Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Party Crasher

Decisions decisions on if I should attend the company party tonight 
My party outfit (can't be too wild now)
It looks quite baggy in all the photo's but I think it looked far better in real life.

I work in a large firm so there are several holiday parties held, if we just had one, we would probably require a good portion of a stadium. Every year the buzz goes around on the best holiday party, since I skipped out on the one I was originally invited to, I decided to attend another that was related to my dept. 
(aka Crashed)
This was the first time a party was held in this venue since I have worked for the firm. Honestly it was not as good as previous years but the view was quite spectacular. 
You can go on the roof (yes, in December it's not the best idea) and they provide long red bathrobes which appeared quite professional *ahem* but hey, it's a party! 
Every year we have a faux gambling theme, you walk in and they give you something that literally states "Funny Money" we spent most of the night speaking to the dealers asking them what they really do in life outside this night job. Some of them had some interesting things to say.

I had taken Thursday and Friday off from work, but realized, I may have left my keys there... :(
Going to the office in the morning to get them :(
1st time this has happened EVER. 


  1. I really like your outfit! Was your skirt a maxi? :) The venue looks really fancy and classy. I guess I'm not well versed on corporate life but I can't imagine having several holiday parties to go to! Sorry to hear you left your keys at work >.< The commute is probably the worst part of that scenario....

  2. thanks so much, no its a loose pencil skirt that meets more in the front and over laps, i had pictures of the whole thing but bc i wore black stockings you can't even tell
    technically everyone is supp to go to 1 party but most ppl attend more than one, even 5+ depending on how much energy they have and they last past midnight on a working day, i left early lol
    yes, the worst part is i dont rem taking them out for any reason, if i go tomorrow and they are not there, i will be so upset! ><

  3. I absolutely love your skirt! The view looks really amazing, and the red bathrobes sound hilarious!

    xx Ellie

  4. You look so GORG! And I wondered if anyone has attended all of those parties before? I am seriously tired and over it after the first holiday party LOL

  5. Gorgeous & I love your phone case~ So cute!


  6. thank you so much! i love this case also!! my favorite thus far

  7. Thank you!!!! i dont know if anyone attends all, that is quite a bit of energy, but if u attend the best one, i think thats more than enough lol

  8. First comment on your blog that I love, especially the new daily life posts :)
    I am totally in love with your blouse, where did you buy it?

  9. Thank you so much for reading and welcome to my blog! the blouse was from Zara :)


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