Friday, January 4, 2013

Friday's Highs and Lows

Friday, at last!

Friday is always the BUSIEST day of my work week. I wish it wasn't but they really make you work for that weekend! 
The weather today was so bright and sunny and I was ecstatic to take my little walk when getting lunch. 
Dinner with the boyfriend was burgers, casual, but tasty. A quick walk past Rockefeller Center to see the last remains of the holiday decorations, and the traditional tree spotting.
When I got home I was so happy to see my Nordstrom package had arrived but was sorely disappointed in it. The cows pretty much looked the way I did :O
Not only did my order come in pieces (which I understand) but they sent me the box, with no product inside. They pretty much paid to have tissue paper delivered. After a quick call and confirmation a new one was coming in the mail, this little cupcake saved the night.

Wishing you all a great weekend to come! 


  1. That sounds ridiculous! I'm glad you were able to sort things out to get what you paid for :O

  2. It came from the store rather than the warehouse so a SA must have not checked :\

  3. That's annoying about the empty box! Love seeing your photos around NY though :) I'm heading there for a few days in February! so excited, wished I could have gone around christmas and seen the amazing decorations! although I'm sure it'll still be pretty amazing in feb! ..happy friday :)

  4. You're so lucky to live in the big apple! I want to live there for a couple years when I graduate from undergrad :) Are you a lawyer?

  5. Thank you!!! i really do think its the best city in the world but i am biased lol
    a lawyer??? not sure where you got that? I was not too thrilled with law classes when it was required for my degree lol but i work with some

  6. ditto on the boo!!!!

    and GASP!!! ur coming here!!!!!!!!!! omg when! that's so amazing!!!!! i hope you have a super incredible fabulous trip and im crossing my fingers for the weather!

  7. wow i cant believe you sent you an item with nothing inside, now i've heard everything!!

  8. It came from a store rather than the ware house so the SA must have sold it and not checked the box before shipment
    :( its ok, least i know another one is coming!

  9. I miss NYC! Please be my friend when I move back there after I graduate from law school in FL. :D


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