Saturday, June 30, 2012

Happy Feet

Summer time means beach, bronzer, maxi dresses and sandals!!

No, the above picture is not my closet ( one day...yeah right!)

I actually realized this year, I had a pretty pathetic summer foot wear collection...I owned 1 pair of sandals that didn't even fit properly, so I decided an upgrade to my collection was needed

The shoes I have been LIVING in, courtesy of Sam Edelman and Zara

The top two are Sam Edelman Gigi's? I think most people will recognize these, as they are quite popular. I had never owned a sandal in such a style where all my foot is exposed but I have been wearing these to death! The padding is quite thick, unlike most where it is so thin, it can wear down in a few uses. I will note that the name on the bottom in gold "Sam Edelman" starts to wear away within a few uses, so that is a bit disappointing. .

But overall very comfortable and satisfied with my purchase.
Sam Edelman sandals are true to size but are narrow so if you have wide feet
( like me ) I would order half a size up so your pinky toes dosent hang!!

The bottom two sandals are from Zara.
The blue and brown ones are the ones where I mentioned that they don't fit properly. My feet are a bit too wide for them, and I wore them all last summer so the backing is very loose now and keeps slipping so I may have to poke an extra hole to tighten up the heel strap because I really do love the look of these.

Lastly are my new animal print sandals. These are new in Zara currently and while I was looking for the leopard version which I had posted about in my last post, they don't seem available yet, but these were.
They have quite a comfortable padding, and the animal print adds interest so this was an impulse buy, but I still quite like these.
(Still waiting for the leopard print version!)

While on the topic of tootsies, I picked out some of my favorite pedicure colors for summer

L to R: OPI Mod about you, Essie's Fiji, Essie's Bahama Mamma

Mod about You, and Fiji are shades I absolutely hate on my hands but for some reason but are true favorites in the summer for pedi's. They both seem to create the illusion of more tanned feet. Bahama Mamma actually is quite complimentary to just about every sandal I have tried it with, and works with all my outfits, so this was a surprise but a pleasant find!

Summer prep for shoes, check that off as DONE!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Thursday Wish List

Current wish list of the moment

Thursday Wish List

1. Givenchy Healthy Glow Powder: I just tried this in the store today after seeing Ruth from AModelReccommnds, and it seems so perfect to add to the summer make up bag

2. Jo Malone Cologne: He released a new rose scent that I really need to check out asap

3. Longchamp bag in plum: I know everyone has one of these, but I will be traveling soon, and I think this one of the best travel bags

4.The Shiseido foundation brush: Apparently one of the best foundation brushes, ever. I have the Sigma F80 and think eh...I do have the real techniques buffing brush which I prefer, but the search continues for the perfect foundation brush for me

5. Armani Lengthening Mascara: The formula, the heavy weight of the tube, and the fame of Armani mascara's make this a tempting new addition

6. Julep Nail polish in Pippa: Supposedly cousin colors to one of my favorites Essie's Topless and Barefoot but with a superior formula

7. Stila lip and cheek stain in cherry crush: I just need cheek and lip stains that are easy to carry around in tube form for my summer make up routine

8. Zara Leopard sandals: These have entered every European fashion bloggers site, but have yet to hit US stores (waiting IMPATIENTLY)

9. Thebalm's Mary Lou Manzier: After hearing so many raves from Don'tcallmeJessie on this amazing highlighter I see Sephora no longer carries it, WHY??????

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Spottings of Blue and Orange

Happy h*mp day everyone! (We're almost there!) Friday is in sight!
Midweek outfit, the wardrobe is livening up a bit

Blazer: Aritzia, Blouse: Korea, Pants: Theory, Shoes: Zara, Belt: Vintage,
Watch: MK

I really love these Theory pants for the cut, and color but I'm starting to think, they're unlucky...
Every single time I have worn these pants, the people I were supposed to meet have cancelled out on me same day, this was the third time in a I just being crazy???

A new staple in my closet is this blazer from Aritzia. I have taken photos of a it a few times but I never seem to capture the shape properly because of the color. It has a tuxedo style, an amazing fit/shape, and has beautifully structured pockets. It's love.

Today I stayed at work a bit later than usual and decided to take the long way home (my only exercise today!) and saw this lovely site.

Today wasn't so bad after all

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Going Green! and Summer Scents

Tuesday! I came out of my Monday rut somewhat and wore some color. Actually I "borrowed" some color from my mom closet. I don't own anything this shade, and thought it would be a fun dress to wear on a summer day!

Dress and Belt: H&M, Cardi:Korea, Shoes:Zara, Watch: MK, Necklace: Lisa Taubles

Yesterday was raining and gloomy non stop, and it was just too dreary really...I woke up this morning and saw massive amounts of sun through the window and thought "That's more like it!"

Unfortunetly I was a bit over zealous and didn't realize the incredible amount of high winds we would have today so this dress went FLYING! Too many close Maryln moments for this girl!

Ok so yesterday was a dud in the weather, and today had a few hiccups, but I am convinced summer has arrived regardless! In preperation I repurchased one of my favorite summer scents. I got the big bottle this time!!

Ferregamo's Incanto Dream
It's a bit sweeter than I remember and does not last incredibly long on the skin, but it's just one of my go to's for the season

Another favorite of mine of Marc Jacobs Cranberry

I am currently debating on the Chanel purse sprays...

Yay? Nay?

What are your favorite summer scents?

Monday, June 25, 2012

Queen of Neutrality

Monday's we meet again

I may be alone on this ( I have a feeling I am not though) but I feel sooo uninspired on Mondays.
Every Monday, and ONLY Monday I go to work wearing pants. I go in with glasses, and because I'm blind as a bat, applying MAC's Brule all over the lid is considered "an eye of the day"
It's the eye of every Monday!

While the day may be one of the hardest to get up to
(especially since today was pitch black and thunder storming) I believe my mood may have transpired of my color choices

My Monday Suit

Blazer: Artizia, T: A. Wang, Pants: Gap, Shoes: Zara
Watch: Michael Khors

Do you see the gold in my watch? that was my "color" for the day. Hoorah!

Please excuse the corner of the photo, my photo editing program aka Windows, is still on the fritz

While on the topic of color palettes, I posted a picture on Instagram recently.
I have been on the search for an HG daily nail polish for quite some time, and have yet to find "the one" but I think you may see the color family I'm leaning towards...

I want something semi sheer, but looks beautiful when opaque. Not too pink against my skin tone, but prefer more beige or white beige. Non streakiness would be preferred (quality formula would be ideal, we are speaking HG...)
Something clean, feminine, office appropriate, and hand brightening.

If anyone has a suggestion, please do send them my way!

Currently on my nails from OPI's NYC Ballet Collection

Barre my Soul

It reminds me a bit of OPI's Samoan Sands, but more milky, sheer, and has a jelly finish. Also Samoan Sands to me, is the hintest more beige for complete NC25 mannequin hands, this one is just ever so slightly lighter, with the hint more white.

The jelly finish is quite nice, and dries glossy. It actually dried glossier than my top coat which I don't recommend *cough* *cough* Butter London!

Barre my Soul is not the one...I want something a bit more stand out ish than mannequin hands

That's enough of my Monday Blues, or should I say neutrals....but tell me I'm not alone!
Are Mondays also your "Eh" days?

Currently playing a play list created via ClothesEncounters

Let's at least get to h*mp day people!!

Friday, June 22, 2012

Summer Lip Colors − Current Status on the Lip Products Ban

I thought since it's Friday night and I obviously have big plans...(mmhmm) that a status on my lip product ban would be a nice catch up

The truth is, this week was stressful, after work IMMEDIATELY after work, it started to POUR, and I was wearing a white skirt with my new sandals. My boyfriend was stranded in a different city and I felt in the mood to do something productive.
Clean. ( This mood is far and few between)
I ended up getting distracted during phase 1 of cleaning and realized, it was nearly time to update my make up bag for summer!

Some of you may remember this picture when I posted it a few months ago. A few people thought this was my lip products collection and I kept them in boxes to be neat. Uhhh no...these are all brand new lip products I purchased and have yet to use.
I know, it's kinda...crazy, hence the ban! I did come to my senses!

Since that post I have only purchased two lip products. The Revlon kissable balm stains (which I regret...) If I give away the stains, can I have my two chances at lip products back???


This week I realized, I can actually break open some boxes!!! Because... drum roll please!

Oh yea!

The Body Shop stain I can easily finish this weekend, and the Dior gloss should be done by the end of June. You can see from my Saving Lip Gloss post that I am using up every bit of it! No cheating!

But with these two players out, I need some new goodies to update my bag with. So I took a bit of a dig and decided on a few colors

My definition of "a few"

I wont use any of these until the Dior one is fully done, but then I can enjoy my collection guilt free!!!

Brand new lippies + new make up rotation = Happy Lil Lady!!
( it's the small things in life)

My picks:
Dior Lipsticks in Rock n' Roll, and Singuliere, NAR's Lip gloss in Super, Revlon glosses in Strawberry and Coral Reef, MAC's Pink Lemonade and the famous Clarins Lip Perfector!
I might dig out MAC's Love Necter since I'm missing a peachy n*de...
I am also considering Becca's lip gloss in Cherry Bomb
(I'm getting carried away!)

I've actually carried around alot of these products in my bag before but never used them... I felt bad since I already had opened products... does anyone feel the same??

Anyway, it's all going to be worth it! Come July I'm breaking the seals to bring on the bright and juicy glosses!!

You can view my favorite Lipsticks for summer here, and the Revlon Lip Butters will also be chucked in a few bags, review can be found here!

How are you all been preparing for summer?

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Current Make Up Bag Staple for the Working Girl – Jemma Kidd Dewy Glow in Rose Gold

I finally purchased something I had been wish listing for months, and it was 100 percent worth the wait!

Jemma Kidd's Dewey Glow in Rose Gold

I'm going to start off by saying, "No" this is not the best highlighter I ever tried. I don't want to create incredible expectations.
But this IS one of my current go to make up products.
This IS convenient, easy to carry/re apply, and does offer a perfect natural glow.

"Glow on the go" This is what I wanted Benefit "Watt's Up" to be
(The Benefit one is also nice, but JK's packaging is what I prefer, personally)

Jemma Kidd's Dewy Glow in Rose Gold is more of a beige color. The shade "Ice Gold" is recommended for pale skin tones, but I am currently medium skinned at NC25 and this is incredibly natural looking on my skin. It just blends in and adds a healthy sheen that melds seamlessly. Not a fake luminance, not a high shine causing blindness as you turn to the side, but just health, and radiance, in a pop open container.

Though many people have their own feelings in regards to this type of finger packaging ( you can use a brush) I find it incredibly convenient so long as you wash your hands or carry anti bacterial gel, and the container is nice and thin. Perfect for chucking in your purse. The mirror is quite a good size.
It is in that rubberized packaging that loves finger prints, but I don't mind this either. So long as the product is protected.

Why is this a working girl staple?

Working girls have:
1. No time
2. Need to look awake and polished
3. Probably apply minimal make up for a professional appearance but want to also seem put together, as in " Yes, I did make a semi effort for you all"

This looks nearly effortless, adds health to the skin, the glow makes you look more awake and less sleepy for morning meetings, and portability means re apply when necessary.

What are some of your make up bag staples?

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Obsessions of the moment

Happy Father's Day!! Not sure if any father's read my blog but it's important enough to state!

I looked at my pictures from this week and decided to post an obsessions entry
(aka nothing happened *cough* *cough*)

Beauty obsession of the week has been: Nail polish

(Expect a top 10 nail polish post in the near future!)

I don't know where the interest came from, but I have successfully gotten rid of about 15 polishes from my collection today, and am ready to use up favorites, and collect new loves!
Recommendations welcome!

The above picture alone was reason enough for me to add to my collection, OPI's famous Vodka and Caviar. Honestly 2007 Russian collection, one of OPI's best. is a new blog that I have been loving. The girl sports classic red nails, and incredibly Alexander Wang shoes. *drool* is another new blog which I have fallen for. You know you love a blog when you click "back" so many times you have reached the 1st entry!
This one is a winner!

Jemma Kidd's Dewey Glow in Rose Gold

I have wanted this product for months, I knew I would love it, from it's ease of use, natural highlight, and portability (this is huge for me, I need glow to go!)

I have been applying this everyday, and just love it for this summer season!


Euro Cup 2012!!

Have you all been following the games? Or are soccer fans? Most of the games play during work for me so I only get to watch the weekend matches, but am excited for the upcoming matches!

I read this week we are going to reach the 90's in temperature, so let's hope I make it out alive for next week's post!!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

My Inglot palette

Yes ladies, I have joined the band wagon!
I had been to the Inglot store a few times but have never been interested in creating a palette, but I have been on an eye shadow kick, so off to Times Square I went!

If you have never been to Inglot, it's just an absolute explosion of color every where

I believe one of the favoring aspects to the store is their "Freedom System"

If you buy a palette from other brands, you always have that one color you just never use or just dislike in general, but the other shades are nice, right?
Not here, you choose everything. How many items you want, the colors, mix and match blushes, with shadows, and a custom lip palette.
A variable make up candy store!

I walked out quite happily with my own 5 pan custom palette. The staff was extremely helpful, non pushy, and had nice non critical opinions.

My creation

The palette comes with magnetic closures that are very secure. I have extremely little doubts these would ever really fall off, and they're actually quite hard to pull off if you are in a rush, so I recommend you slide.
The palette's have a nice weight to them. Surprisingly they are heavier than I had anticipated, as I originally created this for travel, but the magnets must be heavy!

My picks:

Yes, all the neon, flashy blue, green, purple sparkle shades were amazing
(Their blue selection was outstanding) but neutrals for me!

A downer for me, (and this is personal) is their naming system.
The names are not cute nor catchy, their sound more mechanic and seem similar to
Shu Uemura's.

Also, the sales assistant created my palette for me in the store which was a huge mistake on my part. All the names of the shades were on the back, and I tried to sneakily save the packaging in some sort of order but she threw them out. Ack.
These are not very easy to remove once in the palette, but a safety pin and some patience yielded me with my shade names, all for YOU! Lol.

Left to Right
Matte 330, AMC Shine 21, Pearl 421, Pearl 419, Matte 348

I walked in there knowing what I wanted. A matte highlight similar to MAC's Brule. A matte dark grey, similar to MC's Print to use as a liner. A fun green for nights out, a shimmy n*de color, and a medium brown.

Surprisingly I did not find a shimmering n*de/champagne color I liked. They either leaned gray on my skin, or too gold, so two shimmering browns are fine with me.

The Inglot shadows have different finishes. Matte is obvious. AMC Shine is more glittery shimmer, and Pearls remind me of MAC's Veluxe Pearl finishes.

Matte 330

AMC Shine 21

Pearl 421

Pearl 419

Matte 348

The shades are all incredibly pigmented, super smooth, huge pans, minimal to no fall out for my shades, and most importantly, I am hugely satisfied with my palette. The pearl I think, may be my favorite finish. I think the price is quite fair for the pan size, the pick as you go mentality is quite fun, and the finished products is something unique and only for you made by you.

All in all, a superb experience and end product.

Have you tried Inglot? Do you have any shade recommendations?

Sunday, June 10, 2012

The Sunday Post

Time to sit down for our weekly update, most of these photos are from the weekend though.

My boyfriend and I went back to MARKT because we wanted to give it another try and test out the item that everyone in the place seemed to have ordered last time. Mussels!!

I chose the curry, cilantro, and cream mussels. You get soooo much! Towards the end I could not have anymore. Not due to fullness but too much of 1 taste

On Saturday my boyfriend and I ate some Hong Kong style breakfast while watching the qualifying rounds for the Grand Prix. My boyfriends favorite driver won today!

But back to Saturday. After lunch and tv, we headed off to the beach!

The weather was great, unfortunately I had thought it was supposed to rain so I was the only person wearing black skinny jeans at the beach! Thankfully my boyfriend also wore long jeans so we were over dressed together and thankful when the clouds started to come in to cool us down

It did rain after this sunset, thankfully we were already in the car LOL

Dinner was Taiwanese. We had never gone to this restaurant before, more likely because it is in a Best Western Hotel (yeah...that's probably why I never noticed it) even though I have walked passed it 109473388771 times, thank you Yelp!

On some random notes, I saw this picture on the train this weekend and saw how much our MTA is really getting with the times...

And lastly I DID do something beauty related this week. I had visited INGLOT.

Sneak preview of a post coming this week

Have a very happy week ladies!!

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