Monday, December 31, 2012

My Top Products of 2012

For my 2012 top products list, I tried to only choose products I found in 2012. Outside a two exceptions, these were all discoveries made this year, that I could not be happier for!

Please note these are in not listed in any particular order, and thank you for reading <3 nbsp="nbsp">

Essie’s Sugar Daddy: Sheer, girly, polished, and effortless. Takes a lot of coats, but looks so perfectly polished in the end.

Clarins Gentle Foaming Cleanser: One of the few cleansers that I have ever purchased, finished, then repurchased again for continued use. I didn’t even want to switch to the Dermologica cleanser I had waiting for me. This is the one for me. Leaves my skin very clean feeling, balances out my skin to be normal, and the tube lasted me a full 12 months, worth the  money.

Guerlain Bronzer: The only face color I wore for about seven months the year. This baby took the place of both blush and bronzer. 2 in 1. This is the product that made me realize both bronzer and blush can be a bit too much. This gives a gorgeous peachy effect in the summer.  I also love the way it shows up in photos! 
Incredible with a tan! 

La Roche Posay Sunscreen (Tinted): This is what I use for my everyday base. Forget foundations, BB creams, or tinted moisturizer . This is all I need for coverage, and giving my skin an even finish along with looking incredibly natural (and protected!)
If it wasn’t for the fact that I already had so many foundations, BB creams, and TM’s to get through, I would be using this soley, and would be quite satisfied.

Rapidlash (Not pictured): The product that actually worked on my lashes to make them grow, and in turn created an eye shadow loving, mascara hoarding monster. Still working on my 1st tube, but the 2nd tube has already been purchased.

MAC Ample Pink Plushglass: Ok, I did not purchase this in 2012, but this is the SOLE lip product/ color I have worn for more than half the year ( if that’s how long glosses last… why do I have like 100??) This color is perfect alone, over reds or dark pinks to tone them down, or over n*des to add a bit of pink. The mauve iness in it makes it more naturally wear able I think, and the only MAC lip product I would ever repurchase. A winner!

Jemma Kidd Dewey Glow in Rose Gold: When I first bought this in March, I tried it once, and it never to left my make up bag nor make up routine ever since.  Big mirror, great portability, smooth texture, great color, and the perfect amount of glow for day time. Booo to it being discontinued!

OPI Nail Envy: The BEST nail base I have tried. I tried the one from Butter London previously and my nails turned yellow and brittle (gross!) A few weeks of this gave me super strong nails, along with a healthy nail bed color. My new go to base coat!

Bobbi Brown Extra Repair Eye cream: One of the first eye creams to assist with anti aging where I can actually feel an a difference happening when I apply it. I do have fine lines ( I laugh and smile too much – not a problem) but this has really helped hydrate my under eye area, is perfect to apply before under eye concealer for a great base, and does not give me melanin!

Lancome Hypnose Precious Cells Mascara: Lancome Hyponose has always been a favorite of mine, but this year I loved the Precious Cells version. Gives a good amount of volume, adequate length, and creates a very natural curl that helps open up my eyes, to just look fresh and pretty. Some mascaras can make you lashes look like sticks, but this one gives a beautiful curl effect that is eye opening

Bioderma: Make up life changing. Worth the Amazon shipping prices. Feels like water, gets off all your make up, and now, I don't even touch make up wipes, and have not had one single spot in months since using this solely. Complete HG.

MAC Brule and Print Eye shadows: These two shadows are my most used for this year. Brule all over the lid and under the brows, with a very thin line of MAC's print on the top lash line. The colors is dark, but not stark, and adds definition but stays subtle and lasts all day. Sometimes, I will even take Brule and set my under eye concealer! (In a pinch though!)

NYX Eyebrow Cake: This year I tried eyebrow powder over pencil, and fell in love with this little palette. I use the shade 03 taupe/ash, and have several back ups because every time I go to the store, that particular shade is sold out, so one day they re stocked and I stocked up!

That's it! All my top products of 2012. Some were pretty predictable, but all very much loved and recommended!

I want to thank every single follower, reader, commenter, and overall google search fiends for an amazing blogging year. I never blogged more than 2012, and with your amazing continual support, will be excited for an amazing 2013! 

Happy New Year ladies! ♥


  1. I'm surprised the tube of cleanser can last a full year! Sounds pretty amazing :D
    Where do you buy Rapidlash? I'm not big on eye makeup but that could be because I have really short lashes lol
    You're skin must be really good if you can just wear the tinted sunscreen alone! Jelly...X:

  2. I only used the cleanser in the morning and u only require a pea size amt so it lasted forever.
    I purchased it from when they have their sale every yr
    My skin is quite clea now (knock on wood) but i had acne for over 13 years and remember very well how it was to have spots so everyday when i wake up with clear skin, i am incredibly thankful! just finally found products that worked for me, that cleanser is one of them

  3. Great picks! Many of these are my favorites as well. I hope to try some of the MAC products you featured! Happy New Years!

  4. Thanks so much for reading and wishing u a happy 2013!

  5. If you stop using rapidlash, will your lashes revert to pre-rapidlash length? Great post and have a Happy New Years!

  6. i sometimes get lazy and don't use it every night for a few days but saw no reverse effects but it's never THAT long, no more than a week or so

  7. Now I really want to try the La Roche Posay sunscreen! Please do a review of this product :) I heard that you need to use an oil cleanser to remove it or it will clog up pores? Do you find a problem with that?

  8. No doubt, I love everything you've got here. I've put that Guerlain bronzer on my 2013 list. And I am still searching high and low for Maybelline Instant Age Rewind! My country refuses to bring that in even though we have the foundation in similar shape to the concealer, with that funny sponge head. Always wonder why they only import the foundation but not the concealer. =( If my curiosity gets the better of me, I will just get it over eBay.

  9. hiya! umm i never though to do a review, in short, i don't need an oil cleanser to wash if off, i just use my normal night cleanser, most of the times with the clarasonic but not always. It def does not clog up my pores, it is easy to remove. and I love the consistency. It's very thin like water so feels incredibly light and weightless on the skin. If you have any more Q's id be happy to answer em! :)

  10. Thanks so much for reading and i hope you enjoy the bronzer. Initially i was pretty meh about it but as my tan grew deeper, my love for this went up 10 fold!
    what country do you live in? That's strange they allow the corresponding foundation but not the concealer, but brands have alot of over thought reasons sometimes

  11. the 'best of' posts are my favourite posts - great picks of high end and drug store products. the maybelline concealer would have to be one of my best discoveries in 2012 too .. although i wish they'd change the packgaing .. the twist top always breaks on me >_< wishing you a very exciting 2013 x

  12. I also use that Bioderma Sensibio H2O its really good:)


  13. I love the Maybelline concealer too. Great mix of faves, thanks

    You can check out my 12 beauty faves of 2012 at my blog

    <3 Dannii x

  14. Hi, how is the Laura Mercier primer, is it good?

  15. I really want to try Bioderma! I've heard so many great things about that product! But right now I'm using the Vichy version of it which works awesome so far! I think when I'm done with that I'll try and order Bioderma!

  16. does it?? oh no!!! :( so sorry abt that

  17. awesome faves!! I loveeee Print and I think Brulee were one of the shadows I picked up to use a lot for my work ^^ Must hunt down the tinted sunscreen you're raving about there!! Thanks for this awesome post!

  18. yes! i use the oil free version and it's my favorite primer i have tried. I have gone through numerous sample tubes and am almost done with the big one

  19. bioderma is my HG!!!! i have heard good things about the vichy but i nv tried it myself :\

  20. thanks so much for reading!!! the sunscreen is so good! light tint, and for combination/sensitive skin to help mattify!

  21. i read them! i love real techniques too!

  22. Hi, what shade is the guerlain bronzer? Thanks@

  23. I was 02 Brunette but i dont see that shade on the sephora site anymore, i think now its called 03 brunette!


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