Friday, December 28, 2012

After the Holidays

Hello!! Have people been wondering where my daily life posts have been? Well truth is, all I can claim is 
"It was the holidays" The below describes how I, and I suspect many others felt the last few weeks.

I hope everyone had a very joyous and happy holiday, all holidays of course!

But now with only New Years is around the corner, life is getting back to normal.

Photo's are mostly from today. 
The boyfriend and I both took the day off and went to the gym to start banishing some holiday pounds before the place gets overwhelmingly crowded in January, full of people with resolutions, that this will be their year! 
Since going back to the gym more regularly (my energy is coming back) my appetite has grown, so eating has now fully commenced in full speed. Panera, pizza, and sushi today!
The B&BW semi annual sale is on now! The only thing I wanted was this farm cookie candle in the big size but I have searched a few stores and no luck.
The last photos are swatches of Chanel's newest spring quad "Raffinement"
Pretty much the only thing I've wanted from any spring collection this year. It finally arrived in my store and it looked phenomenal when applied! Gorgeous plummy mauve brown mix. I then requested for the SA to turn OFF the lights of the mirrors. Guess what? BROWN. Plain brown.
I have small lids, meaning very limited space. There is only so much I can blend out or blend up and when the lights went off these looked like a shimmer version of Charcoal brown from MAC. I passed on the quad. I also stopped by the MAC counter - which I requested my boyfriend to drive me to (2x) to look at Porcelain Pink MSF for the 10th time since it's last few releases and it's still not for me. I prefer my By Candle light MSF, so that was another pass!  I'm been trying to not buy what I don't feel is very unique buuuutttttt...I couldn't resist the new Revlon BB cream and L'Oreal stick concealer that has recently come out. The drugstore is becoming a dangerous place and my make up bag is starting to fill to the brim with it! 
Expect a revised Drugstore make up post in the semi near future!
Friday in a nutshell. 

Cheers for the weekend ladies! 


  1. ooo let me know how you like the bb cream! I have porcelain pink and like it, but I think if I had by candlelight I wouldn't have picked it up either.

  2. If I weren't on a 2 month makeup ban, I'd be all over that Chanel quad. I'm eager for your full review so I can experience it vicariously. Tee hee! Also, the point of my comment:

    Happy New Year!

  3. i swatched Porcelain pink the last time it launched and tonight and I just prefer my By Candle light but im glad you are enjoying it! in some lights it was quite pretty! Will do about the BB cream, normally I would not purchase it without seeing some reviews but they had a tester in the store (amazing) so i tried it and liked it enough to purchase. Will update once i have tried it for a while :)
    Hope you had a very happy holidays btw!

  4. Good news, the quad is a new perm item! it is replacing Kaska Beige so you can feel free to swatch it once the ban is over so you can see it for yourself. I passed on this quad, just was not in love with it enough, but the reviews online, and i can confirm, the powders are very soft and lovely to spread :)

  5. Sounds like you had a blast! I am very much looking forward to the new bb cream and concealer review! ^_^ I wonder what you think of it.
    And boo about the Chanel quad! =(

  6. yea i cant wait to use the BB cream and i have used the concealer for yrs the original version so i wanted to try the stick for my everyday bag. Booo to the quad, its ok, i just placed a cheeky order, xmas presents to myself hehe ^^

  7. Gorgeous photos! & that pizza looks so good! I wanna take a bite too ^..^

    Holiday Giveaway

  8. it's hard to keep me away from pizza!

  9. that pizza looks sooo--- good (even throughout the computer!!). wishing you an exciting 2013 =)

  10. Oh my gosh that tuna(?) looks so good.... The holidays have been SO exhausting for some reason and I can't even place why I've been feeling so tired! Must be all the heavy and indulgent food. Can't wait to hear your thoughts on the new drugstore goodies. I've been finding a few new favs from drugstore brands as well :)

  11. yes, it tuna! the drugstore is FULL of new things that look so promising, hopefully not everything will be a dud!

  12. wishing you the same dear! hope you have a fantastic 2013!

  13. Great holiday food pics!! That is a lovely swatch.. i think most of palette consists of browns these days.. who knew i would grow love such colour?! Anyway I hope you have a wonderful NYE!!


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