Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Tom Ford Review: Love Lust Blush and Sahara Pink Lip gloss

I blame twitter. No, how can I blame twitter? I LOVE twitter! because I follow women who advise me on products that are AMAZING, links to reviews that are helpful, and twit pics that are make up dream worthy.

A topic that has been hitting my twitter feed? Tom Ford Make up.

I actually purchased these a few months ago, and have not been using them (shameful)
But the weather has finally brightened and I thought, time to bring out the expensive beautiful stuff to make me look pretty and not wearing anything but rosiness!
HA, if only they knew.

Tom Ford is a lux brand. If you are going to splurge, and spend extra tax money on pretty things for the vanity that will be incredible quality and perfect coloring, this brand may have you smiling ear to ear with the choices

Encased in an auburn almost hinting towards burgundy brown, the packaging feels and looks lux. Magnetic closures, secure casing that does not attract finger prints, and the oh so fancy but needless to me velvet pouch. It's all part of the experience!

I knew if I saw Tom Ford's Love Lust I would be tempted to buy it. I was already tempted with Sahara Pink the first time I saw it, but the price tag brought me back to reality and the exit.
I knew perfectly well what I was doing walking into Saks ( Danger zone!) but I thought, let me just swatch it (yeah right!)

I actually had doubts. I thought the shade I had mind would look too much like NARS O to purchase. I don't need an expensive dupe. So I walked in to Sacks feeling confident, marched over to the NARS counter swiped NARS O and walked to Tom Ford.

Time for the swatch test.
Let me tell you, Saks has TERRIBLE lighting. It looked like TWINS in the store and I thought "Nah"
My sales assistant was a beautiful, charming, 9 month pregnant make up associate.
How do you say no to a smile and 9 months???

I ended up trying on the blush and thinking hmmm (again the lighting sucks...) I looked in the mirror and thought..."I'm going to do it" The other sales rep complimented me but really it's her brand, they are complimenting people automatically, so I paid it little mind, but when I walked outside and started to window shop, that's when *magic* happened.

I have never ever in my life received so many compliments on my make up. Ever. Not one stranger, not two strangers, but four street pedestrians, and three sales associates from the Dior, Lancome, and the MAC counter.
I initially thought I had something HUGE on my face, like a crazy leaf.
WTH?? Let me get a better look at myself and what I'm wearing!!!

My perfect peachy pink blush that has the tiniest glimmer of coral. I like peachy pink more than pinky peach. I think most people who read this blog will know what that means.
In my photos I have swatched Love Lust in comparison to NARS O
The best way to see the difference is in crappy indoor lighting, meaning almost desk lamp level.

In the comparison swatches you can see Love Lust on the top and O on the bottom. You can also see when swatched side by side how much more pink O looks!
In hind sight I wish I swatched this next to NARS DT, but Love Lust seems more referenced to o in the blogging world.

Close up view of the Swatches

A little more peach than pink, a glow, not even a sheen, a glow, incredible smoothness, pigmentation, and color, well the color is just spot on people!
This shade does lean warm, so it would look fabulous on warm skinned ladies, I'm sure cool skin can pull this off to, just try it at the counter first to see if you like it.

Now, this ain't cheap, but I don't regret buying this at all!
Since purchase and use I get asked non stop in my company bathroom
"I'm sorry, but what are you wearing on your cheeks? It's gorgeous!"
Heck yeah!! the perfect spring blush has been found for me, though "Frantic" by Tom Ford also looks amazing, wish listed!!!
Perfect summer blush?? Lol.

Lastly is the lip gloss in Sahara Pink. The one I left the 1st time behind due to the price tag but I was in those "What the heck! throw it in the bag!"moments, I am relieved these are far and few!

Sahara Pink is a dark neutral pink. It goes amazingly with pinkish blushes, and brightens the face beautifully.
Non sticky, no shimmer/glimmer, decent staying power or me
( I eat and drink alot so I cannot test this well) brush applicator.
Though it looks dark, it looks incredible on pale skin, and I don't have any swatches in indoor lighting but check out out how amazing this looks in the sun!

How pretty!

Though this gloss is so damn beautiful I don't think I would get another one. It's amazing, but the price is a "Let's wait till next years tax return" kind of thing for me. But if I ever finish this, I believe I would repurchase!

That's all I can say ( hope you enjoyed all the background info!)

Have anyone of you purchased from Tom Ford, any loves? hates?

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

High Heat Hitters – Top 5 Products for a Summer Face

Now that high heat has arrived and I am pretty much melting I have said
"Good bye make up!" ok, not really, "Good bye now heavy feeling make up"
Nothing worse than having and FEELING your make up melt, let me tell you, it looks as bad as it feels

Here are my top products I use in the summer when everything is just kept at a minimum

The Body Shop Lip and Cheek Stain

01 Rose Pink

I love this stain. I far prefer it to Benetint (which I have never tried) but I think this is less watery, the applicator is easier to use, it's far cheaper, and it has better ingredients!! Also The Body Shop seems to have a sale 360 days a year, so this is one of my must haves from there.

The cap is not that great, and tends to leak, so be careful, but it leaves a really beautifully red hinting on raspberry on the cheeks, more red on the lips, and lasts all day on my cheeks. The lip stain I do need to re apply

I also enjoy Urban Decay's Lip Stain in Envious if you like something more long lasting.

Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage

Laura <span class=

I purchased this semi recently at the same time I purchased MUFE Full Cover concealer. I can do a review on either but for summer, this is the clear winner. A large amount of product, covers to higher opacity levels, and just STICKS to your skin, through sweat and humidity

Boscia Blotting Sheets

<span class=

Any blotting sheets really! These are just my personal favorites. I recently went to an event and saw the 1st photo of myself and thought "YIKES, Boscia to the rescue!!" the rest of the pictures were salvaged ;)

Waterproof Mascara

I'm not a mascara girl. I don't wear it much, but in summer I skip any eye shadow even those waterproof cream kinds and layer on a thin coat of mascara to give my eyes a more brightened look. Because I don't really wear mascara, I don't want to spend alot of money on a waterproof one so I always get one from the drugstore.
I love Maybelline's Full and Soft! They don't leave my lashes crunchy which is a complete pet peeve!

Waterproof Liquid Liner

No thick lines in summer. Just something waterproof for tight lining and maybe adding the tiniest kitten flick. I love the Dolly Wink Liner but heard Stila's is also amazing!

Things I want to try this year:

Mattifying Moisturizer

La Roche-<span class=

I have La Roche Posay's Effeclar M waiting for me in my bathroom once I finish my current moisturizer!

Oil Control Spray

Skindinavia's No more Shine, I'm looking at you!!

Things I avoid in summer:

Too much bronzer! You don't need to apply near as much or at all, your going to get some natural color!
Highlighter: I LOVE highlighter but for day to day, I really try to avoid extra shine on the face
Too much powder: Notice how I don't have a mattifying powder listed? I like Maybelline's Dream Matte Powder, but I know if I over powder I get over oily. Try the blotting papers and see how much powder you really need. Usually the little or no powder I put on, the less I need it!
Foundation or Tinted Moisturizer: Take care of your skin, wear spf, and apply concealer because most bases feel a bit heavier, and can melt off (not attractive)

Anyone have summer favorites/recommendations?

Sunday, May 27, 2012

The Sunday Post

These posts have been

This whole every other Sunday thing has not been intentional but trying to fit two weeks from 100 plus iphone pics is tough!!

Also my computer has been phasing in and out of Internet so half my posts are lost before saving, WTH!

Catch up time!

Last week I had migraines all week and skipped the gym a few times due to them

My boyfriend came to my office to make me feel a bit better and took me out to dinner

Rosa Mexicano is within walking distance from the office and we go often. I'm going to admit right now, everything on the entree menu is salty to me, but we KEEP coming back!! It's quite a convenient location, and the ambiance is nice.
All my co workers agree about the salt, and the fact that it's over priced but everyone keeps coming back! it's pretty crazy...but regardless we always get the guacamole with habanero peppers ( you have to request it!)
The dessert was not healthy and split between the two of us, you got to live a little!

That Friday (more food coming) my boyfriend requested we go to a place called "Tang" I took my mother here on Mother's Day and snapped a picture of the food. He apparently could not stop thinking about it all week! so, how can a person say no? Lol.

On Friday and Saturday night they have a live jazz band that makes the place more fun

The weather has been pretty strange here. I have seen on twitter and instagram how the rest of world is getting quite a bit of has only come to NY on the weekends. Only weekend sun!!! Every workday clouds, grey, thunder! It's long as the weekend is good right??

The weather has been great enough that I can resume running outside again!

And when it does rain here, you can always find a nice bright spot

Interestingly enough my coffee guy has had some interesting coffee cups for me this week. They always change, I have no idea where he gets them, I doubt he even notices the pictures change all the time.

This week they were picture worthy!

Another interesting sight on the way to work, I've seen this car before. It's quite distinctive. I think the owner lives near my office lol

A colleague in my office has left for a new position so for a few days everyone attended a few going away out tings

1st one was Happy Hour Thursday!

I spent about 4 hours drinking my half cup of raspberry flavored champagne.
(I'm not much for drinking outside social events)

I took her out to lunch!

And on her last day of work, another co worker and I took her for a walk around the city after work and ate dinner

We went to "Republic" in Union Square. I don't recommend this place. The inside is spacious, and the feel is quite young, but the food is quite eh...

But dessert was far better!!

Make your own ice cream sandwhich truck to the rescue!!!
Almond coconut cookie with tahitian vanilla bean center!

Quick stop to the farmers market for the best brownies!!

Later that day I recieved this in the post, so cute!

Saturday, my boyfriend and I went to New Jersey to eat lunch and we got to see the currently under construction new F1 race track they are building in NJ for next year's race

It's still in it's very early stages. Anyone a fan?

Quick stop to the Japanese market. I love their exotic labels

My bright and simple summer outfit

Traffic back home...

Dinner the same evening

Garlic fried lobster!

My boyfriend and I have been trying to eat more mini meals, one of his favorite things to whip up is guacamole

We both woke up bright and early today to watch the Monaco Grand Prix! Did anyone watch it?

Monaco looks quite spectacular...LOOK AT IT!! lol

One of my favorite bloggers actually lives in Monaco, she would be the best tour guide! (her blog is amazing btw!!)

After the driver we were rooting for lost :( we both headed off to the gym

I went to the gym for a few hours to catch up on missing a few days, after I left I felt great! walked two steps and felt like I needed a snack...

Listen to your body, mine said FROYO please!

Looking at this post all I see is food! I actually took more pictures that could have been incorprated but that's what I have been using "Today's Postcards" as. They can give you small previews of how the week is turning out for me! So please do check those out for more pictures from my life and interesting things I see, rather than just eat!

I asked last time, if I removed these posts would people mind, to my surprise many people seem to enjoy these weekly updates. I decided to keep them, but upload a few post cards in between so you can be there the same day it happens. I like them as little breaks between the beauty and OOTD posts.

LASTLY, just wanted to share the video I have been watching all day.
Maroon 5 Cover of Payphone

For those who surivied until the end of this food filled post, I applaud you!

Saturday, May 26, 2012

What I Wore this Week - Zara Blazers Edition

This week I don't have many photo's of my outfits because I wore a suit 3 days this week. Black, grey, and black again. It was dull and not picture worthy, but something I did wear 6x this week? My new Zara blazers.

It's a bit hard to see in the photos but I have the same blazer in black and navy. When I find something I love, I tend to buy more than one color! I did purchase the white version but returned it, I was not in love with it as much as these.

The hunt for the perfect white blazer is endless, if anyone has any recommendations, do send them my way!! but until then, here are the two new staples of my work wardrobe.

The blazer is double lines and the exterior is a very nice soft cotton. Perfect jacket for spring and this in between rain showers/sun we have been experiencing.

Favorite outfit of the week

Blazer: Zara in black, T: Alexander Wang, Pants: Theory, Belt + Necklace: H&M, Heels: Zara, Watch: Michael Khors

A black blazer is an absolute staple! And it's the perfect item to tone down these blue capri's I recently purchased
( love them also by the way^^)
I added a gold cuff necklace for a bit of shine, loved this outfit!

A bit more preppy

Pants: Gap (AMAZING), Blazer: Zara in Navy, White Button Down: Uniqlo, Heels: Zara, Watch: MK

Sorry about the lighting. My computer is still experiencing issues so I am experimenting with editing on my phone
( this was a more failed attempt)

I wore this outfit with my LV Speedy Bag and loved all the preppy colors together.

I have also recently purchased these pants from GAP. They are called
"The Really Skinny Pant" and they're AMAZING. Perfect skinny pants for work that don't lose their shape. I need a few more pairs of these!!!

Casual Wear - Weekend

Blazer: Zara in Black, Blouse: Korea, Pants: BDG, Bag: Rebecca Minkoff

This gives you a better view of the blazer and how I like to roll up the sleeves to expose the stripe pattern and give a more lax feel.

I tend to buy clothes I can wear for work and outside in my real life, these are great interchangeable pieces.

What have you been wearing lately?

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