Tuesday, January 15, 2013

DIY Tutorial on Fixing Broken Powder Items

Ever drop your favorite compact powder and as it falls to the ground, you’re pretty scared to pick it up to potentially see 145,322,145,566,718  broken pieces?
Have no fear, the DIY repressing tutorial is here!

I learned how to repress my broken powders from this post. But decided to re create the DIY as one night I came home to find my contour powder had cracked.
Ironically, it was the same powder as Celina's tutorial. NYX Taupe.

All you will need are some paper towels, rubbing alcohol, a toothpick, and hand sanitizer.

Place paper towels below the powder for a clean working surface
Take the broken powder and break it up into chunks, to create finer pieces use a tooth pick
Add in the rubbing alcohol until you can get a paste like consistency

Create a flat top surface to the best of your ability
Take another piece of paper towel and lay it on top of the compact to remove all the liquids 
(Sanitize your hands before this step)
Keep pressing the paper towels a few times until the powder feels quite dry, and you feel no more liquids can be removed.

Let it sit for a few hours- in my case over night, and ta da! Good as new!

Hope you all found this tutorial useful! 


  1. I think I've seen this before. Thankfully none of my powders have broken yet but now I'll know a way to fix it if it does :D I think this would make panning out powders a lot easier too since it seems powders tend to hit pan right in the middle first.

  2. I did this with MAC Mighty Aphrodite and it ended up breaking again in another spot. Wahhh so devastating :( The tutorial definitely works, but I think that powder was just way too delicate.

  3. I wish I would have known this when I broke my Mac eyeshadows to pieces! so useful!

  4. Great tip, thanks! I agree with Lauren...I've dropped more MAC shadows than I care to admit haha

  5. Handy, thanks! Now can I recover my beloved Stila kitten and Nars Alhambra.

  6. oh no! hopefully with this tip, that won't be as painful!

  7. aww ty!!! now u can save all your future powders!

  8. oh no!!! maybe bc that is a mineralized product?

  9. no broken powders? lucky! i came home and bam i found this on my desk like what....

  10. looks good as new! great job there J :)

  11. hmm thanks for the tip! everyone is suggesting i try to press my broken chanel rose petale, but i'm scared!


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