Friday, August 31, 2012

My Travel Make up Bag Part II - Lessons Learned, and the Editing Practice

Last year, I showed in this post what I brought with me on my previous holiday.
I used most of it, but not all of it.
I thought I wanted a few options.

This year when I booked my tickets for my vacation I thought
"I can buy a new make up bag!"
Logical. I also thought "Post on my travel make up bag!" (bloggers...)

The make up bag I purchased again was from Muji.
You can watch this video for a better description on the bag itself
( which is where I found out about it) and she is a lovely YouTuber as well.

So I spent a few days deciding, picking, choosing, editing and
my bag to come to this:

Yikes! at the last photo! Just as much as last year! No no no!

This year I want change.
This year I want essentials.
This year I add in the edit process.

If I am honest with myself I know, I haven't worn blush in two months...I also have not been wearing foundation, so why is a primer there?
All the items in the last photo have been removed.

If you actually look at what's there, it's a whole face routine!
It's a 10 day trip, I will survive with 1 face :P

On holiday's I'm actually not very fussy. Lightening the load was not as hard as I had presumed and I now have something far more manageable!

Why so many concealers?
Because my base for everyday will be Vitazing mixed with sunscreen. More info here.
The concealers will fix all the remaining trouble spots.
The Maybelline Age Rewind concealer I use in conjunction with my Dior Lifting Sculpting concealer for under my eyes.
For my face I mix MUFE waterproof concealer with L'Oreal true match concealer in a darker shade to adjust to my tan.

Speed brow to just keep my eyebrows looking groomed.

Lip tint with lip balm on top.
Just those lip products. They are the only ones I have been using all summer so I doubt I will change now.

Maybelline waterproof mascara ( because the temperature is apparently 34C!), felt tip eye liner because it smudges less in heat, Anastasia Brow Duality as a brow bone and inner corner highlight in one, and an Anastasia brown pencil with built in spooly for less tools to carry around.

Gueraliain bronzer which I have been putting all over the contours of my face and into my cheeks as a blush replacement.
Benefits RSVP cream shadow because I don't want to bring eye brushes on this trip.
Jemma Kidd highlighter in Rose Gold to bring my cheeks to life as I now have a more subtle color there by adding in only bronzer.

Mineral Veil and blotting papers to combat shine.
*Not shown is a mini sample of Benefit's eye primer in stay don't stray*

Pared down
That's more like it.

I must admit I am sadly extremely pleased with myself.
I was able to bring down my beauty items to the things I actually have been using daily for months and they all fit in this tiny make up bag.
For reference I added in anti bacterial gel, but you can see behind the bag is my In Flight Essentials Bag which is bigger

Sorry for such a long and dragged post, but we all like to look at pictures of make up at least, no? :)

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

My In Flight Essentials

2012 is the year I have decided to be a smarter traveler. Smarter meaning lighter, just the essentials. Counter to the airport junk hoarder I was last year.

The first step I conquered in terms of packing this year was my in flight essentials.
Small but important.

I always use this clear bag for airport security. So long as the bag you use is clear and a quart size or smaller, the security staff will accept what you use. I find this much sturdier than a Zip lock, and am recycling the bag I received in the Laura Mercier Flawless face kit.

Avéne Eau Thermale: Planes can be extremely dehydrating. You may not feel the effects on the actual flight but usually once you reach the hotel and look in the mirror you may look a bit duller, and if you are anything like me, ANY change in environment means spot city!
This spray will keep my face hydrated. I usually spray this on every 2 to 3 hours just to give my skin a bit of a perk.
The mist spray could be a bit more fine, but for convenience, this is quite nice, and I do believe this brand's water does have extra benefits in comparisons to other water sprays such as Evian.

Moisturizer: Here I have Clinique. Enough for a round trip.
After spraying on the Avéne thermal water I usually wait for it to absorb into my skin and apply moisturizer right after to really keep my skin hydrated and plump.
*Drinking water during the flight also helps! Coconut water if you can, also assists!*

Hand Cream: I get quite chapped hands easily so I will be apply this religiously.

Garnier eye roll on: I don't wear make up on the plane. I also always just wear glasses on flights because the cabin air can dry out my eyes. Once I get off the plane, I usually look a bit worse for wear
( I am one of those people that just CANNOT sleep on the plane no matter the duration)
I usually look quite tired, and the glasses casting a shadow on my eyes don't add to the case. A quick swipe of this, can help neutralize the effects of the plane ride.

Anti bacterial gel: Just a habit when you through an airport and a plane where so many people have passed through. *Ugh* Using this far too often can dry out my hands so I thankfully have my hand cream!

Mini Perfume Samples: You may not notice this on the flight but once you are off you do. You probably smell. It's not your fault. It's just being encased in the cabin for so long with so many other people creates an odor that can be passable...
Now is the time to use up all those mini perfume samples we all have lying around!

Moisture for the Eye Area: The skin around my eyes seem to get dry incredibly easily for some reason. To counteract this and to add moisturize to my eye area along with removing slight puffiness I may obtain, I am bringing a mini Clinique moisturizing eye roller. Sample again. Trips are great for trying and using up all those little samples!

Lip balm: I seem to have lips that are easily chapped. I swear by Blistex in the blue tub. Forever.

Spot Treatment: The time difference, the jet lag, the lousy uncomfortable coach seats, combated with cold recycled cabin air usually leads my skin to get into a spot catching frenzy. This is my attempt to nip it in the bud before the spot ruins all my vacation photos!!!

Hydration Mask: I don't always use this on the flight. I usually do carry a clear moisture mask for longer flights. My flight this time is only about 7 hours so I may skip this on the plane. If I have shorter flights, I would use this the first night at the hotel as my PM moisturizer to just counter balance and re hydrate my skin to a state of balance.

Not shown in photos but also in the bag: Spare set of contacts and mini contact solution.

What are some of your in flight travel essentials?

Monday, August 27, 2012

Traveling Tip: The Emergency Kit

When I say "Emergency" I don't mean anything serious nor dire.
Just a little travel bag to bring with you everyday to resolve the small problems that can occur in daily life.

I wrote a post once about what to wear when traveling here.
My next tip on traveling is to carry around a mini SOS kit. I carry one of the in my everyday life, but my traveling edition has a few more add ins.

My personal kit includes:
Anti bacterial gels, anti bacterial large wipes ( for public tables and chairs), mini anti bacterial wipes for small surfaces, tissues, advil, tide to go, nail clippers with built in file, bobby pins, hair tie, mints, gum, panty liner, Q tips, sewing kit, spf lip balm, band aids, tweezers, eye drops, and hand cream.

Do you have a daily SOS kit?

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

My Everyday Summer Base

In an effort to use up my current collection of products, and stopping myself from buying new items which I don’t need until this current mountain is somewhat dwindled, I came up with a new base for my everyday routine that I have been loving.

Origins Vitazing:

One upon a time I bought the full size of this, when it was most incredibly hyped in the blogging world. Tried it on to see myself looking like a hot oily mess in a few hours. I returned it and never looked back.

Fast forward a few months with this mini as a GWP and my growing affection.

This is a moisturizer with a tint release. Some people use it as a moisturizer and apply foundation on top.

I’m quite a fan of the SHEER base and aim for a very natural light base for summer, so I usually wore this alone with concealer.

With summer sun I noticed two things.

1. I was getting oily very fast with this product

2. It only had an spf of 15, and I did not like the effect of this with sunscreen over the top.

(Loses some radiance)

My solution?

La Roche Posay Sunscreen for combination oily sensitive skin.

This sunscreen helps mattify the complexion of those suffering from a bit too much shine and has a higher spf which I feel more comfortable with wearing daily.

This seems to counter balance the richness Vitazing can often create on my skin.

Squirt 1 dollop of vitazing, and pour on the sunscreen on top.

Mix the two together to create a *glowy* tint release base with a high spf that has coverage!

Vitazing is a bit darker than my skin (even with my so called tan) the sunscreen seems to help mellow out the color tint to bring it down a slight notch which is perfect! It's still a bit darker than my real skin, but looks more like a genuine tan.

I don’t tend to powder my skin with this combination but if I do see some shine a blotting paper can easily fix the issue at lunch. If I have a long day I do pat a bit of Mineral Veil on my T zone alone.

Add on a concealer and bronzer, and the summer base is complete~!!

I am currently nearing the end of both these products and will be trying LRP’s new mineral tinted sunscreen next!

Let’s hope it’s love!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Beach Day!

No Sunday posts for a while, but yesterday for the first time all summer I went to the beach!
I got so excited (wonk lol) and wanted to share some of the snapshots I took of the day.

In the morning, it was I think everyone who was at the beach that day, like us, did not plan it as it got but it became sunnier as the afternoon crept on...

Every single time I've gone to the beach in the last year it has been unplanned so I never have a bathing suit, and always a bag that's not beach suitable.

We bought a towel, had a chair, purchased an overpriced water, and soaked up some much needed sun in our summer clothes.

The clouds show as evidence the rain we had earlier in the day, but it was still so sunny that all these photos were taken pretty much blind!
All I saw was black on my iphone screen as I shot these pictures and hoped for the best!
but I do love a few cloud shots :)

I finally got to wear Essie's Mint Candy Apple this summer! ( a fave of mine!)

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

Friday, August 17, 2012

Fitness Friday – My Summer Diet

I've noticed something that happens to me a bit every summer. A bit of weight loss. It's not 100 percent intentional, but hey I don't deny a few pounds coming off during bathing suit season!

I thought I would share my typical summer diet

**Please note this is not a diet I follow to intentionally lose mass amounts of weight, just toning, lifestyle, and bloat removal!**

I am a creature of habit in terms of breakfast. I eat the same thing everyday for months, and then one day change everything!
I believe in a good breakfast, something that feels substantial and I usually eat carbs for breakfast in the morning for energy I can burn.

Breakfast: 7:15AM
A Protein Green Smoothie
Ingredients: Handful of spinach, 1 frozen banana, cinnamon, xanthium gum (for thickness), soy or almond milk, and if I am NOT going to the gym that day, 1 scoop of protein powder.
If I AM going to the gym, I skip the protein powder because I have it later on in the day.

Along side that I have a mini opened faced sandwich. I tried eating the sandwich alone or the smoothie alone but I end up starving after my commute, so the combination seems to keep me full for a better period.

My daily sandwich includes wheat, flat, or pita bread, 1 egg white, tomato slices, jack cheese (only a tiny bit) and hot sauce. I love hot sauce any time of the day!

(We ran out of tomatoes so this has jam instead. Cheese, jam, and egg is so good! maybe not the healthiest though!! I never eat the crust :/)

I get to work about 8:45 and have a decaf coffee with 1 sugar and milk to help my curb further cravings.
I always order a small, and never finish it. I usually drink about half. Mainly because I drink it slowly and it get's cold half way through.

From 10:30AM to 9:30PM I try to drink about 2 to 3 quarts of water a day.
I just keep refilling a BPA free bottle with a straw attachment.
I think the straw really helps you drink more water throughout the day, and I carry the bottle all day with me in the office.
If water is too bland, try adding lemon slices, or natural pomegranate or cranberry juice for flavor.

I also try to drink a few cups of de caf green tea, usually with my snacks rather than my meals
I typically do not drink during my meals but have water before eating.
I lean more towards the three quarts if it's a gym day.
I try to avoid drinking alot of water before bed to decrease bloating.

I eat lunch 12:00 on the dot every day. By 11:45 I already left my desk to buy something, my body just knows it's chow time! And I can usually feel the rumbling at 11:40.

If you eat the same time everyday, your body develops a schedule for regular meal times.

Lunch Monday to Friday I try to eat salad.
I used to HATE salad, but one of my resolutions for 2012 was to eat more of it. Well now I'm definitely making up for lost time! I don't have it every single day, but during the work week I'll try to have it about 4x a week for lunch.
I actually hate poultry (outside fried chicken hehe) so my salad proteins are usually falafel, salmon, tuna, shrimp or veggie.
If I don't have salad, Ill have an open faced vegetarian sandwich, or subways veggie de lite, or sushi.
I don't really like soups.
I eat at my desk everyday while I work, but after I try to take a 15 minute walk to help digestion

Not food ideals but real life!

By 2:15 I'm a bit peckish and will usually eat a snack. This is my fruit time. I try to eat a few different fruits a week. Watermelon, cantaloupe, strawberries, and plums were this weeks offerings. I will usually have a tub of fruit or 2 plums, a huge orange, etc.

By 4:45 again, I need a bit of a snack. I try to attend the gym a few times a week and I head there about 6pm. At 4:45 is when I eat a carb.
Carbs are fuels you can burn at the gym.
I will usually eat some kind of fiber bar, or some crackers. Maybe a banana? but not lately as I have them in the morning.

It's not always perfect sometimes office birthday's and celebrations lead to these as my pre gym snack. Just keep yourself in check.

And think about them as your work out!!

7 :00 to 8:00 PM I finish the gym varying on the day.
Immediately after finishing the gym (within 20 min) I drink a protein shake.
It's just protein powder and water. It's not glamorous or delicious really, but it helps with recovery, and feeling less pain the next day.
(But don't forget to stretch!)

8:00 to 9:30 PM
Yes, I eat dinner late. After the gym the commute home is an hour so it takes a while.
For dinner it varies, but I try to keep it light on the carbs and heavy on the veggies.
I try to eat small salmon fillets, or maybe a few slices of steak with vegetables.
When I eat vegetables I do mean quite a bit of them. Maybe a tub of roasted brussel sprouts, or half a head of broccoli or cauliflower, mixed with some egg whites.
I also try to use minimal salt products at night to minimize bloat.

If I am hungry after dinner maybe 10 PM? I will have a piece of fruit or a fruit Popsicle which are usually only 70 to 80 calories each so I don't mind having them. Especially in summer!
I try to avoid this though as I will sleep semi soon!

My diet is not perfect.
I eat late. I sometimes don't have enough protein, and the weekend usually takes a down turn, but this is my current summer daily diet.

I believe with a good variety of colorful items in your daily diet along with water intake, physical movement (walking counts!) and sleep
( this I need to work on)
The bikini should fit just fine ;)

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Short Beauty Tip # 2

For years throughout my teens I wore pencil eyeliner on my lower waterline and it either went away by the end of the day, or completely smudged.
Thus started my hunt for the perfect pencil liner
(still looking by the way... recommendations welcome!)

But here is a trick I learned to make you look like less of a raccoon to the rest of the world while the liner hunt continues

If you are out during the day and notice your liner has smudged, instead of wiping at it with your fingers ( which can causes wrinkles!) use a mini hand cream and a cotton bud to remove the smudges as a make up remover for on the go!

Try to pick a mini hand/body cream that is non scented and has minimal ingredients as some people may have sensitive skin around the eyes.
( I just had the one in the photo as it was lying around.
It does not bother my eyes)

Grab a cotton bud and add a bit of the lotion to the tip. Rub the lotion into the tip with clean finders and saturate it.
You are then able to use the cotton bud to remove the smudged liner.
The lotions are emollient enough to remove the residual make up and leave a clean and hydrated surface!
A con is it can remove some of your under eye concealer, so I try to keep it very close to the lash line when I do this trick.

If you are not a person to carry around cotton buds ( I do not in general) I usually can use my clean fingers if I enter a bathroom.
Also if your work offers hand lotion in the restrooms, it can lead to easy touch ups!

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Short Beauty Tip #1

Now that summer is in full swing, I realized I had been doing something in my daily routine that has tremendously helped my make up last all day

After applying sunscreen your face can look a bit shiny. I usually wait about 15 minutes for the sun screen to sink into my face so I am able to obtain the skin protection benefits before beginning my make up. I simply take an oil blotting sheet and blot off all the excess shine on my face that is residual product from the sunscreen.
Blot away the shine before applying your primer or foundation of choice, and it should help keep your make up on longer as there is less oil on your face for it to slide off.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Current Make Up Bag Staple for the Working Girl – Clarins Natural Light Lip Perfector

The Clarins Natural Light Lip Perfector
A product of modern fan dom.

I don't exactly have an extensive relationship with Clarins. In the past their skin care and make up offerings seemed a bit of a *yawn* to be honest, but recently they have been producing a few things worth noticing.

One of their most known products has to be their Clarins Natural Lip Perfector. Available in three shades, pink, peach, and a n*de these offer hydration, a shiny finish, and just make your lips look more perfected!

These offer no real pigmentation, there is a pink hue that comes out of the sponge tip (which is not an applicator I am in love with) but it is very light, and when I swatched the peach shade it looked nearly invisible.

The n*de shade is usually unavailable at my local counter, but I have heard it's more beautiful than the shade it's packaged within.

With a sweet caramel like scent finish, these are quite nice for a quick swipe for natural prettiness really.
Never over done for work and more professional environments. No disco ball high shine here.

I will admit a few cons. Yes, that's right, cons.
1. These are not as hydrating on me as I have heard, as my lips still do seem to peel with these
2. The scent is quite sweet. Sometimes it makes me a bit sick and head achy but the overall effect is something too pretty to quit ;)
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