Monday, December 17, 2012

Monday Mishmash - Being a Grown up

A few weekend photos that for some reason refused to upload last night and a little of today

I don't know if anyone ever informed you of this-because no one told me... but being a grown up at work is hard work.
Not that actual function ( I would presume most work functions are difficult)
But holiday parties, yankee swaps, baby showers, retirement lunches, birthday cakes, surprise parties, promotional celebrations, happy hours, and some power points in between. It can be quite the whirl wind sometimes.

The holidays means department parties and plenty of happy hour drinks.
Tonight my drink of choice: Seltzer water + Cranberry juice 
I don't eat bar food (I'm trying to be good) and alcohol would not mix on an empty stomach.
Holiday parties coming up this week, along with end of the year projects 
Whew! it should be a doozy, thankfully I took some days off ;)


  1. Wee a yarn shop! Please share more of your knitting adventures!!

  2. Mmm buckwheat noodles with seaweed! Love all the marionettes :)

    xx Ellie

  3. Love the yarn shop image --- and the hanging toys too! Ditto the part on being a grownup... :)

  4. I know what you mean by being a grown up at times is hard at work. while trying to actually get work done, you have to stress about which lunch/dinner to go to or what to whip up for the potluck. I just pretty much wrapped up my holiday season at work. Now I can rest.

  5. I love these posts! It's great to see life in a city I love that's so different from Hawaii.

  6. hawaii???? girl, if I were you, id be taking pictures of everything!!! it looks like paradise there!

  7. awww glad you understand! we have a few more holiday things to do but we finish around Valentines day... lol

  8. glad you like the colors!!!
    Wish someone told me this kinda stuff when i was younger!

  9. i will try my best dear! i will have a crochet post soon!


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