Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Recently I have been feeling depressed.
The weather has not been the best, with my perfect awareness of it being winter.
I think many people refer to this feeling as the holiday blues, and I hope the feeling leaves quickly.

I had decided today that in 2013 I wanted to change my blog a bit and add a little more of my real life to it. 
More like my previous Sunday Posts, but more in daily doses.
Due to lack of sun, I have been unable to take beauty product photos, so I am going to show you my day.
The below happened in chronological order -OCD thing I have.


Today was my company holiday party which I skipped out on - I know, not very merry of me.
On the way home I was given a surprise phone call for an impromtu dinner with former colleagues.
I came home to find my Mason Pearson (long awaited) had finally arrived.
Review to come soon?

Thanks for keeping up with me ladies during my blues.
Hopefully these little daily posts will help myself show how nice my life really is, and you all enjoy my journey.


  1. Aw I hope you feel better--I know SAD (seasonal affective disorder) is something that affects many this time of year. But I hope you have a happy holiday season regardless! Take care!

  2. oh is that what it stands for??? i learned something new if it was, im feeling better already!

  3. Aw, sad to hear you've been feeling down lately. My mood fluctuates a lot as well but I've been trying to think of the positives in life and of how fortunate I am. I think it really helps! I'm excited to see more of your everyday life :) You have great taste in food and your photos are really nice!~

  4. i just updated this post bc i fgt 1 photo which i thought was funny. I spoke to someone who reads my blog and she said her favorite posts were of my daily life even though she was in so many of the photos she said it looked better on the blog lol

  5. aww cheer up J! hope you rise out of your blues and feel better. i always enjoy your personal posts so post away!

  6. thanks so much!! glad u like them! they are popular for reasons i will never understand! lol

  7. Cheer up, doll! I know what you mean ... the winter blues typically set in during mid-January with me and they can be hard to shake. I look forward to your Sunday posts, but until then a cup of tea and Jane Austen films will fix a world of blues :)

    ♥ Jessica

  8. I hope you feel better soon... I know how hard it can get during the winter. Take it from someone who lived in a place where the sun sets at 3:30pm! On the bright side days will get brighter after the 22nd dec.

  9. Hope you feel better soon! I know the weather has been bring me down too (doesn't help that it's finals time either...or that I've got a cold :X)
    I can't wait to see more personal/daily life posts! Even though I love to read reviews, personal posts are always the most interesting. Maybe I'm just too nosy? haha xD
    By the was the lamb face salad? ._.

  10. Hi J!

    I think you have the best personal snapshot posts; they seem to have such a great combination of beauty, the unexpected, and delicious eats. The rose, golden storefront, and the dumplings all tickle my fancy in different ways and the juxtaposition is fabulous! Long story short, I'm glad you've decided to post more like it, and look forward to what's to come. As for the winter blues, I hope sunshine from above or within will brighten your days soon :-)

  11. De lurking to comment- When I lived in NY I would get a horrible case
    Jan - March. A light box made for this really helped. You can buy one
    or search for DIY directions online. This year I'm trying it D
    supplements also. Feel better!

  12. i really need to pick up the movie with Anne Hathaway, Becoming Jane? Have you seen it? The tea I am fully committed to as being a savior :) TY for your well wishes

  13. 3:30pm?? aw man!! it sets about 4:40 here and I thought that was already sad!!
    Does the day become brighter that soon?? YAY that makes me happy, seriously this cold weather cloud junk was really bringing me down!

  14. good luck on your finals mandy!!! i know they can super tiring!! Esp at this time of the yr!
    Lol im glad u like them, everyone has always told me they enjoy these posts but i just never understood why, my life is quite mundane, but it makes me happy u all enjoy them, so i will try to keep them up!
    i didnt try the salad, lol i just saw the name and laughed then ordered the normal and most popular dish on the menu hehe, we should meet up one day with kari! that would be fun! we can eat some lamb salad and i can take photos for the blog hehe

  15. oh dovey, u are far far far too kind!!!
    im glad you enjoy these daily life posts so much, i try to do them to show myself how nice my life actually is, but im glad you guys all enjoy my daily little snaps!
    Im already a bit cheerier, thankfully have a few days off soon (very much needed as u can see!)
    hopefully there will be some sun so beauty posts can also resume!

  16. You know, I've never actually seen Becoming Jane! I need to rectify that myself :)

  17. karyi mentioned that the other day too! We should figure something out soon! :D

  18. Very sorry you are finding things difficult- it is hard sometimes to keep cheerful in the horrid depths of winter.

    Looking forward to more of your gorgeous snap shots and hope the holidays will improve things for you.


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