: Gifted to me by the wonderful Jessica. She sent this to me stating this was one of her favorite lip balms and always stocks up when she is in France. 
WHY don't we have this???? It's amazing! The best lip balm in tube form I have tried yet. Most of the best lip balms I use are in pots because the stick counter parts are not as hydrating, this was so moisturizing, not greasy, not heavy, and had a very light pleasant scent. The next time I am in Europe I'm buying 10! 

L'Oreal Hip Jelly Balms: I think these are discontinued now so I won't go into it much, but these were the drugstore versions of the MAC tender tones. I loved this particular shade because it was slightly plummy.

OK! anyone still reading? My hands are about to fall off from all the typing but hopefully this post was helpful to those who were interested in any of the above products! \

Quick count states that I have documented 132 finished products for 2012!
This will be a rough estimate since I never count shampoos, and this is the first time I've counted Clarasonic brush heads but definitely not a bad dent!

Thank you so much for reading my empties posts of 2012 and let's hope for an incredible 2013!

Friday, December 28, 2012

After the Holidays

Hello!! Have people been wondering where my daily life posts have been? Well truth is, all I can claim is 
"It was the holidays" The below describes how I, and I suspect many others felt the last few weeks.

I hope everyone had a very joyous and happy holiday, all holidays of course!

But now with only New Years is around the corner, life is getting back to normal.

Photo's are mostly from today. 
The boyfriend and I both took the day off and went to the gym to start banishing some holiday pounds before the place gets overwhelmingly crowded in January, full of people with resolutions, that this will be their year! 
Since going back to the gym more regularly (my energy is coming back) my appetite has grown, so eating has now fully commenced in full speed. Panera, pizza, and sushi today!
The B&BW semi annual sale is on now! The only thing I wanted was this farm cookie candle in the big size but I have searched a few stores and no luck.
The last photos are swatches of Chanel's newest spring quad "Raffinement"
Pretty much the only thing I've wanted from any spring collection this year. It finally arrived in my store and it looked phenomenal when applied! Gorgeous plummy mauve brown mix. I then requested for the SA to turn OFF the lights of the mirrors. Guess what? BROWN. Plain brown.
I have small lids, meaning very limited space. There is only so much I can blend out or blend up and when the lights went off these looked like a shimmer version of Charcoal brown from MAC. I passed on the quad. I also stopped by the MAC counter - which I requested my boyfriend to drive me to (2x) to look at Porcelain Pink MSF for the 10th time since it's last few releases and it's still not for me. I prefer my By Candle light MSF, so that was another pass!  I'm been trying to not buy what I don't feel is very unique buuuutttttt...I couldn't resist the new Revlon BB cream and L'Oreal stick concealer that has recently come out. The drugstore is becoming a dangerous place and my make up bag is starting to fill to the brim with it! 
Expect a revised Drugstore make up post in the semi near future!
Friday in a nutshell. 

Cheers for the weekend ladies! 

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

My Brush Essentials

Here they are ladies! Most of them quite freshly cleaned, but a list of my favorite and most loved/used brushes

Washing these guys always hurts my back ( anyone else?) but after a fresh wash, they are so soft and the distribute pigment noticeably better, I like to use Dr. Bronners baby shampoo for the scrub in the tub.


The MAC 182: Soft, dense, washes easily, does not shed ( I have never had mine shed, but have heard some stories), and in my opinion worth the money. One of the few MAC brushes I would repurchase. Distributes mineral foundation in a very sheer and quick layer. Love it.

Ecotools mini Kabuki: Quite soft, prefect shape for travel, and I carry this in my everyday make up bag. I use it for powder, blush, or bronzer. It works well for any powder product, and like the MAC 1282, washes easily and has never shed on me. A great drugstore buy. I actually love Eco tools brushes!

Blush brushes

Trish McEvoyBlush brush: My 1st Trish blush! The short lucite handle, the soft bristles, the sheer application of blush. Very very satisfied. 
Laura Mercier blending brush: Domed shaped brush, I believe meant to be used to blend out mineral powder but I love this for applying blush to a larger surface area. Feels a bit scratchy sometimes, but that just means it needs a wash.

I love short handled brushes for blush! 

Powder and Bronzer

Sephora Airbrush 55: I think they discontinued this version of the brush and came out with a new one (Why??) this brush is fantastic! I believe it was aimed to be used for liquid foundation which it does work for, but I think for loose powder, bronzer, blush, just about everything! this brush can do. Had I known these were being phased out, I would have stocked up!

Bobbi Brown bronzer brush: I won't say this is a must have. It's just quite nice to have. I like the handle, and the loose big head. It apples bronzer to a large area, and it is not too dense, so you are not packing it on. Also back to that handle, long and thick enough to really just go around the face with ease. I like this. I also use this for sheer blushes when I want a larger surface area covered with a very subtle amount of color.

Sephora Bronzing brush: A more traditional bronzer brush. Kabuki like top with a fat stubby handle. This is nice for medium to sheer bronzers because you can really get that color on and all over quickly.
I will admit, I do prefer Bobbi's version.

The Eyes

Bottom to top
MAC 224: Another MAC brush (quite possibly the only other) that I would re purchase. I love this to apply very sheer layers of shadows or for setting powder under the eyes. Love love love. If i could own ten I would. 

MAC 217: Also quite nice, not as fluffy as the 224 but also can distribute a nice sheer ish wash of color on the eyes. not a must have but something I do reach for.

Sonia Kashuk eye shadow brush: I love this brush and use it every day. It had replaced my MAC 239! Honestly I think I also love it not because it distributes powders in an even layer which I prefer with minimal fall out, but I like that the brush hairs are brown....the MAC 239 has white brush hairs and after 1 use looks terrible and deserves a clean. The Sonia one keeps me feeling less dirty everyday lol. 

Left to right
Sigma E30 Pencil brush: I think  most people think this is a fantastic crease brush, and I think it is! except I don't really have a crease so I can't really judge it for that....I actually use this to apply shadow on my lower lash line. The pointed tip helps apply a thinner line so I don't apply too much. Since my eyes are small, too much shadow on the lower lash line can really close my eyes up.

MAC 263: If you are debating on an angled brush from MAC, more specifically the 266 and the 263, if you have thinner lids go for the 263, if you want a thicker line and the have the lid space, the 266. I use this brush to apply powder shadows as a liner daily. I never tried it for gel to be honest, but I love how super thin and sharp this is.

Sephora smokey eye brush: Ok. I know they discontinued the platinum line of brushes but I will still list these, because Sephora did replace them with counter parts. I love this, like my Sigma E30 for the lower lash line, specifically for shadow. Since this is even thinner, I can really get a concentrated thin line of shadow for the lower lids.
Left to right
Sephora angled eye liner brush: Whenever I used to wear gel liner, I used a traditional angled brush and it looked ok. I tried thinner and thinner brushes but it always came out too thick and I was so slow at it. Then I discovered these types of angled brushes and gel liner became an absolute breeze! If you struggle, try this shape of brush! You can actually see what you are doing, without having your hand in the way!

MAC 210: I decided to go thinner. I'm quite satisfied with the MAC 263 for my powder liner needs, but when I want my eyes to really open up, thinner lines are the way to go. I set off to find the smallest, thinnest brush I could find, and the MAC 210 won. I use this with Print shadow as a liner when I want more of my lid area to show and my mascara to pop. A basic color like Brule on the lids adds to the open eyed effect.

Winsor Newton 520 3/0 brush: Yup, a paint brush! I used to use this for drawing thin branches with water color, now I use it to apply the slightest bit of definition to my lower lash line with powder. The sigma and smudger brush I use more for night time when I don't mind wearing more shadow at night, but for the day, I want only the slightest definition and color under my eyes so they don't close but I do want color. I use this brush to apply the thinnest and loosest line of colored shadow on my lower lids. This is fluffier and less stiff than the 210.

Eco tools angled brush: (not pictured) I've used this brush for years for my brows, and see no reason to stop in the near future. Eco tool brushes really are winners.

And that's it!
My list of favorite, most used brushes.
Please do share if you have any must haves! And thanks so much for reading! 

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Striking Gold

 Two days off, I took two days off
Two days to do absolutely nothing!
Just what the Dr. ordered 

I didn't do anything today, and I feel much better for it.
I woke up early unfortunately but stayed in bed all morning with a coffee and a bit of crochet :)
I met a girl friend for lunch, but the rest of tonight is all about R&R.

I picked up this necklace yesterday from a thrift shop in the city. I go sometimes to look for random tea cups or plates to display my accessories or everyday items in, but found this instead.
I have been searching for a thick short gold necklace for a while, though I am looking for a chain style, this is quite a nice addition. I know some people think these look tacky, but I think it would be quite stunning if worn with the right mix of things.
I will try to do an OOTD with it in the future with my normal work wardrobe, where I think it can really shine.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Party Crasher

Decisions decisions on if I should attend the company party tonight 
My party outfit (can't be too wild now)
It looks quite baggy in all the photo's but I think it looked far better in real life.

I work in a large firm so there are several holiday parties held, if we just had one, we would probably require a good portion of a stadium. Every year the buzz goes around on the best holiday party, since I skipped out on the one I was originally invited to, I decided to attend another that was related to my dept. 
(aka Crashed)
This was the first time a party was held in this venue since I have worked for the firm. Honestly it was not as good as previous years but the view was quite spectacular. 
You can go on the roof (yes, in December it's not the best idea) and they provide long red bathrobes which appeared quite professional *ahem* but hey, it's a party! 
Every year we have a faux gambling theme, you walk in and they give you something that literally states "Funny Money" we spent most of the night speaking to the dealers asking them what they really do in life outside this night job. Some of them had some interesting things to say.

I had taken Thursday and Friday off from work, but realized, I may have left my keys there... :(
Going to the office in the morning to get them :(
1st time this has happened EVER. 

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