Monday, December 10, 2012

Complection Perfection - Brought to you by Guerlain

I bought something I would have never ordinarily bought – without a coupon.
A powder, that I don’t need, but have been curious about for years.
“Little balls of glowing magic” described to me by a former coworker years ago that always stuck in my head.

I bought the magical pearls, created to reflect and use light, by Guerlain.

These are quite hyped and known in the makeup world, no doubt the packaging and concept helps.
Having this gorgeous metal container sit so elegantly on your vanity everyday does feel like a luxury item.
Inside spilling with colorful pearls coated with a silver sheen. Luxury!

So my thoughts on the product?

It’s a bit hard to explain what this product looks like.  A candle lit effect that just seems to increase over the time worn in a day.
In the beginning, when initially applied, it looks like you have on a very sheer amount of good quality translucent powder on, then applied 1 spray of Fix + right down the middle of your face.  Just 1 spritz. Turn your head and see a subtle gleam or flash of skin.
Wear it longer, and it slowly increases in effect. As the day goes on it will look as if 2 to 3 sprays of Fix + will be taking effect, but it never reaches that point of looking oily.
Now this will depend on skin type, how much this effect increases through the day. Naturally oily skin will enhance the effect.

The powder is quite scented of violets, which I am not in love with, but take happiness in the fact that it is thankfully not long lasting.
A very sheer amount of needed, and I would not recommend a dense brush. No, this needs a loose powder brush and a very gentle sweep all over the face for that glow.
It looks healthy, it looks in indoor lighting like you have fantastic and healthy skin, zero cakiness, and something someone just cannot put their finger on. It looks like you had 10 glasses of water today!

Do you need this? Definitely not.
If you have oily skin already or very sensitive skin, I would not recommend this mainly from the scent and noting that Bismuth oxychrloride is in the ingredients list.
 ( I am allergic to this item, and checked daily for any reactions, luckily it is one of the last ingredients)
I think it is quite over priced for what it is…and again, I would only buy this with a coupon.
I have normal/combination skin at the moment and I was constantly looking like a vain person checking all mirrors to see if I was ever overly shiny, or if spots were breaking forward.
Neither ever happened but my mind never stopped checking.

For those who have dry/normal skin, that can look dull especially in winter, I think this can really add that pick me up look so many search for.
If your completion is the thing you most like to enhance about your make up, or you are not a fan of the matte look, this is worth looking into.
This powder in terms of oil control seems to do an OK job. Whenever I checked the mirror I never looked oily, the sheen was all product that just kept enhancing itself as the day progressed, but for those with oily skin, this may be something you can produce naturally for a very similar effect.

The powder I originally purchased in Teint Rose claimed color correction properties. I did notice minor redness correction due to the green pearls in the product, but it was not significant. The powder is very near translucent with shimmer, but did not enhance my pore size which was a happy surprise.

Would I recommend this?
Depending on what category you fall into from the above is my opinion.
I don’t think this is a must have, and do believe it is overpriced, but depending on your skin, and preferences this is something I see some will love and others will not.
If I had dry skin, I would definitely look into this product.
Unfortunately I have sensitive acne prone skin.

In the end I returned this product.
I thought it looked PHENOMENAL on the skin, I freaking LOVED the way my skin looked, but the constant paranoia of breaking out or looking oily due to a product I applied myself was making me too distracted in the day to keep.
I’d much rather just wear normal translucent powder and actually spray fix + while having peace of mind that it will have no adverse reactions to my skin.

Please note the review on the above was all within in door lighting. I was unable to see how this looked in the sun because we had rain and clouds  for days and I purchased and returned this product during this time.


  1. I've been lusting over this for so long but obviously never got it because of the hefty price tag. Thanks for the suggestions! I think I'll wait out for another Sephora coupon before even considering to purchase it or not now. It sounds lovely though for dry/normal skin (which unfortunately I only have 2-3 months of the entire year...-.-)

  2. Meteorites are a must-have for me! I have pretty sensitive skin and I apply it quite heavily on a daily basis and they have never irritated/broke out my skin.

  3. nooo!!! I can't believe you returned it! I love Guerlain meteorites - they always make me look so fresh somehow. I think it's a matter of getting the right one. The meteorites form the Pucci collection is not as shimmery. I'm already thinking of picking up the Dragon meteorites that is out right now and definitely next year's Spring 2013.

  4. I love this! I have sensitive dry skin, and this really makes my skin looks translucent and awake.


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